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  1. I don't know what exactly causes performance issues for you, but try reducing graphics settings, especially for the terrain - it is insanely demanding on CPU. Even though it is the game engine from 2002 it doesn't mean you can just set everything to max. I've been trying multiple times to tell devs that performance, load times and other "quality of life" stuff matters a lot and that not everyone runs the latest i7 with 1080TI and SSD. Unfortunately they keep pushing one things beyond reasonable level while ignoring others which in the end results in a very unbalanced quality. Though I guess this is normal for very small "indie" teams.
  2. Juri_JS, I've created a thread on Russian forum, maybe devs will notice it. Or I will just ask them directly later (later, because as I've said I can't work on it now anyway). Deciman, I'm curious about what you've done, but I don't have time to look. You can add any further changes as you see fit (just need to discuss them with mission makers before ). Maybe I will find time to explain more details so you can better understand how it works, but before that we just need to make it work for IL2 somehow.
  3. Hi! I've bought FC yesterday, but I currently don't have access to my gaming PC anyway and can't even check the folder structure. And likely won't be able until September. I also didn't follow IL2 development (and maybe played a couple of hours max), but if changelogs mentioned support for external GUI then there may be a chance. However I have no idea what changes are needed. Were there any SDK, docs or at least an example code? If any functions used by the script have been changed (and I believe it is quite likely) then I won't be able to update the script without knowing new functions.
  4. AnKor

    Mod discussion

    I would expect BoX process to be very similar to ROF, but still different. Anyway, the ungtp tool is not related to adding new objects and I can't help with that.
  5. AnKor

    Mod discussion

    I see now. Just press enter to continue. Though most of the time it just means that this is the end of the file and nothing else could be extracted. So you are not missing anything.
  6. AnKor

    Mod discussion

    I vaguely recall the same error could happen in the original ungtp for ROF, but don't remember why. I haven't touched all this stuff for years Which gtp file are you trying to extract?
  7. AnKor

    Mod discussion

    Ok, now I am baffled I've been under an impression that IL-2 just changed the encryption keys and that's why original unGTP tool couldn't decrypt files, but I've never looked into contents of gtp files. So I did take a look now... and well... it was easier than I expected. I assume this means it is ok to make a new version of unGTP. unGTP-IL2.zip
  8. AnKor

    Mod discussion

    Hi Jason! Someone asked me to speak on modders' behalf The way people (or rather one guy from Finland) did it for RoF was rather blunt. You have some real encryption there which couldn't be beaten head-on, so it required a different approach. I guess it can be repeated for BoS, but I personally never looked into it. There's also one notable issue: according to Dev Diary 130 message you can ban players if you detect cheating tools. I don't know what exactly you consider to be such tools, but I presume some people may not want the risk of figuring it out Anyway, I understand you want to protect your IP, but it feels like a waste of time. Everyone waits until artists who can make mods meet or become hackers who can figure out the way to implement them. It is not certain this will happen anytime soon.
  9. Yes, to put it simple these are "indices" of vertex attributes, i.e. TessFactor is 8th attribute (it is more complex really, but it is too technical to be interesting ). Also when shaders are used these semantics don't really mean anything specific, they are just for programmer's convenience. They had strictly defined purpose only for older (DirectX 7 style) fixed function graphics. So at best these don't do anything, at worst you break something. And just in case, hardware tesselation for DX9 was supported by some old ATI cards (10+ years ago) but then they dropped it from newer models because nobody really used it.
  10. I didn't know my counter implementation was used anywhere. Good to see that it is useful I thought they dumped coop for BOS (but I haven't launched the game for a long time), but yes it allows AI escorts and indeed you can cover the area with multiple check zones to get similar results. I'm also the guy who made advanced photo recon for ROF multiplayer. And I've tried to make my own editor with more high-level approach allowing for easier and faster mission authoring, but I've stuck trying to map high-level concepts into the "language" of the mission editor (and some other problems as well, anyway the project appeared much more complex than I expected). Anyway good luck, your optimism is inspiring and I don't want to discourage anything
  11. Sorry, but I've spent way too much time with the editor in ROF and the topic is not a pleasant one due to great disappointment over wasted time. So I won't go into details, I just wanted to add a word of caution and that's it. Some authors wanted to count a number of planes in a specific area for MP missions. This could be used to spawn additional AAA or targets on demand. I invented this monstrosity to solve the problem: http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=347&t=34154 It is not difficult once you understand the idea, but do you imagine how complexity can grow if trivial counter looks like this? And for something impossible. Try to spawn AI fighter escort which follows human-controlled bomber in a multiplayer mission.
  12. I'm not in a position to advice, you've run a server and I've never made a publicly available mission, but still... The editor is misleading about it's capabilities (assuming it is the same one as it was in ROF). It may seem complex, but powerful at first, but in fact it is complex and very limited. Making anything non-trivial which goes above what devs intented to use in their own campaign becomes a huge pain. Сreativity is a different matter of course, but from technical point of view I wouldn't put "extremely easy" and "the mission editor" in the same sentence.
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