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  1. That would be awesome if you let the Team Fusion guys borrow it.
  2. Name is Nick, 45 years old...but only feel like I'm about 37. Live in San Diego and was born here, but having been a Navy brat, moved around quite a bit between then and now (Guam anyone?). Pop has 300 carrier landings, 100 of them at night. He says he must have been pretty good by the shear fact that he's still alive. His old saying, "Go ahead and kill yourself but don't look bad at the boat." So growing up around Naval Aviators, I assumed that is the thing one must do.....that anything else was a tragedy. I actually considered it an insult to be called a "civilian." But...at the age of 12 I found out I was blind as a bat, so i had to shift that paradigm a bit. I used to go out with dad and drive the golf cart when he played the local military courses...and when I finally picked up a club and took a swat, I was pretty darn good......not Tiger Woods good......but good enough to utimately become better than scratch, and have a real enjoyment of teaching others to play. That is what I'm still doing today and have loved every minute. Waited a long time to get married and glad I did, because girls like my wife don't come along very often. She is the best thing that has happened or will ever happen to my life. Been married for 4 years but no kids yet. Started playing Jane's F15E in the late 90's in preparartion for Jane's F18, because finally, I was going to see what it looked like to land on an aircraft carrier. Since then, I've been addicted to EAW, CFS, FSX (acceleration with nimitz Carriers is really cool), and of course il2 1946. Also did some 3rd wire Wings over Vietnam. I got away from flight sims for a little while to do some racing stuff, both sims and real life shifter kart racing. Part of what brought me back was the fact that I heard Team Fusion ressurrected Clod. I had been one of the many who had waited for it desparately and been so desparately dissapointed with the disaster of it's release. that almost made me feel that WWII flight sims were dead forever. Now with Team Fusion, the ATAG server, and BOS ramping up, I've been given new hope.
  3. Is it just us or everyone? Are the forces more faint than COD? Mine works awesome in COD. If it felt the same with BOS, it would be incredible.
  4. Hey guys, just bought an MSFF2 but it has a sticky trigger button. It just sticks in the on position when you depress it. For those of you that have taken yours apart, is there an easy way to fix it? It works well except for that.
  5. Well, I got one and the trigger is broken but it is an absolute joy to fly with in COD. The stick pressures really connect me to the trim of the plane and let me feel when I'm approaching a stall, etc. Just a joy to fly around. It just doesn't work the same with BOS. Forces are very faint and I can hardly feel them.
  6. Hey mac. I'm getting the same thing. My ff 2 works much better in clod. I can just barely feel anything in stalingrad.
  7. It works in windows 7, but you just can't go in and adjust the settings right?
  8. Thanks all! I just wish there was soemthing like Simvibe for flight sims. Simvibe is a software program for racing games that takes all the physics data and translates it into low frequency signals so the tranducers can vibrate. It's not just the bass sounds from the audio files, it's anything you want to tune it for so that it works as a true force feedback device. Maybe Simvibe will branch out into flight sims someday. EDIT: Hmm, I just looked at the site and they do support x-plane. Maybe they would be open to supporting BOS... http://simxperience.com/Products/Software/SimCommander3/SimCommanderSupportedSimulationGames.aspx
  9. Thank you gents, you've all been very helpful. Hope to see you in one of the servers when I get better.
  10. Somewhat related to my other post about the sidewinder, are any of you guys using a bass shaker in flight sims? Are there enough low frequency sounds to create much of an effect?
  11. Hey guys, I'm just kind of starting out with flight sims here. Been doing a lot of racing sims. In racing sims, you basically have to have FFB to get feedback from the tires, but I've noticed there aren't really any FFB flight sticks around anymore. But everyone seems to still rave about the Sidewinder. I'm thinking about dropping the $80 or so to get one off ebay but what exactly does FFB in a flight sim do? I know the handle vibrates when you fire the guns and maybe flutters around when you start to stall, but what else? Does it give more resistense when you'r in a high speed dive and can't get the control surfaces to move? Basically, waht makes FFB cool or needed in a flight sim? I'm all for it if it gives better immersion.
  12. i would imagine that this plays a role in future Oculus Rift support as well?
  13. My assumption is that ultimately it will be re-configured for 3 renders because it just wouldn't make sense to not be able to use an ultra wide FOV across 3 screens for a 2014 combat flight sim.......but I could be wrong.
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