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  1. Danziger

    DCS news

    I am getting rid of my account if anyone is interested. I haven't done any serious flying in more than a year. I just don't have time or energy for it anymore. Everything is linked up to a new email created only for DCS just change the password. Persian Gulf Map Nevada Map F-14 AJS-37 2xMiG-21bis (did not want to ever run out of activations) MiG-15 F-86 L-39 Flaming Cliffs 3 SA342 Gazelle Mi-8 UH-1H Black Shark 2 $750 worth of stuff. I would take $300 for the whole thing.
  2. Danziger

    DCS news

    Idk in the last few months I've bought the Huey, Gazelle, L-39, F-86, MiG-15, and F-14. In all those months I've probably spent more time downloading updates for DCS than actually playing it.
  3. Danziger

    DCS news

    That's why you shouldn't use the same username everywhere.
  4. Danziger

    DCS news

    So an updated to be functional ATC is payware now?
  5. Jesus christ! The detail on that tank is breathtaking!
  6. Danziger

    DCS news

    There is a disclaimer at the end stating it is wip as well as color corrected video and not in game audio. When I was watching I was thinking that DCS is not very far ahead anymore graphically. The cockpit does not look any better than the latest from GB apart from glass on the instrument dials. Even the exterior model and texturing does not seem much better than the GB D9 if at all.
  7. Danziger

    DCS news

    I thought the A8 was AI only?
  8. Not gonna happen today. It's too late.
  9. Does WT have an F? I know they had early and late E models and a G. I slaved for months to get my E and was so sick of the game by then that I quit playing before bothering to get the "upgrades" for it.
  10. Danziger

    DCS news

    That is the future of film making. That has got to be the best movie I have seen in ages. These guys are right up there with Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg.
  11. Danziger

    DCS news

    The model itself looks really good. It would be awesome if our I16 and earlier planes could get improvements in texturing and higher poly count like the latest planes.
  12. I really wish they would just make this an option in the game.
  13. Outstanding work! I travel to the Russian forum already to have your skins 😄
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