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  1. Freycinet

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    I actually don't like them, at least in the screenies we see here. The "fire bubble" texture features look way too big to me. Will have to see how it looks in action.
  2. Could you post the specs of that machine? Thanks all! - Tho I am getting a bit more confused I am definitely confused on a higher level than I was before! 🙂
  3. Ah, Chili, so are you saying I should rather go for a beefy CPU and a not-quite-bleeding-edge graphics card? Thanks for all the inputs, guys. You are really informing my upcoming buy!
  4. Thanks guys, good advice! The new RTX graphics cards will do ray tracing much better than older cards, but I guess that is not really relevant for flight simming atm... Mitthrawnourdoeo, thanks for your point about 4K monitors and their lower refresh rate. I think the only gaming I will be doing will be with VR goggles, though, so if I mainly use the monitor for photos, videos and browsing, would the lower refresh rate be a problem for me? Just read this article which gave a really good up-to-date overview re monitors, including explanation of technical terms on page 2. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/08/06/best-gaming-monitor-2018-3/
  5. Thanks Flanker, great reply, I learned a lot! As for assembling by myself, yes, I can probably do it, but will it be that much cheaper? I will want some extra features such as harddisk slots directly in the PC for my burgeoning media collection, i.e. photos of my kids (incl safety copy-harddisks), so the build could get a bit complicated. However, I will look into it when I end up knowing my final components list! I think with the RTC cards just around the corner I will wait and get one of those, but as you say, it is a good idea to wait for the real-life reviews. It will definitely be a 4K screen. Isn't a curved screen at times annoying re reflections? I'm thinking that with a flat screen I can better move it to reduce reflections. Will go and check out the Guru3D website, thanks for the tip! Oh yes, and definitely SSD. I avoided them back in 2009 for my last build, but now of course they're very mature and reliable.
  6. Freycinet

    Great interview by Frooglesim

    "Korea".... Jason said it!
  7. Hi all, My present set-up is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I am about to throw around 3000$/€ at a new one. I won't be building it myself but will probably have it assembled by the company that made my last gaming rig, https://www.alternate.be/ in Belgium. They're pretty good with advice and prices, I think. I am waiting for the next gen of VR glasses so I'd definitely want a rig that can handle DCS/Il-2/CoD in hi-res VR: butter smooth and with all the bells and whistles, since I am in the situation that I can afford it (and that university fund for the kids was just gathering dust anyway... ;-) Any advice on what specs I should aim for? Which hardware? My last gaming computer was bought in 2009 so I am a bit out of the loop... If any of you recently bought a rig that you dig pls post specs! Cheers, Freycinet
  8. Freycinet

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    Lovely pics, thanks!
  9. I can't believe that the developers of this sim are mindlessly exposing the whole fan base to radium-coated instruments. Big law suit coming their way I think...
  10. Freycinet

    No Cockpit?

    And thank God for that..
  11. Freycinet

    Yak-7b engine dies during takeoff run??

    If this is Chivas from the old Ubiforums then greets to you from Freycinet and welcome to this new generation sim!
  12. Freycinet

    Developer Diary 198 - Discussion

    Surely you mean Rubenesque?
  13. Wonderful, Rjel, you put a lot of work into this movie. Amazing what can be done with this sim, coupled with dedication and hard work such as yours. The text is very good as well. Not sure how the length of the text and the movie will go down with the fast consumption youngsters of today's world but this old geezer liked it!
  14. Freycinet

    Pe-8 anyone ???

    Pe-8? No thanks! Maybe a dedicated, stand-alone "viermot" bomber sim somewhere down the road, but such a sim will look very different from what 777 Studios are proposing in the near future...