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  1. Can someone test if the Razorback can kill the Ferdinand by bouncing .50-cal bullets from the ground into the soft underbelly of the beast, as was historically possible?
  2. Great update, thanks! - The "Ferdinand-killer" looks fantastic.
  3. Oh wauw, thanks, those throttles look fantastic and at a very reasonable price point, thanks so mucg for linking the thread. Just a last question: are the VKB joysticks produced in China?
  4. Great info, thanks a lot! - Yes, I prefer to have my joystick a bit to the left, so I guess it would be the 10 cm. extension for me, if I go for an extension at all. Does 10 cm. make a big difference in "feel" or precision, I wonder...? Also, is there a throttle set-up for my right hand? Sorry for spamming with these simple questions!
  5. Also, it could actually be taken out by a P-47 bouncing its 50-cal bullets into the ground and through the soft underbelly of the beast.
  6. Thanks Tarapatratater! I am a bit confused by that website... Could I get that stick with a 20cm extension and a compatible joystick base (perhaps the Mark III)?
  7. Thanks for the fine review. Do they have anything for us left-handed pilots?
  8. Another fine update, but more importantly: a big S! to all those who fought and vanquished the Nazi Monster back then. I just finished historical research on a poor old lady, Jewish, who was deported from Copenhagen to Theresienstadt in 1943. Dragging an 88-y.o. bedridden lady out of her bed in the middle of the night to send her off to the camps... - How squalid is that? Good riddance to the Nazis and a huge thank you to the Allied soldiers of May 1945! She will soon have a Stolperstein: http://www.stolpersteine.eu/en/
  9. I don't agree. Our eyes work marvels in instantly adjusting to dark and bright areas, so with our eyes we don't perceive shadows as being quite as dramatic as they appear in photos.
  10. Very interesting. I knew nothing of this! I would love if you could post a map with indications of which territories were possessed by whom. Know absolutely nothing about the geography in that corner of the world...
  11. https://dlc.library.columbia.edu/catalog?f%5Blib_collection_sim%5D%5B%5D=Aviation+project&page=5&search_field=all_text_teim A treasure trove of interesting interviews here; Thomas Sopwith (with audio), Albert Boyd, Alexander Kartveli, Roscoe Turner, Scott Crossfield, Ed Rickenbacker, Hugh L. Dryden, Jackie Cochran, Maurice Farman, Paul W. Tibbetts Jr., Robert S. Johnson, Alan John Cobham, Umberto Nobile, William Powell Lear, etc, etc...
  12. That video by +HH+ Pauk..... Hoooooly Batman, it really is incredible. One of the all-time best.
  13. 174 meters including the tower! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. Superb! Didn't know paratroopers dropped on Aalborg.
  15. you really hit it out of the ballpark with this video, Jason. Thanks!!!
  16. Beautiful AI plane, can't say I really pine to see it flyable. Keep safe everybody!
  17. "Thus, situations when wings or control surfaces fall off an airplane in a battle will arise much less often. To break the rear part of the fuselage by shooting will become very hard." - Great news ๐Ÿ‘ This has always been my main beef with the damage model.
  18. Doesn't look as if they would fly very well... What can I say: I like planes.
  19. I just finished "Terror in the Starboard Seat", can't think there'd be a better Mosquito book out there, well worth a gander. Thanks for this video link!
  20. I believe binoculars were pretty common for navy pilots in the Pacific in WWII. On another note, I'm thrilled that this sim will finally feature hardware that I am the proud owner of.... ๐Ÿ™‚
  21. Thanks, you're a Trooper :-) Another question for you or others... - How much would that huge slab of armoured glass behind the pilot weigh? Looks very heavy to me.
  22. The plane looks beautiful! Now I wonder if there is another word than "bubble canopy" when it actually isn't a real bubble-blown canopy...
  23. Great to see so many armament variations! Hurri fans, if you haven't already read "Gun Button to fire", then go and do it! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gun-Button-Fire-Hurricane-Dramatic/dp/1848688482
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