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  1. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/7-questions-developers/page-24
  2. now i noticed I even lost my gold bar. Is my acc hacked?
  3. resetting password doesnt work for me I sent a ticket to customer support. Again.
  4. I did yesterday. In the meantime you released an update which was supposed to be a fix and that didnt fix my problem.
  5. BTW somebody deleted my serial key under licence keys in my profile page
  6. Autohrization during login into the game is down for some of us. Message says error #5 Key is not activated and my key is gone from my profile page...Im unable to play this game for 24h and counting....its frustrating
  7. Its not fixed here. I still get the error after the newest update. It says error #5 my key isnt activated. Im unable to play this game for 24h already. Fix ti ASAP. I sent ticket to support yesterday and got no response.
  8. After last update when i start the game it says my key isnt activated....and Its not newly activated, Ive been playing for some time...
  9. Congrats to the devs. Now all you need to do is to fix MP performance, introduce the custom video settings (so we with "slower" machines can play this decently) and introduce the user made custom skins as option for the game. Ofcourse that and unlock stuff as option just for SP grinding. Ahh yes and pls continue to polish all stuff including FMs. Thank you
  10. One of the stuff they could do is to bring back custom video options so ppl can fine tune the performance/looks....But they said they wont so I think some of us will be forced to chill out from BOS for some time...
  11. Thank you. Your answer is simmilar to my thoughts. Just needed a "second opinion". BTW, regardless of my rig, it seams that there is definitely something wrong with MP perfromance in latest patches since even on my rig it was much smoother on servers with many planes BEFORE the latest patches, including the one where they said mp issue is fixed. There are some ppl on the forum (including one of my friends) who has newest i5 and i7 machines and gtx 770 and 780 and still has performance issues in the MP. SP is fine. Im also ok in SP even with more planes and ground units so it must be something with the MP code or whatever. ROF and BOS engines cant be so much different and in ROF I can play with 60 ppl on the server and with al the AI and high settings no probs..
  12. Yes I know. But I was talking generally about how the game hits CPUs when intense dogfight occurs, with more planes around in MP.
  13. OK now I have 2 questions: 1) How come ROF is super smooth on my rig in mp (syndicate) and in BOS (MP on syndicate) is not so smooth and sometimes it gets very slow and choppy when more planes are in the air near me. In ROF its ok with many planes. They say its the same engine. I think it has more to do with optimisations of the MP and ability to fine tune video options in ROF. 2) Do you think I would more benefit from new CPU than from upgrading from 660Ti to let say 970?
  14. Whats even funnier in ROF that "old" dx9 looks nice...for dx9...here, its like crippled Dx9...
  15. interesting...my old i7 max usage in BOS is 85 % and gtx 670 is 100% loaded
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