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  1. DD today?

    It's too late for a DD today anyway...
  2. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    Not really. It's pretty plain to see he's asking for it.
  3. Cliff of dover bf109 f-4

    I have to agree. All of the trolling by MP just gives more weight to TFS' assertion that ex members are axe grinding... MP used to be a well respected representative but he seems to have turned quite nasty since his departure. I'm not sure why the admins are putting up with it but it's their house not mine...
  4. Zargos Skin Factory diary

    If there is one critique I could make, Zargos, the marker lights on wings and rudder have become black coloured instead of red, green and white.
  5. Surprised to see that prices mostly match per region!

    I know right? It's like trying to explain to people why some other people would say a quarter million dollar Aston Martin is too freakin expensive when there are so many other older but admired cars to be had for less than ten thousand dollars...
  6. DD today?

    Some Fokkers flying over Kuban would be pretty cool pics...
  7. Well don't kick the bear if you don't want to get eaten...
  8. So by your logic of spamming whining and complaining everywhere, we should have a Mediterranean expansion coming up instead of Bodenplatte. Or we would be going ahead with the Pacific. Or we would have four engine bombers. Or we would have clickable cockpits. The list is long. My point was there is a place for whining and complaining and it's not in the DD and update threads unless there is some major problem such as the downloading problem with the hotfix. The suggestions and bugs sections are for complaints. The devs see them. They know they are there. Even better you can PM one of them to be sure they see it. Jason seems to have run out of patience with people shitting on the team's work and to be honest I don't blame him. Put yourself in their shoes and look at it from their perspective.
  9. No. Not even close. You obviously don't remember. These were fixed because people FINALLY followed proper procedure and found verifiable proof for the developers to use. How many years were crybabies whining in every single thread about the 190 before it was fixed? The devs saw the whining and were very aware. Whining and complaining didn't do anything apart from piss people off. When developers got proof, they made changes when they had time in the schedule. They do have a schedule to keep and they fit these fixes into gaps between releases or when they're already working on something similar. Whine and complain all you want but don't be surprised when you're ignored.
  10. I'm pretty sure he is just tired of people using any and every thread to bitch about their pet nit-picks. It never fails. Every DD and update thread that brings us massive updates and good news is inevitably filled with little children whining, "but you still didn't fix this...""thanks for all the hard work and new stuff but it's just unplayable wah wah wah...". Everybody knows about the frickin clouds. Obviously they made some changes in the last update and probably sacrificing some cloud quality made up for extending the horizon, draw distance, and clouds draw distance I don't know. What I do know is these guys are human and if I were the one busting my ass to make this stuff happen and came here to read people saying, "great work but it sucks because you didn't fix all these other little things too" I'd be pretty pissed as well. If you have bug reports and gripes put them in the appropriate place. Or maybe politeness and manners have no place in the modern digital world...
  11. Only 2x speed works so 4x and 8x only work for qmb. Qmb is for shorter flights anyway.
  12. Zargos Skin Factory diary

    I really wish I had your talent for paint chipping and weathering, Zargos. That looks like proper wear and tear without being too much.
  13. P.S. Those new roads look frickin awesome as well.
  14. Awesome! I wasn't expecting this already! Great work guys! I'm going to start my career over again. Also the first Bodenplatte materials are coming next month? More great news!
  15. beta testing???

    After all the whining about getting 1c to give them the source code, people sure seem in a big hurry to drag this project down... Just let the people work. TFS has even less resources to work with than Jason's team. The only unprofessional thing I've seen them doing so far is letting themselves get baited into pissing contests with haters and former team members.