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  1. Collating or massaging? Why not just publish the primary source and be done with it?
  2. Kind of amusing to see so many people bitching about "winning the map" lol. We play for sport, not to win a war, and even then, as General Jimmy Doolittle said: "Take down that damn sign" We have static trucks and all that nonsense as a courtesy to people who want to ground pound because different types of players need to have their pecadillos catered for. That's fine by me, it takes a lot of skill to get a singleton or small formation to the target and back. The guys who can do it have their own brand of skill just as the guys who can get their fighter kill streaks up into double figures have talent. Better off to get rid of winning the map and just run a timer because it only causes discomfiture to morons with no sense of perspective.
  3. I've been very impressed with WoTR so far. If you want to sit down and role play a completely immersive career then WoTR and WoFF are both great platforms to do it in. (I just wish I could be more disciplined and survive longer than a month)
  4. Hi Haddock, I can't play without your wildflowers mod for RoF. That one is a keeper and it looks like that mod was only the tip of the iceberg going by this thread. One question for you, can your adjustments do anything to improve the jaggy appearance of aircraft when flying "against" the clouds? (As seen by the distant Camels here)
  5. Yeah, I'm looking forward to some great careers/PWCG/scripted campaigns. It's good to see the attention to detail extending outside the cockpit in a current gen flight sim again.
  6. An Mk XII would be adequate and probably more appropriate. 300 Mph at sea level etc and more commonly employed in combat than the XIV
  7. Things have come a long way in the 1C camp. The AI is actually fun to fight now, opting to preserve their speed instead of indulging in suicidal turnfighting and occasionally making mistakes according tot heir skill level. Well done 1C! I'm impressed by your progress and commitment.
  8. If only they'd fly this fast in combat instead of turning all the time...
  9. Ok, there's already a whole bunch of skins posted here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/18377-skins-creation-and-czar-pwcg/?p=288218 by Panzerbär. (Over 200 in TOTAL!!! All Luftwaffe but MORE than enough to crack on with.) Presumably, as they have been offered for use by virtue of having been posted in the thread, the permission to use them exists so how do I assign the appropriate liveries already posted here so that they will appear in the "Squadron" category? They're selectable as it stands now in game under "Loose" since that setting obviously accesses skin folder for the the appropriate aircraft type in game but I would like to categorize and assign the appropriate skins to their squadrons where possible and then maybe do a little editing in Photoshop just to take a decent template and alter the aircraft number or add things like a Geschwader Kommodore's ensign ect. I've poked around in the RoF campaign to see how that works but making similar edits to PWCG for BoX causes the program to get upset and refuse to run. Is it going to be possible for me to do this myself or do you have to add them into the generator at your end? I tried renaming a skin to "FW109A3_SKIN_01" since this string is already present in the "I_JG51.json" file here: "skins": [ { "skinName": "FW190A3_SKIN_01", "planeType": "fw190a3", "startDate": "19421101", "endDate": "19430331", "squadId": 20111051, "country": "Germany", "category": "Squadron", "definedInGame": false } ] but this did not result in my renamed skin being available under the "Squadron" heading (Having the Squadron box checked in the skin configuration screen). In fact it changed nothing at all since I'm guessing this is just the default skin for that unit and that the gaem simply assigned what was already present. Do I need to add these skins instead to the .json file in "BoSData\Input\Skins\Configured" to have them show up? This is where I ran into problems with the program not launching.
  10. Tired of that washed out, overexposed vanilla experience robbing you of your situational awareness? Would you like to be able to see planes at a reasonable distance without tweaking the confing? Has that cold bluish tint, lack of definition, and completely rubbish horizon hiding distance fog given you the blues??? Is your life lacking colour, passion, saturation and a credible representation of terrain and sky? Has fiddle farting about with the gamma settings in startup.cfg left a contrast induced tumor in your eyeballs? Well, Papa Pilto has the solution to your woes, this is my Reshade preset, works quite well on 1080p at 0.8 gamma. HDR and bloom must be turned off, I haven't added antialiasing or sharpening since other utilities handle this better and the game's sharpening is breddy gud imo. Calibrate your black and white points (brightness and contrast) on your monitor before using and don't bitch at me if you mess something up. All you gopniks need to do is install reshade by googling it and following the instructions, put my preset in your 1CStudios/Battle of X /bin folder and your game will turn from this: Into this: SHARE AND ENJOY!: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w6hfafw6cj74ttx/Il2BoX.ini Your menus and stuff might look a bit weird (darker and some sepiaish tint), shouldn't incur any FPS hit.
  11. So where are the skins PW? I think that is what SShrike was asking. Is there a skin pack posted somewhere here??? Because I'm darned if I can find it. I'd rather not be randomly downloading all the skins from the forum all day in the hopes that I get the ones that PWCG uses. If anyone has a repository I'd be happy to host a link on Mediafire The skins add so much, I know there's vastly less than there is for RoF but every little bit helps.
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