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  1. Player ''AAA'' is clearing cheating.
  2. SYN_Belmont

    Tank v Tank

    A few multiplayer missions are already up
  3. SYN_Belmont

    I WISH.....Star Wars Combat Flight Sim [not real].

    Install X WING ALLIANCE + Upgrade Project You can get X WING Alliance on GoG
  4. SYN_Belmont

    DD today?

    Sorry couldn't resist Nothing personal though, i just thought the image would look good
  5. SYN_Belmont

    What can we expect with the MC.202?

  6. SYN_Belmont

    DD today?

    mfw still waiting for the x-wing
  7. SYN_Belmont

    Man's Best Friend

    I myself had a little Cavalier King Charles for 8 years, unfortunatly, he was killed by a german shepherd while walking in the street. Of course, i was devastated as well by that loss,i just couldn't withstand the silence in my house after he died, so i eventually bought a new puppy. It helped a lot, raising a new little pup', both for me and my family. Here's the little buddy now (pic attached) My only wish is to give him a good and happy life, and i wish all dog owners wished the same (not everytime the case unfortunatly)
  8. SYN_Belmont

    Developer Diary, Part 102 - Discussion

    I'm quite happy in fact, Those are hand crafted, believable missions. And that could eventually bring back SP players.
  9. SYN_Belmont

    Developer Diary, Part 102 - Discussion

    wow, 6 missions ? 6? 6?! Game of the year
  10. SYN_Belmont

    Summer flying clothes?

    But will pilots wear t-shirts, that's the true question
  11. SYN_Belmont

    ARMA 3 new Pacific map

    Wow, really guys ? Play on decent servers. you won't experience FPS problems anymore... ''I HAVE 20 FPS ON A 100 PLAYER SERVER, PLS HELP, WORST GAME EVER, SHAME, SHAME''
  12. SYN_Belmont

    The Future of IL:2: BOS

    Adding X-WINGS and TIE-FIGHTERS, that's what will make BoS the best simulator
  13. SYN_Belmont

    Developer Diary, Part 101 - Discussion

    Well, i was very sceptic about this.. but that's a good DD... The most important one yet i'd say.