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  1. I didn't know we had to please the producers. Feel free to delete my latest posts containing gif images.
  2. Happy to be back on these cockpits after a while. 😎
  3. Command AI to 'return to mission' and they will engage from very far away. If it's footage from a campaign/career generator mission mod, I've seen this behavior much more apparent being induced mainly by how the mission is constructed. As someone posted above about the waypoint priority, but I don't know about that really sure. They work better in the stock campaign. It's a matter on the AI tasking more than their own capacity. Unfortunately the 'cover me command' is working in a unexpected way. (I might be wrong on the naming, it's been quite a while I don't fly in high engagement manner in IL-2. Waiting for the career/FM update) If you get to know the various AI commands and how they are coded from flying, you should get a different picture from what's actually written on the command selector. MP flying outside a controlled environment is just as goofy as this if you aim for a slight realistic experience. Further Edit: It also might be a bug I'm not aware of, although I've never experienced this after I got used to AI commands. My wingmen are always very hostile against enemy aircraft nearby.
  4. In a dogfight, the extra workload is detrimental for you more than you can get a performance gain from your engine. Set it to buttons to manage fuel consumption in cruise and prolong engine health when damaged as stated above.
  5. I could never get my head around the one sided arguments in this forum since my debut on the game in 2014. That may because I'm used to fly all the factions possible, who would of known... Great thoughts as usual, Finkeren. To OP, there are several ways you can investigate further the mechanics between the fighters already laid down in this thread, mainly by helpful people, so I wouldn't waste your time making a long text to read. As said, try the Yak, exposure yourself as much as possible to combat experience on both sides. Other sources outside the forum are also welcome, if applicable in this sim. Best of luck!
  6. If somehow you can hop into adobe products you have almost infinite methods to implement footage wear and degradation effects.
  7. It's one of those updates we (at leas I) didn't felt missing really, but after it's implementation we won't live without. Great to see such improvements where the sims quality goes even further in unexpected area. Can't wait.
  8. There's no loss adding a sim next to another. Fly both.
  9. In all honesty: one could say they are already living it.
  10. Absolutely loving the 190 now. Speechless! Very well done on the green smoke bug fix too.
  11. Try to kill a Yak-1 with 109 E-7. Repeat with the F-4. To be honest, for me, the sim lacks variants. Not the other way around, as well as other new planes, don't get me wrong here. Don't worry. The more you fly, the more you will want more variants. For instance, a P 40-F or later instead of the E that we have in the sim would be night and day against the planes already available. Variants also allow more flexibility on mission creation, more authenticity outside just cosmetic. Variants flies differently from one another. Strategies on earlier versions on the same plane may not be recommended on late models and vice-versa. Experience of my own: I can't fly the 109 F-4 the way I fly the G2 (my favourite/most hours), I get wrecked. In other hand the G2 shouldn't be handle as a pure F-4. The more I fly in this sim, more i see the gap increase on possibilities between variants. A dogfight with a Yak-1 series 69 may develop completely different against a Yak-1b. Other than price/sale model, there's absolutely nothing wrong on the current variants development. And also it makes possible to work/correct on an earlier product while developing a late/earlier variant aircraft, an example would the be 190 A-3 situation. The FW 190 A-5 development will make possible to correct stuff on the A-3, as prop blades on earlier 109s. Otherwise there would be no money to pay the engineers/devs/ to correct something or improve what has been already released. Cheers and happy flying.
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