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  1. It's not gonna happen. It's been too long since the last DD and now it's too late.
  2. So what you are saying is that the OP is trying to intentionally mislead people in order to bait them into clicking on his topic? DCS is not really making a WW2 Pacific expansion with carriers and planes from the US and Japanese forces?
  3. So what you're saying is that DCS is going to be doing a WW2 Pacific map with carriers and planes from the US and Japanese forces??? AWESOME!!!
  4. That looks great! Can't wait for the 5.0 release and announcement of the 6.0 phase.
  5. It's too late today. Maybe sometime in the next decade.
  6. Considering that it was typed words on a screen with no humor implied, you must have seen some humor in it since you thought I was trying to be humorous.
  7. Idk I just don't think it's a good time for a DD. There is a lot going on. This forum is bitching about the Rhine Land map and the Russian forum is bitching about visibility. People on both forums are bitching about the PTO and 4 engine bombers. They should probably take a break from the forums for a month or so.
  8. I am just wondering why the flap indicator is casting a shadow onto the wing but those other two bulges are not. They seem to have shadows on themselves but not causing any shadows on the wing.
  9. No DD today. It's just not a good time for it.
  10. It's too late for a DD today anyway.
  11. Is that what they told you or is that what you're telling us?
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