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  1. Danziger

    Gimp 2.10 Upgrade

    I have started to get back into skinning and wanting to do some work on normal maps. I use Gimp and had the older 2.2 or 6 or 8 or whatever previous version running great. I downloaded the latest version and it runs seriously slow. Before upgrading I had no problems with modifying templates now it seems like every little thing I do causes the program to stop responding for a few moments while it thinks everything through. Any ideas what is up? Is there something wrong with my install or is that just how Gimp 2.10 is?
  2. Danziger

    Sound Mod/FMOD Procedure

    Thanks I will give that a shot.
  3. Danziger

    Sound Mod/FMOD Procedure

    Yes I would like to try my hand at editing the gun sounds. I have audio editing experience but have no clue how to get the audio files out of the game files.
  4. Is there a similar tutorial anywhere on how to work over the bump maps?
  5. Danziger

    [MOD] Winter Kuban Map (RELEASED)

    Sorry, Szelljr took all of my upvotes for today I'll have to upvote you tomorrow. Consider this an IOU.
  6. Danziger

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    He makes skins so fast yet they are very high quality. I think he made a deal with the devil for unnatural skinning skills.
  7. Danziger

    Graphics, models and maps

    FW190A8 3d model. The port side engine cowling has a flat angled area. The same place on the other side is contoured.
  8. Danziger

    USAF Museum and The Memphis Belle

    Completely different nose art. Almost none of the other markings. No painted hubs. They basically just painted the Memphis Belle letters on the waist, painted some made up nose art and called it a day.
  9. Danziger

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Just fannying about with ICDP's FW190A8 template. Completely historically insignificant. Just made some personal skins to look cool while I get to know the template. Can be downloaded here if you want.
  10. Danziger

    DD today?

    Unless the K4 is ready. I would have thought it would be one of the first ones released.
  11. Danziger

    DD today?

    I don't think it would be a DD so early in the week. It's too late already anyway.
  12. Here is just a set of personal skins I was messing around with for the FW-190 A8. I have no idea about German paint schemes. I just threw this together using ICDP's awesome template and twerking a bit here and there to taste until I thought it looked cool. The main thing I wanted to do was get the alpha working for Det so we could have a more matt finish without the see through parts. So I spent some time twerking with the alpha template and probably will some more. I never get very interested in the German stuff until the later war period. I will be making more historical liveries as time comes. http://www.mediafire.com/file/r1e5dfz4f545b6e/Fw190A8.7z/file
  13. @ICDPDo you know if this is a bug in the 3d model or bump map?