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  1. There may be different opinions. Only this is not very good.
  2. 1) Date of establishment May 1, 1944 2) Among the first awardees June 1, 1943 the Party and Soviet workers were awarded Stalingrad 3) Date of establishment May 1, 1944
  3. Penalties are loosing merit points. And also you can wait for the next plane for days, weeks or even months. It depends on regiment and current situation at the front. Random is just random. You can not affect it.
  4. It's just random. After you will lose your Mig3 maybe next airplane will be I-16. I would add Regiment which only flying I-16 but so far I could not find that in historical documents.
  5. To complete the mission it is necessary to land the plane. even if you play in a short version of mission. Translation mistake. Instead of "The report is not about planting information" should be "The report does not contain information about the landing".
  6. Version 1.0.4: - Added 5th server. - 65th ShAP. Aces: Georgiy Nevkipely, Georgiy Parshin. - 603rd BBAP. Ace Alexander Pomazunov. - II./KG3 "Blitz". Ace Herbert Hampe. Thank comrade Battler for help.
  7. I hope to make transfers someday. But for now i have no time. In addition to my basic work I take work at home + summertime. No you cant make more than one career for Luftwaffe fighter at the same time.
  8. You can fly short missions but landing need to make manual. Opentrack button is to start the app of the same name from IL2CG.
  9. Pilot transfer from BoM to BoS is not provided. And vice versa of course. But it is in the plans for the development.
  10. Version 1.0.3: - Fixed some critical bugs with injuries in emergency landing - Added II./ZG26 (Bf-110 E2)
  11. Version 1.0.2: - 16 air defense IAP (Mig-3). Aces: Shumilov Ivan, Mikhail Voronin - 15. (. Span) / JG27 (Bf 109 E-7) is available from 2nd chapter.Ace Angel Salas Larrazabal. - Added Spanish names for 15. (span.) / JG27.
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