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  1. To be certain of a kill you should shoot the person. If they're far above ground they can still finish the mission before they die if you shoot the parachute.
  2. Karma hitting after someone bombed a couple people on the airfield.
  3. Ask where you're needed. Communicate. Join teamspeak.
  4. We pushed back. Pretty even teams for a few​ maps, and then you were down to 3. Then the "wonder twins" came on when I called it a night. Also most reds were playing kosmonauts it seemed.
  5. I just don't get why people bother flying LW when they outnumber VVS by so much. I sure as hell got bored with it. Sadly, with the current balance it's not fun flying VVS either.
  6. The fact that Luftwaffe is closing down map1 so quickly has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the number of tank kills no longer wins the map. At least three out of the four airfields we've captured at the time of this writing were captured by tanks (I didn't witness the fourth). Tanks that the VVS could have killed if there were 1) similar numbers on each side, and 2) people actually trying to kill them. Things would not be progressing this fast if there was opposition. The biggest problem of this server is the highly disporportionate numbers of LW vs VVS. Until those numbers get at least remotely balanced, there's no way the actual mechanics of the server can be balanced. Unless we want to balance it with those differences in mind of course.
  7. Problem is none of the aces with JG in their squad names will switch and we'll end up with ten times as many LW as VVS.
  8. It's actually best of 9. The 7th setup will just be repeated two more times if it comes down to it.
  9. Didn't germans win one of the early campaigns?
  10. A campaign has a beginning and an end. And preferably a winner at the end.
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