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  1. Danziger

    DD today?

    Too late
  2. Danziger

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Nah I'm the same way. I thought it was pretty cool to learn about something I knew nothing about with old Il-2 FB. Now I find the Eastern Front more interesting.
  3. Danziger

    DCS news

    Weren't the Viggen and F-14 supposed to have their own maps as well? I remember a ton of modules being announced as coming with their own maps but so far the only 3rd party map I have seen any evidence of being developed is a Falklands map.
  4. Danziger

    Det's Hangar

    Yes. Welcome to the future. I had to have a class on it. Some things work in similar ways to previous versions but overall it is supposed to be like a mobile or tablet screen and layout. Apparently it's not as awful as Windows 8.
  5. Danziger

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Or... They could do a quick Midway or whatever island map then when the other members are busy with the new PTO battle, mapmakers could do some DLC maps for the Eastern Front. Maybe some of those that people started and never finished like Odessa, summer Great Luke, Murmansk...
  6. Danziger

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Don't forget 'Nam. I want a Hun, Thud, Farmer, Fishbed... Plus some Hueys.
  7. Danziger

    What is your favourite plane

  8. Danziger

    GIMP 2.10 issues

    Ok I have updated and tested some skins. I can't see anything different from 2.10.6. I think maybe you are having the same trouble I had when I updated before to 2.10. I had to rework all of my alpha templates. Detcord12B was also having some problems with his 190A8 alphas.
  9. How the hell have I not heard about this? My uncle lives in Fairhope!
  10. Danziger

    GIMP 2.10 issues

    As a fellow user of Gimp, I was also shocked by the horrific performance when updating to 2.10.6. I am not sure if the alpha has changed again from 2.10.6 to 2.10.8 but I know I also had alpha troubles when updating last time. I had to completely redo my alpha templates. I will update again so hopefully my performance will improve and I will let you know if I have similar trouble with the alpha. Hopefully we can get it figured out.
  11. Danziger

    DCS news

    I think MAC is made more for people like me. I don't have a lot of free time to spend on games but I love to blow off steam in flight sims. I've been using most of my free playing time working on my MiG-3 project so that is even less flying time for me. Lately I don't even have the stick connected and use the mouse aim function flying QMB missions to check my textures. I'll usually get distracted for a bit and blow some stuff up. Being able to jump into a jet for a quick 20-30min mission after work before the kid gets home sounds fun.
  12. Danziger

    Request : QMB with all planes "skin-able"

    They just need time to get to it. They have a laundry list of work to do. I'm sure they will get to it eventually.
  13. I was under the impression that the U2 was released as an Xmas present for us even though it wasn't quite finished yet.
  14. Danziger

    Request : QMB with all planes "skin-able"

    I wish it were just a plain feature of the game like it was in '46. I hope the QMB gets some love one day. I'd like to choose skin and load out of each plane. I would also love to choose a specific type of mission (attack tanks, bridge, interception, etc).
  15. Danziger

    IL2 BOS Draw Distance Improvements

    You could always try modding the textures.