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  1. Is anyone here using this setup with a Wheelstand Pro center mounting plate? If so, I am trying to see if the Virpil universal plate will attach without having to drill new holes?
  2. This was news to me, but it looks like they are going in both directions with Mesh:
  3. Hi Don - Were these the Virpil brackets that worked with your Warthog plate?
  4. Be sure you touch the Buttkicker (that just seems wrong when written) to check the heat level when it happens. When I contacted them a few months ago, they said that longer a/c flights with a certain monotonous beat can heat it up and it will then shutdown as a safety measure. I have 2 and have seen this happen on one, but not the other, and the one shutting down is definitely hot compared to the other. Turning it down a bit on the amp helps on mine.
  5. Arrived today! Impressive 3 day priority shipping to US East Coast. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with it - too many choices...
  6. Yes...Alt-Tab is the easy one step answer, and is how I have been using VR with PWCG for 90% of my IL2/FC time since they were both introduced. Honestly, it isn't a bad thing ergonomically, and for your eyes, to take off the headset after a mission anyway. (Standing up isn't a bad idea either). I have seen some comments that it breaks immersion, but for me it is simply the same as removing a flight helmet, jumping out of the cockpit, and walking to the ready room for the debrief and then the next mission brief before returning to the a/c. Regardless, PWCG is definitely worth it
  7. Notice this morning with a FedEx tracking #. Nice turnaround time following the invoicing on Friday. I will report back when it is in my hands (Lithuania to US East Coast).
  8. Yes, +1 for this...I have used a Milan Warthog extension for 6+ years without any setup problem or other issues. That said, I completely understand OP's frustration and cautionary advice here. Been there, done that on plenty of other hardware & software glitches through the years. I hope it all comes together for you, the extension made me a much better sim pilot.
  9. My invoice just came through this morning too. Fingers crossed the delivery will go smoothly, I am currently controlling my throttle and RPM together on a rotary on my failing X-55
  10. Just had my first scramble since this update. In FC and all went as it should -- 4 Brisfits escorted by 3 Dolphins, the Brisfits hit our AF with a vengeance. Thank you!
  11. Was it on backorder status when you ordered too?
  12. Don - Thank you for your time in posting/reviewing here. With my old X55 throttle on its way out, I probably would have upgraded to the Warthog to match my Warthog joystick, especially since the CM3 is on backorder and I could have gotten the Warthog quickly (but for a hideous price). However, your time spent here helped me decide that good things come to those who wait, and I just pulled the trigger on the CM3. Now, off to YouTube to see if I can field repair the X55 to hold me over since I didn't see any ETA on the backorder. Does anyone have any insight in how long Virpil ta
  13. Well...after many years of faithful service, my x55 is just now giving me trouble too and I am thinking about going this direction. I see the CM3 reflects "backorder" status on their website. Did they give you any idea how long until they are able to ship?
  14. Unfortunately, no badges for Steam purchases...Jason explains in this thread: Were you hosting for another player? I thought that box had to have the host's IP address in order for another player to connect to the host? (I could definitely be wrong because I haven't done much hosting of Coop, but I do have that box filled in). @Hetzer-JG51 may be able to provide insight based on his recent Coop experience here.
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