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  1. Danziger

    13.Kompanie 1st SS PzReg LAH

    That is f****ng rad mate!
  2. Danziger

    All the tanks stop after a few meters

    Did you run out of petrol?
  3. Did I mention how badass these tanks are? They look super detailed and realistic. The way the light reflects on the skins are also very nice. I can't wait to get more TC content! I'm liking it waaaaay more than I thought I would. You guys have done an amazing job with it so far.
  4. Danziger

    Tank Skins

    Will the ground vehicles be available to the model viewer?
  5. Danziger


    If the RoF skins work, could we not convert the RoF template to 4k like we did with 2k BoX templates?
  6. Danziger

    Tank Crew Wallpapers

    When can we expect some tank skins in Detcord's Hangar 🤔
  7. Danziger


    Yeah Jason made it pretty clear Pacific is a big deal for him personally. Still I think a "State of the Pacific" address from the devs every few months would be awesome.
  8. Danziger

    Engine sounds got quieter.

  9. Those tanks are so much freaking fun! My son and I are fighting over who is going to drive.
  10. I'm starting to think people really don't understand what Early Access WIP means...
  11. Damn these Flying Circus airplanes look so much more better than Rise of Flight! I can't wait to see more!
  12. No no no... Just because they don't buy or play doesn't mean they can't hang out on the forum and whine about it.
  13. Anybody tried to bail out of a WW1 plane yet?