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  1. Thanks to Hooves & Mastf for the detailed review & for answering some questions.
  2. Try my Operation Sunlight mission on the ATAG server or on the AUS_Nations@war server. It has random vehicles, trains etc. Random number of Ai planes in Ai flights. Airbase comanders monitor enemy activity over their airfields & will order-in more AA defences if they are frequently attacked. Hell, even the airfields will randomly upgrade their aircraft from time to time ie. An airfield with only a Bf109E-1 when you start the battle will suddendly get upgraded to having both Bf109E-1 & Bf109E-3's, hurricane Rotols upgraded to hurricane 100octane etc.
  3. Australians United Squadron (AUS) Band of Aussie's flying Il2-1946 & IL2 Cliffs of Dover. We are from all over Eastern Australia, mainly GMT +10 timezone (Melbourne). Website: aus.no-ip.org Forum: aus.no-ip.org IL2-1946 Game server: AUS_Nations@War Where: Hyperlobby Sever statistics: aus.no-ip.org IL2 Cliffs of Dover Game server: AUS_Nations@War Where: COD multiplayer client list Sever statistics: aus.no-ip.org Communications Teamspeak 3 Address: On request
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