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  1. Thank you @SCG_motoadve for posting this 25% off code...just saved $20+ over Amazon and the $20 New Year Special! Can't wait to try this out and may get a second one for the joystick mount if all goes well with the first one.
  2. I know it doesn't solve any of these issues (sorry for your loss Dburne), but a nice thing about PWCG when playing Ironman is that at least your same squadron mates live on and you can then rejoin them with a new pilot at that point in the war. That really adds another reason to help your squadron progress and to protect your mates. It's nice to see your exec as the squadron leader when you return with your new guy and to have your rookie flying with the aces your RIP pilot helped train along the way. (This is a feature on my wish list for the in-game Career). With this Ironman spirit in mind, I started using a naming convention for my PWCG pilots. Same first name, and then progressing the last name alphabetically when I inevitably lose my pilot. This gives me some some sobering perspective along the way through the campaign (I am only happy to say that I haven't hit a "Z"...yet).
  3. Thank you Arthur for setting me straight - correction applied. That also explains so, so much...including the missing green berets. Apology still in order to the Royal Marines around the world, I should have known better P.S. - "Quartered Safe Out Here" is on order, looking forward to it - so thank you for that too!
  4. I appreciate all the good reads posted here and everyone's warm response. Happy Holidays and thanks again for another year of very hard work from the entire development team!
  5. Thanks to Busdriver again for his many generous contributions to this community. No entry for me, but I still couldn't resist... With my apologies to our Royal Marine Army comrades (and it was likely a setup), this one still got some mileage in the "proper planning and recon" department years ago. Thank you @DD_Arthur for the correction! It also fits Busdriver's BoN theme:
  6. Closing out the giveaway - @US_Frost takes this neglected beauty (or at least her lend lease sister):
  7. Nice work everyone! All winners are now posted in the original post and keys should be in your mailbox. No entries for the P-40, so it is still up for grabs...first post for it wins the old bird.
  8. FYI - No one has entered for the poor P-40E-1 yet...let's get this old beast a number!
  9. Quick update - No more winners yet (there must have be something really lucky about Flying Circus). I will keep checking in today, but will cut it off at midnight UTC and go with "first closet without going over" rule.
  10. @Waldo - How about your most recent favorite WWI/WWII movie then? This community has added a number of those to my viewing list over the years too - including some good Russian ones (with subtitle) that I would have never seen otherwise.
  11. Hi @FoxbatRU - No one has gotten Bodenplatte correct yet, so pick a # 1 - 20. If no one has it by tomorrow evening, the first in with the closest # will get it. Also, thanks for the reading recommendations, I agree with @DerSheriff that it would be great if there were more translations.
  12. Saw your books above this post, I agree about the first 2 and now look forward to reading Lipfert's diary. Please give me a # 1 - 20 for your BoM request : )
  13. Another winner - 9./JG27golani79 takes off with the last Flying Circus! Also, what a great response regarding the books. I have read several posted and would agree with the recommendations. But, there are many posted that I have not ever come across and look very forward to exploring over these next few months. Again...thank you to this wonderful worldwide community!
  14. Great start and guess! One Flying Circus off the runway to Geoweb. Thanks for the book recommendations everyone else too. I will check back in tomorrow...
  15. Reflecting during this past US holiday weekend, I felt it was time to finally officially express my gratitude to everyone here – so please excuse this lengthy "Thank You Manifesto," but a decade of gratitude takes some space. TLDR version: Thanks to an awesome team, leader & community - plus a small thank you giveaway at the end. I believe it has been almost 10 years since I discovered this amazing team’s work through Rise of Flight. I have followed these forums at least weekly since BoS released, and finally wanted to post my own “thank you” to the many people around the world who have quite simply made my life better through a hobby I could not have even dreamed about when I built that first model airplane as a kid in the 60s or when I purchased an Apple IIc in 1985. Jason Williams: Thank you Jason! I honestly believe if there had to be just one person to thank for preserving the realistic WWI & WWII flight combat simulation, it is Jason. He really has taken his passion and then dedicated his professional life to bringing it to life. The man is a force of nature to accomplish this multi continent venture to ultimately benefit us. Just following Jason's globetrotting travels to business meetings, museums, expos, etc. exhausts me. Thank you Jason for your phenomenal work ethic in producing this GB series for us! My personal view is that Jason’s ability to bring a full sea change for IL-2 BoX in 2016 is the only reason we are here today with SIX! fantastic simulations and Normandy on the horizon. If 1942 was the pivotal year of WWII, then 2016 was the year for this franchise. If you like turning point nostalgia, review “General” Jason Williams’ war winning directives by reading his posts on 8/17 – 8/18 of 2016. Jason, as a single player, thank you again for bringing Pat Wilson aboard with PWCG at a very crucial point, ensuring VR landed after all the initial difficulties, bringing us Flying Circus with VR even considering the risks, for adding the SP campaign, and especially for the new AI guy/gal. Finally, thank you for your ongoing straight forward leadership and communication. The entire Development Team: Thank you all! Your work and talent are simply amazing, and I am honestly in awe every time I put on my VR headset. The things you accomplish, with the resources you have available, in the time period you meet, are absolute tops in your industry. Playing your campaigns, standing in the hatch of a Tiger at Kursk, watching Andrey advocate for force feedback on Youtube, seeing the source material you research to be sure that you have it as close to correct as possible, are just a few examples reflecting a true love and devotion to your craft. (I have even enjoyed flying with some of your AI personas in Haashashin’s Spitfires over Kuban – I was a bit devastated being unable to clear Sneaksie’s 6 before it was too late...sorry mate!). I also want to thank you for your response to the community. Your willingness to listen to well researched information and to communicate both the good, and the limitations, are another credit to your professionalism. The implementation and presentation of the research and background for the unexpected flight physiology is just another great example of what you have accomplished. Your continued commitment to improvements and updates are also well above much more highly funded products (I think there were 68 improvements/fixes in just this last update alone) – Thank you! VR Dev Team: I was a fairly early adopter of VR with the first shipment of the CV1 (currently using Reverb). I purchased it for a well know space game made for VR and was an immediate "VR only" convert in that game. That said, I was completely BLOWN AWAY when the devs released their 1st version here. I probably looked around that 109 cockpit for 30 minutes and even stepped out on the wing before I even took to the runway. Thank you for pushing through the early setbacks with VR and producing such a premier experience and then continuing to improve it with each update. For me as a SP, this is the only way to fly and is the future for all simulations. This Community – Thank you all too! This community has taught me that if I know more than 99% of folks about WWII and WWI, the remaining 1% of you know 99% more than me. The knowledge of this community in history, aircraft, tanks, tactics, flight models, weaponry, and engineering astound me. I learn something new almost every time I open the forums. I think it is just more complements to Jason and the Team that they can keep up with this community's knowledge base. I know I will miss many community contributors who deserve my specific thanks, but here are just a few: Patrick Wilson: @PatrickAWlson Thank you Pat! Pat’s PWCG labor of love and his talents as a coding machine, have provided me with the way that I most enjoy BoX. To me, PWCG is the most dynamic SP BoX experience available with ironman squadron continuation, individual AI pilot skill, specific squadron skill levels, squadron aircraft/pilot depletion & replenishment, intelligence reports, pilot and squadron journals, transfers, and leave. Thank you, Pat for the countless hours of thought and coding you have applied to create this wonderful product. I continue to be amazed at the speed you update for new releases, add new features, plus work with your users to squash bugs. Also, thank you for the addition of Coop Mode, I am sure it will help expand the MP community. Oddly, your new Competitive Coop mode, has allowed me as a SP to fly multiple pilots/squadrons/roles/AC on both sides in the same campaign. It gives me a very dynamic campaign where I recognize my AI opponents (heck, I even pulled up when I saw my A-20 target was being piloted by none other than AI Pat Wilson himself), see the aces I know (many of whom I have created) on the Aces board, and reflect more realistic victory numbers by switching pilots through the career. (I admit it can be a little sad shooting down one of your other persona's squadron mates when flying the other side - but, C'est la guerre!). I recommend anyone on the fence about FC because of the current lack of a built-in campaign should give PWCG a try in BoX, because I think it will likely lead them to move forward with FC since a great SP campaign is only an alt-tab away - especially with the awesome VR of these WWI crates (maybe this should be my 2nd post). Bottom line, thank you Pat for this fantastic companion to the BoX built-in campaign (with its more direct historical squadron context). I hope that you are collecting a few donations along the way to cover your beer tab. Requiem: @SYN_Requiem Thank you for helping to teach me how to fly & land (almost) properly. I cannot fathom the amount of time you have devoted in putting together an entire WWII/WWI flight school online for us. I hope some day to recognize that familiar voice as I settle into my cramped coach seat. Haashasihin & Gambit (plus @SYN_Vander, the Syndicate, @Thad and all the Campaign Creators): @SYN_Haashashin & @Gambit21 Thank you both for your wonderful campaigns over the beautiful Kuban (thanks again for that map Devs). Gambit made me finally learn multi-engines - my P-38 pilots thank you for that too! Again, I can’t imagine the hours it took you and the many others (including the great work of BlackSix) who have developed these campaigns for our SP community. Thank you all! VR Support Community & Voice Attack: Thank you all! You have helped me decide which headset, hardware, and settings work best for my system (and what to build going forward). Thanks to Voice Attack for making it easy without seeing a keyboard. Specific thanks to @chiliwili69 & @SCG_Fenris_Wolf for all of their time in testing and their willingness to share and answer questions. Thank you to @c6_lefuneste for the VR mod that kept me flying VR in the early days. Finally, thanks to @dburne for his commentary on hardware as well as sharing his VR exploits with his beleaguered Spitfire squadron mates. (Due to his wonderful narrative, I sometimes felt like I was flying with them - which reminds me, with all DBurne's MkVb flight time, I think Haashashin should add “Don Burnenski” to Achtung Spitfire!). IRL Pilots: Thank you for all your contributions regarding physiology, IRL spotting, tactics, and piloting experiences in general. @F/JG300_Faucon, @busdriver, @SCG_motoadve , and @Dakpilot immediately come to mind, and I know there are many, many more former and current military & civilian pilots who regularly contribute. Finally, special thanks to @Chill31, the man who built an entire DR1 and then added a rotary engine just for us to test FC flight models! ShamrockOneFive: @ShamrockOneFive Thank you for your Stormbird’s blog and its part in following the development of this franchise and promoting this small community. I appreciate your style and approach! I also really enjoyed your Flying Circus “Join the Fight” production. (As an idea, I would love seeing an expanded piece regarding FC and PWCG put together with some additional input from Pat – I seem to recall that WWI aviation is his first love). Yoyo: @YoYo Thank you for recommending and providing photos of the Wheel Stand Pro. It was the perfect solution for my controls and small space at a time when I really needed to figure it out - great product. Thank you to all the other hardware reviewers out there too! MP Aces & Youtubers: Thank you to all the Hartmanns, Richthofens, Foncks, Bishops, Kozhedhups, Bongs & Johnsons of our MP community - and especially all of you who bring them to us for our viewing pleasure on Youtube. @DerSheriff for his narration and "How to" lessons, @MeoW.Scharfi for her excellent choreography (Trump Card…Wow!), and @Lemsip with his recent “The Big Show” are just a few of the many to thank. Moderators/Testers/Frequent Posters: @SYN_Haashashin, @Bearcat, @LukeFF, @SYN_Vander, @Habu, @II/JG17_HerrMurf, @unreasonable, @6./ZG26_Custard, @Finkeren, @Thad, @J2_Trupobaw @J5_Hellbender-Sch27b, the entire 3rd Pursuit Group, and so many other testers and frequent contributors. Thank you all for devoting your time to give the rest of us better gameplay and discussions with these great releases. Finally - Semper Fi! to all my old (and young) Marine Corps brethren that I see in these forums. Now for the "Thank You Giveaway." I have been collecting a few licenses over the years and now seems like a good time to gift them to this great community (since I haven’t been able to get my grown sons aboard yet). Here are my rules: 1. To enter, you MUST provide your favorite, or most recent favorite, 1st person WWI or WWII narrative book. I have this community to thank for a lot of my recent reading and hope that you will help me give some more good reads to this community. Just so that I am participating, I will let everyone know that right now I’m enjoying “Gun Button to Fire” in anticipation of the delivery of our Hurricane. (For those interested regarding our new pilot physiology, the author, Tom Neil, mentions greying and blacking out in both the Spitfire and Hurricane). 2. Pick a number 1 – 20 and let me know which license(s) you want. I have given each license a RNG 1- 20 # and the first correct # wins (or closest, without going over, if there is no exact number winner for that license by the end of the weekend). 3. You can enter your same # for more than one license, but put your licenses in order of your preference, because you can only win one. I will try to check in to update this post with winners over the next couple of days, and will wrap it all up in 48 hours. Here are the 13 licenses I have for the giveaway: 1. Battle of Bodenplatte – Premium Congrats to @E69splash99 2. Flying Circus Vol I Congrats to @9./JG27golani79 3. Flying Circus Vol I Congrats to @Geoweb35 4. Battle of Kuban – Standard Congrats to @Flying_Colander 5. Battle of Moscow - Standard Congrats to @Taradihtann 6. Battle of Stalingrad – Standard Congrats to @vipe155 7. FW-190 A-3 Congrats to @[DBS]Browning 8. FW-190 A-3 Congrats to @Cpt_Siddy 9. P-40E-1 Congrats to @US_Frost 10. MC.202 Series VIII Congrats to @Docjonel 11. La-5FN Series 2 Congrats to @Dano 12. Yak-1b Congrats to @Godspeed 13. Ju52/3m Congrats to @VBF-12_Pequod Congratulations to all the winners and THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the reading list, again proving what a wonderful community we have. I can't wait to see what @Han and the Dev team have in store for us next!!
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