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  1. "Thus, situations when wings or control surfaces fall off an airplane in a battle will arise much less often. To break the rear part of the fuselage by shooting will become very hard."


    - Great news 👍 This has always been my main beef with the  damage model.

  2. Hi guys,


    I'm helping out with some research concerning an RAF pilot who flew with 331 Sqn ("For Norge"). This recce shot of an airfield is in his private photo album. Can any of you identify it?


    (I'm guessing its a German airfield in Occupied Western Europe, partly due to the camouflage, partly due to the bomb craters, and also due to 331 Sqn's operations but I could be totally wrong.)


    If you have positive I.D. or a qualified guess it would be great to see some photos substantiating it.




  3. Happy New Year to all!


    - Especially to the whiners: they need it more... 😉 


    What are your thoughts and hopes for Il-2 in the new year and - more importantly - the new DECADE?


    Cheers from the home town of Santa Lucia,

    - Freycinet


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  4. Glædelig Jul and Godt Nytår to you, Jason. You've revolutionized combat flight simming and have really left your mark in programming / PC gaming history. You can be proud of your accomplishments! Here's wishing you all possible success in your endeavours in the years to come (especially if you continue the Il-2 franchise) 😉 


    Of course I cannot end this message without mentioning that I am very [angry/disappointed/dejected] that my [insert pet peeve] has been completely [disregarded/ignored/exacerbated] by you and your staff, so unles you do something about it, I will [uninstall the sim/pout/harrass you online/be very cross with you]!


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  5. 13 hours ago, DetCord12B said:


    Gimmicky to the core.


    They run with the late-war Bodenplatte aircraft lineup which are amazing and a massive but highly lacking in-detail (entire cities and industry are missing) map where things aren't (Ruhr Valley, etc) present but should be. A map covered in low resolution textures and normal maps, horribly placed urban components, and 3D models that pop in place like some sort of FS2000 fan made auto-gen template. There are entire community regional maps, airports, and cities for FSX with a 5 meter terrain resolution that includes HD foliage that puts what these guys do to complete and utter shame, and that game is well over a decade old.


    The aircraft lineup for BoN are a massive step back from the late-war Bodenplatte lineup, and it feels rightly cheap. The marketing team on the other hand have done a great job of advertising the likes of the Ar-234, Mosquito, and Me-410, of which you can't get unless you preorder the Collectors Edition. Honestly, they should have gone this route to begin with and then transitioned in the BoBp expansion.


    For me, personally speaking, it feels like a giant gimmick to buy three vaunted planes and what will be a badly rendered map.


    What a terribly unfair and spiteful posting.


    Seems you hate this dev. team and sim with a vengeance. Well, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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  6. HH Pauk, that video is one of the best flight sim vids I have EVER SEEN!


    - The quiet start with the beauty of the terrain, the slight rise in intensity with the ships, then the ground war opening up and then... - air combat mayhem!


    - Fantastic script and very very well put togehter, just flawless really. So intense and exciting to watch. The final scene of the tank buster sliding towards the camera... WHOA!




    Shamrockonefive, I also loved your Flying circus vid. Excellent stuff all around. Just as I was thinking "hmm, too bad he hasn't shown us the beautiful cities"... you did just that! Kudos on a fabulous job to you too, thrilling stuff.



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