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  1. I myself tried to do it in real flight. But it's really damn unpleasant, and I prefer to not do that anymore. @AnPetrovich Wow...that is dedication to your profession for our benefit. You sir are a Rockstar of the virtual and real sky!! THANK YOU for all of your research and work, I can't wait to try it out.
  2. In PWCG there is a setting where you can remove those "Climbing Waypoints" completely. Look under advance config, "mission limits," "Generate Climb WPs" You can also drag them out toward the front if you don't want the corkscrew climb.
  3. I just want to echo this and send my continued thanks to @SCG_Fenris_Wolf, @chiliwili69, @SCG_Wulfe, @dburne (and many others) for all of the time they spend testing, and then unselfishly spending more time posting here. It is a godsend to help those who may be like me and simply apply a "monkey see, monkey do" approach to get acceptable hardware/software performance results. I freely admit to basically plagiarizing Don's whole system with the exception of my current Reverb G1 (Glad he is upgrading to G2 so I can eventually copy his config file too!) Thank you all!
  4. I know Don got this sorted out, but an FYI to anyone having throttle issues: You have to physically UNLINK your HOTAS dual throttle controls BEFORE mapping the increase and decrease throttle axis. I didn't do this and thought I had mapped the throttle correctly, and then found myself being a really bad pilot for half an hour or so before realizing what was happening. In fact, I basically only had full or zero power, which made life a little difficult. Things got much better once I figured out that the decrease throttle had not actually mapped to the throttle. Personally, I am enjoying the game in VR, recognizing it for what it is. My time has been spent here because of a Reverb cable issue that gives an occasional blackout which I can tolerate in learning in the Star Wars environment - but I have been out of action in GB for a month though awaiting the warranty replacement. I really hope HP has this weak cable fixed for the G2.
  5. Pat - Thank you for this beta...it will be great if it works out. I am sorry I can't test it this time around, my Reverb went down and warranty replacement is on order, but appears to be a few weeks out (who knows, maybe the G2 will land before the replacement). Anyway, I am grounded, but have my fingers crossed that when I am flying again I will be chased by escorts instead of bombers. I appreciate all your hard work!
  6. Maybe not...the B-25s (and all the bombers) will engage in this behavior at times. In my experience, the A-20s just excel at it!
  7. The A-20s are even "better" fighters than the B-25s. While I certainly agree it does break the immersion, it has given me fun gunnery and vertical fighting practice - especially when flying the 262 on a fast approach. So, while I hope Pat can find a miracle fix, I just view this as a 1/2 full situation and share those kills with my wingmen. As always, thank you for everything you do for this community!
  8. VoiceAttack was the answer for me - maybe the best $10.00 I have ever spent. Anything that isn't intuitively mapped on my joystick & throttle is a couple of words - I never touch the keyboard. As a VR Only convert since 2017, I couldn't play IL2, ED or soon, Star Wars Squadrons, without it. The only downside is sometimes my "BAIL OUT!!" command can sound a little stressed...at least that's the report I get from my wife.
  9. To me, this is the answer with some additional refinements already mentioned by others above regarding negative Gs and gradual onset. For SP, we could decide on our own when during a campaign we believe our pilot should progress to ace level "fitness," by simply checking the box (really no need for any complicated progression formula). It would be great to also see Ace level AI get the same enhanced G Tolerance. In MP, server admins can decide if their players are regular or ace fitness. Thank you for the Poll!
  10. Brilliant work @Gambit21 and all of the gang that added the immersion!! I just finished the first mission and wanted to hop out of the VR cockpit and report in. Thank you!!
  11. ...and honestly, you work miracles in those hours devoted to PWCG. I think we all owe Mrs. PWCG some date night money for sharing your time with us over all these years! Headed back to the "PWCG is Necessary" button now. Thank you!
  12. I think we are going to appreciate the P-47 more when Pat is able to get his hands on the BoN map, and we travel back in time with the Razorback without facing the late model 190s and 109s. I agree with your perseverance, it is an oddly beautiful a/c to me.
  13. This will make me very sad if true. However, I still will not regret my purchase to support this team for all their hard work and dedication to our hobby over these years - even if I never fly it due to the lack of VR.
  14. Thank you Pat! Now an admission, over all of these years I haven't used skin assignment, so I have a few newb questions: 1. Is your Youtube Tutorial on Skins still relevant with these changes? 2. Is there a good step by step post/thread for PWCG skins including showing where to download skins (I see above that its in the game directory, not PWCG, and that we should download both PWCG skin packs - correct)? 3. Does this all apply to Flying Circus & do the 2 PWCG skin packs also include WWI skins? As always, I really appreciate all the work that you and, in this case, the a/c artists in the community are doing.
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