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  1. That video by +HH+ Pauk..... Hoooooly Batman, it really is incredible. One of the all-time best.
  2. 174 meters including the tower! 😉
  3. Superb! Didn't know paratroopers dropped on Aalborg.
  4. you really hit it out of the ballpark with this video, Jason. Thanks!!!
  5. Beautiful AI plane, can't say I really pine to see it flyable. Keep safe everybody!
  6. "Thus, situations when wings or control surfaces fall off an airplane in a battle will arise much less often. To break the rear part of the fuselage by shooting will become very hard." - Great news 👍 This has always been my main beef with the damage model.
  7. Doesn't look as if they would fly very well... What can I say: I like planes.
  8. I just finished "Terror in the Starboard Seat", can't think there'd be a better Mosquito book out there, well worth a gander. Thanks for this video link!
  9. I believe binoculars were pretty common for navy pilots in the Pacific in WWII. On another note, I'm thrilled that this sim will finally feature hardware that I am the proud owner of.... 🙂
  10. Thanks, you're a Trooper :-) Another question for you or others... - How much would that huge slab of armoured glass behind the pilot weigh? Looks very heavy to me.
  11. The plane looks beautiful! Now I wonder if there is another word than "bubble canopy" when it actually isn't a real bubble-blown canopy...
  12. Great to see so many armament variations! Hurri fans, if you haven't already read "Gun Button to fire", then go and do it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gun-Button-Fire-Hurricane-Dramatic/dp/1848688482
  13. Ah, well done guys! - Yes, I should have guessed that :-) Thanks so much!
  14. Hi guys, I'm helping out with some research concerning an RAF pilot who flew with 331 Sqn ("For Norge"). This recce shot of an airfield is in his private photo album. Can any of you identify it? (I'm guessing its a German airfield in Occupied Western Europe, partly due to the camouflage, partly due to the bomb craters, and also due to 331 Sqn's operations but I could be totally wrong.) If you have positive I.D. or a qualified guess it would be great to see some photos substantiating it. Thanks!
  15. Great evasive tactic for a dogfight... 🙂
  16. Happy New Year to all! - Especially to the whiners: they need it more... 😉 What are your thoughts and hopes for Il-2 in the new year and - more importantly - the new DECADE? Cheers from the home town of Santa Lucia, - Freycinet
  17. Glædelig Jul and Godt Nytår to you, Jason. You've revolutionized combat flight simming and have really left your mark in programming / PC gaming history. You can be proud of your accomplishments! Here's wishing you all possible success in your endeavours in the years to come (especially if you continue the Il-2 franchise) 😉 Of course I cannot end this message without mentioning that I am very [angry/disappointed/dejected] that my [insert pet peeve] has been completely [disregarded/ignored/exacerbated] by you and your staff, so unles you do something about it, I will [uninstall the sim/pout/harrass you online/be very cross with you]! 😉
  18. I went the school Christmas concert where the organizers wished us "a nice event season"...[PC gone mad] .... Well, I dont believe in that, so instead I will wish Jason and the rest of the developers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or as we say in Danish: Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår! (And for the Russians, a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. 🙂
  19. What a terribly unfair and spiteful posting. Seems you hate this dev. team and sim with a vengeance. Well, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  20. HH Pauk, that video is one of the best flight sim vids I have EVER SEEN! - The quiet start with the beauty of the terrain, the slight rise in intensity with the ships, then the ground war opening up and then... - air combat mayhem! - Fantastic script and very very well put togehter, just flawless really. So intense and exciting to watch. The final scene of the tank buster sliding towards the camera... WHOA! ---- Shamrockonefive, I also loved your Flying circus vid. Excellent stuff all around. Just as I was thinking "hmm, too bad he hasn't shown us the beautiful cities"... you did just that! Kudos on a fabulous job to you too, thrilling stuff.
  21. Salute and thank you, Jason, for honouring veterans with this beautiful sim.
  22. What an accomplishment! - Hope you'll get lots of great reviews in gaming mags and sites and super sales over the holidays!
  23. Love to see the Hurricane coming!" - Here's some Hurri slow-mo porn I made a couple of years ago... https://youtu.be/0qMXr5cXoh8
  24. Slow for the first thirty seconds, then sure, hit the accelerator!
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