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  1. Looks like Alternate visibility won. Something in between would be perfect, i'm sure we will reach a compromise soon.
  2. A few multiplayer missions are already up
  3. Install X WING ALLIANCE + Upgrade Project You can get X WING Alliance on GoG
  4. Sorry couldn't resist Nothing personal though, i just thought the image would look good
  5. mfw still waiting for the x-wing
  6. I myself had a little Cavalier King Charles for 8 years, unfortunatly, he was killed by a german shepherd while walking in the street. Of course, i was devastated as well by that loss,i just couldn't withstand the silence in my house after he died, so i eventually bought a new puppy. It helped a lot, raising a new little pup', both for me and my family. Here's the little buddy now (pic attached) My only wish is to give him a good and happy life, and i wish all dog owners wished the same (not everytime the case unfortunatly)
  7. I'm quite happy in fact, Those are hand crafted, believable missions. And that could eventually bring back SP players.
  8. But will pilots wear t-shirts, that's the true question
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