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  1. Type of improvement: Typo Explanation of proposals: Under settings / Controllers / Engine Controls, the commands for Throttle, Propeller Pitch and Engine Mixture have a typo. It reads: To assign keys - First press a key whith will cause increasing of the value - After that, press a key whith will cause decreasing of the value My suggestion is to rephrase these two sentences in these three categories with: (propeller pitch assignment) - First, press a key to increase propeller pitch - Then, press a key to decrease propeller pitch (throttle assignment) - First, press
  2. Im using Saitek rudder pedals, and I am having issues assigning the toe brake axises to their respective options in the menu. I havent found anything in the forums with this issue so far, so maybe its an issue on my end? I could really use some help with this...
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