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  1. I wonder how @szelljr would feel about it lol.
  2. Oh wow this will finally take care of that "wet look"!
  3. You guys should really add a WOW emoji. This stuff looks awesome!
  4. Some Yak-9 liveries would be awesome
  5. Great work! Have the templates been updated with this new knowledge?
  6. Bad news about delay. Awesome to hear about the extended update on DMs! Really making this next update one to anticipate!
  7. Wow. The new explosive and fragmentation modeling sounds very interesting. I can't wait to test that out. Improved sounds are also interesting. I can't wait to try everything! The Yak is looking great! Excellent work!
  8. Some Yak-9 liveries would be awesome. Textured shots of the new Soviet pilot models would be cool too.
  9. Sweet. I was wondering about this as well. Anybody have skins and templates and stuff?
  10. Does the D9 count as a 190 or some some sort of hybrid? It is my favourite from the Axis side.
  11. I always wondered if no22 knew they were flying with their tail wheel door down.
  12. Some Yak-9 liveries would be awesome
  13. Stalingrad autumn map looks pretty close to desert or Mediterranean.
  14. Yeah the pic is a Glock and the model is an HK USP.
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