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  1. Really good work on the update! You guys keep making this game more fun and interesting!
  2. I could go for a few more 190 D variants.
  3. As the Pacific is on hold for who knows how long, there really isn't much point in discussing it until the team is ready for any related input.
  4. As well as a lot of drinkin, smokin, and strawberry eatin... 👍
  5. Does yours look like that already? Does it depend on graphics settings? Mine looks like the flames of a camp fire on a giant scale.
  6. Is nobody going to say anything about the wind-blown engine flame effect at 2:28?
  7. Do you plan to go further with La-5fn and others?
  8. 1. That is the most beautifulest hurricane ever rendered in a flight sim. Amazing work from the artists. 2. That music gives me a very "Aces High" feeling. 3. Is that a new engine fire effect?
  9. Danziger

    asia retexture

    We need an F-100D and an A-6.
  10. Just a personal ride I am working on. @ICDP really outdid himself on this one!
  11. I updated straight away when the update came out with no problems but I haven't had time to play it until now. Really nice work! Those new textures for the P-39 and G6 look amazing!
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