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  1. Anyone here race this online? I fool around in the Touristenfahrten servers from time to time getting punted around the Nordschleife all day long by people with no sense of caution.
  2. I don't think they sent anyone packing. Especially not in the Battle of Britain where so much mental gymnastics has been performed by historians to make barely surviving a wholesale slaughter look like a glorious victory. Same goes for the Eastern front in the early days, not much to write home about. I'd be looking to Malta or Finland for more flattering examples of the aircrafts' service... Anyway, to each his own. I only wonder why it has taken this long to include the Hurri in the series? It must be difficult to calculate the simulated effect of having 12 or 16 .303 guns in one aircraft that already has more drag than a barn door. There's probably a point where one needs to use irrational numbers or bumblebee black magic to understand the nuances of simulating such a beast. And that's before you add the extra mass required to carry the big brass pair you'd need to take one of these aloft against aircraft that outnumber you and are better in almost every way.
  3. They'll make great targets. Nice thicc wings and no real combat ability apart from stacking an impressive amount of guns of a stupid calibre into their idiotically designed carapaces. The Tempest on the other hand... wow!
  4. The negative G jerk is the hallmark of the victims of MP aces. It's the only thing they can think of to avoid being killed. Hey I live on a diet of 20 a day and six a night and 5 G isn't shit. Your grandma could pull 5 G.
  5. Take it from me, it's quite possible to indulge in both at the same time. 🍺
  6. There's one mod map called "La Chute" that goes all the way from East Anglia to Germany. I've seen it being used with massive formations of 4 engined heavies. Idk how big it is in square kilometers but you can get an idea of the size of it in this video which depicts an entire 5 hour sortie from somewhere in East Anglia to Oschersleben in Germany. Also, a B-17 raid on Bremen:
  7. Succinct is my roll, if it can't be said succinctly it's not worth saying.
  8. It's very simple. AA vehicles will fit in on the ground. They will shoot at plens from the ground. That is all.
  9. Wow, Gun Jesus really stepped up his game on this one. His depth of knowledge and understanding never fails to amaze me.
  10. You could sure tell which of the P-38 pilots was using an x-box controller, cool video though Roblex. How are you finding VR?
  11. Wow, a pleasant surprise to see this mission generator still going and ported over to Cliffs of Sand. You're outright tempting me to go ahead and pick up a copy.
  12. Yeah the old Stalwart Hary Tate should be in it, or the DH-9 or DH-4. The German side also lacks the old banger two seater type. I can't say I miss chasing the bastards all over France though.
  13. I'd rather console the lonely widows of anyone fool enough to get into one of those sardine cans. The only thing I can think of that would be worse is serving in a sub.
  14. I never expected a re-hash of WW1 but for me, playing this in QMB and with PWCG. FC is pretty damn awesome. I'm really stoked that there was enough passion for what is probably a fan service title. Just spent the last hour chasing MvR over Arras in some of the most compelling visuals and the most visceral physics any sim hgas to offer. Everything just feels right. I've only flown one biplane (A Waco Great Lakes) that would be loosely similar to an SE-5 or Fokker D.VII and handling is on point for those heavier, more powerful WW1 types. The guns feel right, the atmosphere is incredible in the new iteration. Outstanding work and thanks for the effort that you didn't really need to put in, in revisiting this arena! ~S~
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