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  1. I note in the latest update that the long time bug is still present that, when a group of aircraft are in a banked turn, the lead aircraft is never at the same angle as the rest of the group, was this ever identified to be fixed, or is it only noticeable by me? Its something that's always annoyed me and something I've always hoped would be fixed in the ensuing updates. In the two shots enclosed the lead aircraft is the second from left and in either turn it is at odds with the rest of the group:
  2. Contact support they should be able to sort it for you
  3. Well done, that was quick, glad I mentioned it - thought it might have been something I’d done or not done at a crucial point in the mission 👍
  4. Just finished 1st mission, went ok, but when we got back to base the other 6 Havoc just continued to circle, I eventually peeled off and landed but 20 minutes later the rest are still circling! A lone fighter has just landed, taxied and parked up in the same spot as me and damaged both of us 😫
  5. Agree, V1s and their launch sites would be a great addition to gameplay/mission building
  6. Thanks for the extra $15 discount, blimey, forgot how much I spent on ROF over the years! 😁
  7. Wow, worth the effort; just how many rabbits can you pull out of this programmer's hat?!!!
  8. ME-262 did participate - according to this eyewitness account: “The first hours of 1945 were spent letting in the New Year, wishing each other all the best and having a few beers,” recalled Leading Aircraftsman Desmond Shepherd, an armorer with RAF No. 137 Squadron at Eindhoven, Netherlands. “After breakfast I was crossing the runway, going toward the armoury….At that moment I heard gunfire. Looking up the runway I saw what looked like an Me-262 jet go streaking above my head. This was closely followed by several Fw-190s, and coming in the other direction were several Me-109s. I threw myself down onto the grass at the side of the runway.” http://www.historynet.com/luftwaffes-last-blow-the-final-major-aerial-offensive-of-nazi-germany.htm
  9. you guys just keep on pulling rabbits out of the hat, fantastic work on the winter skies; I always thought they looked pretty good, but seeing these update shots capturing the clarity and blue tint of the light puts a whole new perspective on the quality :cool: :cool:
  10. The sea waves do look good, but I wish the white sea foam in the wake of ships and such didnt have that mirrorred-like pattern to it, once you notice it you realise it does it a lot and the effect is like a 'paper doily' pattern - the same as in Rise of Flight - it kind of spoils the overall image and realism
  11. Certainly when I tried it from a grass airfield on AI, it kept drifting off to the right and then spinning the tail around.
  12. I noticed that the AI can't successfully take off (on grass at least) in the HS129, ends up oversteering and spinning the tail end round - pretty much the same as what I've managed so far! The sim looks stunning, running maxed out on Ultra, using DSR at 2.0 x 1920 x 1200, my 980Ti fans are on warp factor 2! Kuban map looks awesome and the new shadow stuff is clearly using black magic or something on the trees, brilliant.
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