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  1. Yeah I think it would be awesome to expand the QMB a bit as well. I'd like to be able to choose from some objectives like 1946 had. Bridge attack, base attack, CAP, etc.
  2. I want to say it was in one of the live chats with Jason where he said he was preferred the B26 as well but the B25 was a more historical fit for Bodenplatte or something like that.
  3. Yeah a B26 should be easy. They already made a B25 so they should be able to knock out a B26 over the weekend.
  4. Do you do other planes such as the A8 or K4? I honestly like your stuff so much that I don't use my own skins anymore lol.
  5. Danziger

    The Sun

    The sun is very large. The diameter should be closer to what the radius is currently. Is it possible to make it smaller through a mod?
  6. Yep the one and only difference is the nose. That's a piece of cake. The guys should be able to knock it out in a couple of hours and make it a modification of the one we already have so we don't have to pay for another plane.
  7. I approve this mod. Finally I turned on clouds again.
  8. I was already on it. Turns out there were several different types of tyres with differing tread patterns. The one we have is historical.
  9. I see what you are seeing. The panel line needs to be moved. While this is pretty simple to do in the template and normal map, it will require the template to be changed and downloaded again along with normal maps. Everyone will have to remake their skins again. I would suggest to go over the whole thing and try to collect all the errors for one single update.
  10. Yeah the stripes I made were a day's work.
  11. What about adding a 2d thing similar to the high altitude cirrus couds? Something that would be a fixed distance from the player.
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