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  1. I don't think there will be any DD today. It's just too late.
  2. That is actually a different person reenacting one of Chloe des Lysses's more famous poses.
  3. I don't think there will be a DD today. Not enough time. It's too late anyway.
  4. If I am understanding Jason correctly, I think the female pilot will be tied to the U-2 only for a while at least. This seems like there might be some sort of official campaign coming for it later. I also think it is a move to try and boost U-2 sales which were said to be not as good as hoped. The model looks great though. I wonder who it's modeled after. The face looks familiar.
  5. It's too late for a DD today anyway.
  6. It's too late for a DD today anyway...
  7. 1. make changes to alpha channel template. 2. Flatten alpha channel template. 3. copy all. 4. in the channels menu of your main skin template, paste your modified alpha over the alpha 1 OR duplicate alpha 1, rename it, and paste your new one there. 5. in the layers window, right click to add layer mask, and add layer alpha-1 6. then flatten your main template 7. add your layer mask from your desired alpha channel (if you have more than one, you will be able to select which one) 8. export.
  8. Man that is sexy! I love how you immerse yourself into each one of these and get all the little missing details. You must have learned so much more about these planes while working on all these skins and templates. Excellent work as always!
  9. There is no difference really. The alpha template is just the regular template that has been desaturated and trimmed of unnecessary layers and some pre-made grey values to get everything looking good. When I was making a 4k MiG template, I used the main template to create the alpha and normal map templates.
  10. You use the alpha template the same as you would normally use for painting the skin but this one is just all greyscale. It's like painting a skin but it's painting the reflectiveness and not what colors are actually seen. Once you get everything the way you like in the alpha template, flatten it (but do not save it flattened) and copy the image to the alpha channel in your regular painting template. I often duplicate the alpha channel in the main template and rename each one so that I can have the different specific alphas for specific skins available when I'm ready to export skins from the main template. Or sometimes I like to make glossy and matt versions of the same skin.
  11. If it is possible to mod the German default skins, I'm certain it's possible to mod the other default skins.
  12. Danziger

    B-25 or B-26

    Why not both?
  13. Is there a way to slow down things like smoke plumes and wave speed? The smoke plumes from destroyed objects and ship stacks move really fast and looks out of scale. The same thing applies to the waves in the water especially around the shorelines. The waves around the shorelines look huge and move very fast.
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