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  1. Update - I transferred the new LW pilot to II./JG51 and can now generate missions for him. So, it is something about II./JG52 specifically. (I guess Hartmann and company didn't care for the new guy).
  2. Yes...you guys are the DREAM TEAM! Thank you for all your amazing work for us!
  3. Based on his post I think OP is aware, but just in case regarding SP in FC: ...and this thread:
  4. Thank you Pat for this VERY detailed answer - especially the part above takes away my paranoia that I was somehow handicapping myself in my multiple pilot/squadron SP campaigns where I have been pushing this setting to try to reflect missions while I was "away" piloting in other squadrons.
  5. Hi Pat - I have a few question as you look into this regarding the # missions flow in the Advanced Config menu. Watching my squadrons, it appears that this setting modifier applies to all pilots in the squadron, not just the human pilot. Meaning if I set it to "3" (attempting to recreate no contact missions for my pilot), AI pilots will also reflect 3 missions for the one flown. So here are the questions: 1. Is my assumption above correct (if not, please ignore everything below)? 2. If so, is that desirable since the a/i pilots will also be flying "out of mission" in your algorithm (which I assume will already impact their flight numbers separate from the human pilot)? 3. If so, does that "multiple missions" setting factor into risk of loss to those a/i pilots "out of mission"? 4. If so, does that setting apply across all squadrons in the campaign (beyond the active squadron)? Personally, I really like this setting - especially since your "Ground Up" version has produced a lot of action in each mission flown (so far have been focusing in Kuban). Therefore, being able to add extra flights for the human pilot keeps the ratio of flights to kills looking more historical and makes a lot of sense to reflect that IRL there were plenty of "no contact" flights that would be really boring gameplay here. However, I keep having this nagging feeling that when I increase it, I am also increasing the overall organic attrition in campaign. Please know, I am having a great time in PWCG with all the changes you have made - these questions imply zero criticism from me. I know you have applied real historical data into the attrition algorithm, so this is just me figuring out how to apply this "mission flow" setting and being sure I understand what is happening if I crank it up. Thank you!!
  6. 9.0 Bug Report: SP campaign currently with 3 pilots on Kuban Map. Will not generate mission for newest pilot - LW II./JG52. -2 Soviet side pilots work fine, but also tried restart with LW pilot selected at start which didn't resolve the issue. Aces over Kuban202005311505921.zip
  7. Also, be sure that an IL2 update didn't disable your logs. I think that was a problem for someone else here.
  8. @SCG_motoadve I am probably one of the less tech savvy in these forums, but I would try a deleting all previous versions of Java and PWCG. Then be sure you install Java 64 (see post below) and then reinstall PWCG 9.0. My system is pretty comparable to yours and it works with an easy alt-tab back and forth when I take off the Reverb between missions. Thanks for all the great flight videos BTW! Here is the Java 64 post (stay away from the big red button) - Good Luck:
  9. Thanks @busdriver for the clarification - that's very cool "feature." Now I think the Devs are just testing a secret new prototype. I bet if the testing goes well, we will see this as a collector a/c soon!
  10. 6 missions in 9.0, good action in all of them and no waypoint problems. Really enjoying the "ground up" concept. However, keeping things interesting - I did run across this last night on the Kuban map Aces over Kuban202005290905502.zip
  11. @PatrickAWlson - Your response post below is a fantastic summary. Those of us who have been around for a while and that have followed your development posts probably instinctively know it, but It honestly took me some time to realize the differences in how PWCG works and what it does "under the hood." However, I don't think anyone new to PWCG can appreciate it without the type of overview your post here provides. I think that is really a problem when it comes to marketing Flying Circus, where it seems to often get dismissed by potential buyers for not having a career mode. The need to get PWCG in front of the WWI SP/Coop community is highlighted in @benchedgamer's statement above. With all your and the team's work, I just hate it every time I see someone falsely post that "FC has no SP content and is really only for MP." So, from that perspective, I would like to make 3 "marketing" suggestions: 1. That in the pinned FC PWCG topic you include your wonderful overview provided here in that very first post (along with the link back to the main PWCG Forum and the download website). This will also give us a very good link to reference how a PWCG Career works for anyone asking these types of questions. 2. The pinned post title changed to something like: "THE Career Campaign for Flying Circus - PWCG" This would be a little more clear to anyone simply searching regarding a FC career, especially those who don't have anyone to personally ask and won't post on the forums (that was me back in RoF). 3. I would love to see you do a Q&A interview with @ShamrockOneFive on Stormbirds about your work. You really have a story to tell about the saga of PWCG. Take this suggestion for what its worth, maybe nothing. I just know that for me, PWCG keeps me flying & buying FC & BoX. So, the more people that discover it, the better for the entire Great Battles genre - especially with what your Coop now provides for another separate MP playstyle. From a selfish perspective, I have always been happy that @Jason_Williams is younger than me, and I really hope you are too...thanks again!
  12. Thank you and Taxman for the insight. FYI - Just saw the first Yak-9/9Ts start to arrive in a couple of Kuban squadrons on 19 May 43 (looks like Normandie-Nieman is getting the first big batch). This will require a transfer or add pilot tomorrow, I have been having a nice time with them in QMB and was eagerly awaiting their arrival in PWCG - even if not completely historically accurate.
  13. I agree with both comments above. You should give it a try and see what you think. I wrote a little more about it highlighting some of the differences in this post (read a few comments down in the post and Pat noted some additional features):
  14. Great title - Thank you!! When do these beasts start to show up?
  15. Comment/Cheers from the sideline - SP guy here (1130 hours according to Steam and 100s of WWI aviation reading hours to my credit) following this discussion with great interest. Amazing intellect, sources and experience (plus one IRL DRI pilot) contributing to these 2 threads to help the Devs continue to tune the DM where needed. You are doing great - Stay on target guys! SP Off topic comment in spoiler:
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