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  1. Can someone tell if enhanced airplane visibility mentioned by AnPetrovich in one of the last DD will already be part of the next update, or is it still in development? New View Distance for Airplanes Yes, by popular request, we have increased the visibility of distant airplanes. This has been a difficult technical challenge, but we think Sturmovik pilots will appreciate this new reality. Can you spot the far-off planes? We’re still tweaking the feature, but it’s in testing.
  2. I was 'IL-2 offline' for a long time also because I wasn't really satisfied with the simulator anymore. But the sheer size of BoBp changed my mind now. So much content for just $70 is definitely worth buying. The map looks really great. Looking forward to the update. Great work, thank you.
  3. [edited] 2. This forum is provided by 1C-777 Ltd. as a courtesy and its usage is a privilege and 1C-777 Ltd. reserves the right to ban any member temporarily or permanently for any reason at any time. Any penalties listed below for violations of the rules are guidelines only and forum administration may take additional action if they feel it is warranted. Use of the forum is not connected to usage of the game and access to this forum is not guaranteed to users as a consequence of purchasing the game. 4. The forum is not pre-moderated and objectionable material may occur without our knowledge; messages posted on the forum have not previously been viewed and have not been edited by forum administration. However, forum administration and moderators reserve the right to edit messages after being posted. 5. Moderators oversee the different sections of the forum and they have the right to edit and delete posts or close the entire topic without explanation. 6. It is forbidden to discuss the actions of moderators and administrators in any form on the forum. All questions are to be sent via "personal message" to the administrator/moderator.
  4. What a BS post! I invite you! You can have this uber 190, the best turn, roll, speed, firepower and durability plane as you call it and I take this mediocre Yak, ok. Should not be a problem for you to shoot me down. Do we have a deal?
  5. Hi Invictus, a really nice setup there you have. Could you make a video showing you during a flight in BoX or CloD? Would like to see your monitor in action. Thanks
  6. On the other hand are the 109s the backbone of the Axis fighters which makes it to more than just an old issue (imo). I mean, it's not about just a single plane, right. This goes for other things (e.g. WEP) as well.
  7. Thanks for the test Sheriff! I would expect those numbers when full manifold pressure is available. And for DB601A/B there should be no limit, like it is in the manual. 2400 rpm were not critical as it seems.
  8. The question did not leave me Now I found the answer. Your assumption is correct, the mechanism is connected directly with the throttle linkage. I've attached the important parts .... EDIT: What still remains: full boost rpm is considered as uncritical for DB 601A/B after you passed critical height, as it is explicitly stated. Now it would be interesting to know more about other motor variants regarding rpms.
  9. I think I understand the propeller Sheriff. But a Bf109 automatischer Verstellpropeller does not work in the same way as a constant speed propeller. You set boost and rpm with a certain position of the throttle. IMO the question is now if rpm is set only by the throttle position or does the governor try to hold a set rpm due to a certain boost level? If the mechanism takes its setting from a exact position of the lever the engine would rev higher above critical height (like Notleistung). If it takes the setting from boost the revs would stay within the intended range even above critical height and full lever. Maybe someone can provide a manual how the lever has exactly worked? Could not find a document yet.
  10. It's not about 2800 rpm. It's about what happens above critical height. There you don't get full boost and therefore do not get full rpm with the 'Automatischer Verstellpropeller' of the 109s. JtD summarized it well in the German thread I linked: Der DB 605A in der 109 G hat folgende Stufen: (DB 605A in the 109 G has the following levels) 1.42 / 2800 1.30 / 2600 1.15 / 2300 1.00 / 2100 0.90 / 1900 So when you above critical height where you get e.g. only 1.30 ATA boost (with full throttle) you also get only 2600 rpm.
  11. I think they just do not mention it. Because in almost every document I found (as probably you) they give only numbers for sealevel and for critical height, not above. But as I wrote in my last post, the principle is always the same for all 109s. As I think you speak German please also read here: We already spoke about the functioning of 'automatischer Verstellpropeller' some time ago (I already had forgotten about it...):
  12. Exactly, since it is a DB601A/B it is for a 109 E or early F, as you say. But as the principle was in all 109s the same (fluid-clutch super-charger, automatic prop pitch) it should only matter what the citical height was, right? From that height onwards the produced HP decrease continously with increasing height (until you reach a point where you then can give full throttle because the engine cannot produce enough HP anymore to damage the system).
  13. I think you are right here, both matters. But to what degree? When we look at the chart below we see that at sealevel it was allowed to run the engine with 1.30 ATA (990 HP) and 2400 rpm for only 5 min. (Kurzleistung) But at 5000m (critical height is about 4500m) we are already allowed to use half an hour 2400 rpm and 1.23 ATA (960 HP) (which I guess is or is almost full throttle for the DB601A/B at 5000m) Maybe somebody could make some in-game tests to have some hard figures we could compare?
  14. Can this contribute or being helpful? Document: https://goo.gl/images/nZ2tQF From site: http://www.spitfireperformance.com/spit1vrs109e.html It says 'from 5000m up - Full throttle'
  15. Often I do not hold back my criticism and therefore now it's only fair to give credit when credit is due: With 3.001 you delivered an exceptional piece of artwork. Hats off!
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