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  1. Give this a go, lots more ai stuff happening if you want it:
  2. Yeah he’s done some brilliant stuff, a recommended channel to anyone here really
  3. Bodenplatte given the Mark Felton treatment:
  4. Great video, love the bomber crews climbing past seats/equipment 👍
  5. Just set up a quick mission on the Rheinland map with P38s escorting the B25s and set a few 110s and 262 on them, set my P38 to autopilot and sat back and watched from various views, oh my! Yabbadabbado!
  6. This new map sounds stunning together with the newly developed tech to support it👍 Will there be pre-done destruction across any areas of the map?
  7. I note in the latest update that the long time bug is still present that, when a group of aircraft are in a banked turn, the lead aircraft is never at the same angle as the rest of the group, was this ever identified to be fixed, or is it only noticeable by me? Its something that's always annoyed me and something I've always hoped would be fixed in the ensuing updates. In the two shots enclosed the lead aircraft is the second from left and in either turn it is at odds with the rest of the group:
  8. Contact support they should be able to sort it for you
  9. Well done, that was quick, glad I mentioned it - thought it might have been something I’d done or not done at a crucial point in the mission 👍
  10. Just finished 1st mission, went ok, but when we got back to base the other 6 Havoc just continued to circle, I eventually peeled off and landed but 20 minutes later the rest are still circling! A lone fighter has just landed, taxied and parked up in the same spot as me and damaged both of us 😫
  11. Agree, V1s and their launch sites would be a great addition to gameplay/mission building
  12. Thanks for the extra $15 discount, blimey, forgot how much I spent on ROF over the years! 😁
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