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  1. I was thinking D-Day but that happened on a Tuesday.
  2. Yeah, well Sean Bates is obviously a virgin. Everyone knows that flying under bridges is the primary requirement of any flight simulator.
  3. This, I also with that the tech specifications page had more useful info to the pilot. I don't give a shit about my tare weight, maximum speed at 18, 374 ft or who spent seven months in a gulag designing whatever hot garbage I'm flying. Give me my ref speeds: Rotate, best angle of climb and best climb speed and give me engine settings for Takeoff, Climb, Cruise and Emergency setings. Also give me aircraft specific operation that is pertinent to the operator, suff that the engineers put on placards in the cockpit for pilots to use because they need to fly the plane and not a bunch of technowaffle that some internet-know-it-all will cream his jeans over. Leave all that garbage in wikepedia where it belongs. (or put it in an encyclopedia that I can read in the hangar.)
  4. Aim small miss small is how i was taught to shoot. Not sure how that works with packet loss, ping and such.
  5. Luke is a cool guy, he has contributed a lot and worked hard for the title mate. You and me are just weird guys lurking at the periphary who don't have a vested interest. I'd bet if we all sat down and had a few beers in the real world, things wouldn't get so tense. Anyway, I used to kill peoplem with drones. Real life people. You could see their little white hot bits flopping about on the ground. Sometimes I wake up screaming because of the things I have done. But life goes on mate, forgive and forget because it is the best you can hope for in this world.
  6. For me, in single player, they set fire to, or pilot kill almost everything they hit. It's almost comical. No idea how it works online though.
  7. Not pulling below 350kph is always a good strat for me. If you get it up to 400+ you can even start to pull hard. It's a pig of a thing dude but master it and you're untouchable. (unless you meet a good P-51 guy)
  8. The 3D model of your Bf-109 needs some serious work dude. That canopy is not fooling anyone,
  9. Look, mechanically you have to blast air over the rudder for it to work. It's not debateable, that's just how the damn thing works. A big mechanical sail that changes your lateral direction based upon airflow. You can land with no lateral load if the wind gods are smiling upon you but try it in the real world when they are in a bad mood and you'll be paying big money for new wingtip lights.
  10. My dude blacks out at 3G. i've done 3G, it was barely noticeable. So much abstract and academic testing is just silly. Put a dude in a 3G capable airframe and show him what it is like.. Chances are he'll be laughing his ass off, not passing out. I mean serously, to me this is the one big failure of this seriies. It's too tied down by boffin space magic and slide rule numbers. The real world is a lot more dynamic. Just go for what feels right and buld on that.
  11. The best approach is to extend compassion rather than a blaming finger.
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