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  1. I wish I could give due credit for the line drawings but I just got them off the web and can't find any reference to the talented person.
  2. You can get scribd subscription service free for three months using promo code "rookiemoms0614". It's amazing all the books available such as all the Osprey aviation titles.
  3. I believe the La-7 upgraded to just a metal spar. It wasn't till the La-9 that it became an all metal aircraft and with the improved wing they got rid of the leading edge slats. La-9
  4. The easiest way to tell apart is the air intake on the 5 is on top of the cowl and on the 7 it's on the bottom of the fuselage under the cockpit and the cooler under side at the leading edge is removed on the La-7. In your photo above it looks like it is there but those are actually the center section gear doors LA 5 La-7
  5. Here you go, http://il2sturmovik.com/store/ just scroll down.
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