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  1. There have been some mods that retexture the maps. Maybe someone can do a bombed out version?
  2. I spy new tires and a lot more rivets. Can we expect this to be in a future update? 😁
  3. I always wondered why some of the skins look so wet. I've seen some glossy paint on early Soviet planes and apparently the Germans were polishing planes for a while. However, almost every British, US, and late war German and Russian planes I see in photos are very matt. Like the P40, A20, and P39 US painted skins are way too glossy. Also the whole name of the game was to not be seen. I think a nice shiny gloss finish glinting in the sunlight would be the opposite of desirable.
  4. That Stang is pretty damn sexy I have to admit.
  5. Calling all 190 experts! Is there a reason the Mk 103 gondolas were not used for our A8/F8?
  6. Well it's definitely too late for a DD today.
  7. That looks absolutely amazing! Are the aircraft textures still the 2k? They look really great!
  8. Locked and unpinned aren't exactly the same thing though.
  9. I'm guessing that is probably the reason why the team haven't gone into such detail with it. Sounds like a lot of hair-pulling fun.
  10. What I find the most striking is the seriously matt paint. Especially the factory photo. You can see the shiny reflection of the lights shining on the canopy. But there are zero reflections anywhere in the paint. You can see some gloss on the exposed engine parts as well.
  11. It would be pretty cool to have both like the D9.
  12. Didn't we just get a big DD Friday before last?
  13. Is this the official D9 skins thread? I do not see one pinned anywhere. Here are some personal skins I am messing around with. Nothing historical.
  14. It works better when they do an actual pole like for the 202 vs Iar80. You can't just put a pole with "do you want _____ plane? Yes or no" You have to put, do you want this OR that. Then it is more useful.
  15. There is also a summer map for vielki luki and an Odessa map being worked on for a few years now.
  16. Messing around with some personal skin.
  17. Stalingrad was remade last year wasn't it?
  18. Great looking E7 and desert as well!
  19. That is pure sexy! I like your alpha style.
  20. There are rivets that "hold" the scoop onto the engine panel. On one side of the nose they are around the flanged edge like they should be. On the other side of the nose they are mirrored so the rivets that should be around the edge of that scoop are actually a bit behind it in empty space and facing the wrong direction.
  21. Yeah I know a lot of guitar companies that are the same way.
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