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  1. This looks much more like the Russia I have driven through. Long stretches of forests or steppe, punctuated by small villages with a few surrounding fields. The old textures of fields stretching to the horizon were more reflective of wishes in a five-year plan than of reality, I think! Balkas look wonderful too, very three-dimensional.
  2. Let's all just spend Christmas with our families, as we are supposed to! Human warmth, a well-set table, catching up on the years' events... - Gaming can wait :-)
  3. Online fighting is a huge rush. Just knowing that you are up against human players makes an incredible difference. Single-player feels a bit stale after that. I still remember the emotions flowing through me after my first kill. The first many kills, actually. The tension is extreme and the elation upon seeing the enemy go down is second-to-none.
  4. Blacksix, thank you for this update and for your work! - Fascinating insight into your painstaking historical research. Programming and modelling just create the skeleton of a flight sim. You are putting flesh on the bones and breathing life into it!
  5. Huge thanks to Gambit21 for his work. Mission designing is, in a way, an artform, and in Gambit we've found a very accomplished artist.
  6. The pilots who managed to outturn their enemies returned to tell the tale, the ones who didn't ended up in a smoking hole... You will always have a majority of (surviving) pilots saying that their own planes were the best.
  7. Jason already said that the abbreviation is BOBP... - Let us just stick to that for simplicity's sake.
  8. It would be supremely useful if they just included a little snippet of England (East Anglia) in the map. With a later 8th Air Force expansion it would be possible to perform real raids on proper continental targets (escort missions, etc).
  9. Very exciting news! As to the naming discussion, if it has to contain "Battle" how about "Battle of the Low Countries"? I think "Operation Bodenplatte" is best, though. I love the fact that RoF will be brought up to date. My first love from this team of programmers back when they were known as NeoQB. Rise of Flight in VR will be amazing! I know it will be a small initial map and plane-set but hope it will grow. I hope the tank sim can bring in a lot of newcomers. Going for this most popular plane-set is hopefully not a sign that the franchise was tanking. Anyway, the success should be guaranteed with these planes and with hard-hitting 1944-45 weaponry! Off to preorder!
  10. Beautiful clouds, just beautiful. We have the best clouds, don't we folks? Best clouds, really beautiful :-) Two comments: I feel that the sea in the Bf-110 screenie is too blue. It should reflect the grey of the clouds. That last Swedish meatball screenie, flying over the row of trees... - Wauw, I just cannot believe how great the taut skin stretched over the wing spars looks! - Amazing. Lovely update. Great Russian influence, nothing to complain about here!
  11. I can't wait to treat myself to a new rig and experience this sim in VR...
  12. I would love love love for the RoF plane set to be ported to Il-2!
  13. If we get the U-2 it would be marvellous to have a full training campaign for it. Imagine becoming proficient on the U-2 and then progressing to a MiG-3.... THAT was the challenge the real pilots of WWII had to deal with.
  14. Please don't continue discussing the newspapers being in English, it is nonsensical.
  15. Aren't we all in love with some jugs. I especially like the bubble canopy variant.
  16. I agree with the Spittie, Mosquito, MiG-3 being the most beautiful, but let me just throw in another spectacular-looking plane... https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/spg/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=https%3A%2F%2Fs-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F5e%2Fdf%2F8f%2F5edf8f78f542d138b42223d7ae0f56e0.jpg&sp=191bc8ffd6599aa295e72f9f54980e65
  17. I haven't been following the forum, but I have the impression that this is in reply to my (now deleted) post where I express my misgivings about the newspaper articles? Jason a long time ago asked for a "contracted writer who would have ample time". That is definitely not the case for me, I'm very busy with my day job, so I couldn't possibly have helped out. I'm sad that you take my criticism badly. I did write suggestions for all the headlines I thought weren't any good, so my criticism was definitely constructive. I also wrote - more generally - why headlines casting doubt on one's own side would be totally inappropriate for WWII newspapers. There are lots of knowledgeable WWII buffs out there who could have gotten the tone and content spot-on. You weren't lucky enough to get one of them, which is too bad, but I hope you get it fixed. The rest of your product is spectacular, revolutionary and of exceptional quality. It would be sad if one amateurish aspect were to drag down the impression of the whole. I'm sorry if I should have said all this in a PM instead of doing it in the forum. My bad, but I didn't think it would be taken so badly. I probably wasn't sufficiently sensitive to your feelings about what is after all "your baby" (the sim), for which I apologize.
  18. Absolutely top-notch, fabulous movie, well done!
  19. To be honest the stories themselves are rather so-so. Definitely not at the level of his superior artwork. The drawings are sumptuous. On my wall just behind me I have his poster from the 37th Ferté-Alais "Meeting aérien" which I attended...
  20. "Very simple"? - Well, the model certainly isn't! Thanks for these pics of Heinemanns wonder bomber.
  21. The new album of super-accomplished graphic artist Romain Hugault is coming out October 18: Images from the album here, including fantastic drawings of Corsairs, Catalinas, Grumman ducks, etc... https://www.facebook.com/romainhugault/ I have all his albums and they are visual feasts for those who like the sexy curves of classic warbirds and... shapely women (!) See attached pics.
  22. The love of Soviet pilots for their P-39s had a lot to do with the generally much better build quality of American planes, well-functioning radios, comfortable cockpit, dependable electronics, etc. These factors are much more relevant in real life than in a simulation.
  23. On the runway, under rainy clouds, waiting to take off and intercept a flight of German bombers... Still the most significant moment in my flight-simming career.
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