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  1. What blackmail are you refering to ? People stating they won't buy because of no-VR support ? That's not blackmail, that's just an opinion.
  2. Then again, this is a discussion thread, positive and negative reactions are meant to happen.
  3. It should run on medium to low settings. Like unlikely_spider said above, wait for a sale and try it ! If you buy it on steam you may be able to refund it if it doesn't work as intended on your machine.
  4. Are you in need of 111 pilots for tonight's flight ? If so we might be able to bring a couple.
  5. Just remember this isn't a VR game. It's a game that supports VR. The devs don't own you anything simply because you chose to play it that way. Then again, i don't see any big changes between my 2D and VR performances since i get killed pretty quickly either way ^^ .
  6. Let's not jump to conclusions here, my guess is they removed the mod for the time being because as previously stated, some users were using the zoom to spot contacts far too easily, especially in 2D. I'm sure the mod will be back up once those issues have been resolved.
  7. Oh that's where you are wrong kind sir, this is DCS we are talking about.
  8. Tomorrow's gonna be a pretty great day for flight simmers ! DCS Supercarrier + Il 2 update, still don't know which i'll fly first.
  9. Looks like Alternate visibility won. Something in between would be perfect, i'm sure we will reach a compromise soon.
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