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  1. Looks like Alternate visibility won. Something in between would be perfect, i'm sure we will reach a compromise soon.
  2. A few multiplayer missions are already up
  3. Install X WING ALLIANCE + Upgrade Project You can get X WING Alliance on GoG
  4. Sorry couldn't resist Nothing personal though, i just thought the image would look good
  5. mfw still waiting for the x-wing
  6. I myself had a little Cavalier King Charles for 8 years, unfortunatly, he was killed by a german shepherd while walking in the street. Of course, i was devastated as well by that loss,i just couldn't withstand the silence in my house after he died, so i eventually bought a new puppy. It helped a lot, raising a new little pup', both for me and my family. Here's the little buddy now (pic attached) My only wish is to give him a good and happy life, and i wish all dog owners wished the same (not everytime the case unfortunatly)
  7. I'm quite happy in fact, Those are hand crafted, believable missions. And that could eventually bring back SP players.
  8. But will pilots wear t-shirts, that's the true question
  9. Wow, really guys ? Play on decent servers. you won't experience FPS problems anymore... ''I HAVE 20 FPS ON A 100 PLAYER SERVER, PLS HELP, WORST GAME EVER, SHAME, SHAME''
  10. Adding X-WINGS and TIE-FIGHTERS, that's what will make BoS the best simulator
  11. Well, i was very sceptic about this.. but that's a good DD... The most important one yet i'd say.
  12. tfw Zeus (an his team) maps looks better than most official maps (i mean Stalingrad by that, but also other sim's map, like CLOD) Keep up the good work, you're an invaluable asset to this community
  13. BOS + BOM (Normal) = 100 Dollards BOS + BOM (Premium)= 160 Dollards Sorry, but for the curent content, i'd say we pay more than enough for the game, Plus DX12 isn't gonna do miracles
  14. ''BOM Standard Edition will get their early access invitations a little later in October'' Mind if i ask why ? Standard Editions customers are customers as well, they should be able to access early access at the same time as the Premium Edition owners. Appart from that, Good stuff
  15. That is not a ''proof'', the site is not official and not every server is present there... Enough said, keep your remarks for yourself next time
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