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  1. Complaining about the difficulty of starting up a plane less than 24 hours after it has been released doesn't make much sense. You'll get the hang of it in no time.
  2. Well done developers. What a huge accomplishment! The Schwalbe is such a beauty: the Citroën DS of airplanes!
  3. My condolences, very sad news. A real presence in the combat flight simming community.
  4. I think it would be considered more polite to actually mention the source or just link to it: https://www.facebook.com/Fw190Downunder/posts/2154092611333668?__xts__[0]=68.ARDIVrnzvq1ebZ2eE46mqave7eVMl8LatOxB5DuMYxWQCIv_zWkM9Dc0VHydyJdfgCYZFQ8BExcmrKLKq9d2yr2RVixlX4vlJuTJ3slhY7685A29_mINg6QqTvvYD7_-umRafBFjmHh_cYEAsEJ0vRBy7T4bVk0UQchLko5Vkxya7ql-4lL4JduFPyflgYFb6E5Mh8PUW1znmO-QE4-o_gBlejGBcbt2MMHn8wEkQLmgTjh8LwhCVbayg8NEWpIVMYekf4ZQXY439D9T6qRkoZyWGsB2RcJ8XL2sL7UvT9ECoIaZ1eX1dqNEHhhGK7M8BuyYJdgmzGkwu0noXF5lIN6Npg&__tn__=K-R The source is Fw 190 Downunder, an aerospace company in Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
  5. Time to give something back when your finances get better!
  6. Fantastic update! The Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels looked a bit weird to me until I realised the two big halls on either side of the Triumphal Arch were not modelled: One of the two halls contains a fantastic collection of historic aircraft btw! Including very many WWI and WWII types...
  7. Richard Peterson telling about the time he killed a German pilot who had been shooting up chutes.
  8. This documentary, imho, is just a great and compelling watch. The aces, Chuck Yeager, Richard Peterson, were in their prime when they were interviewed and they tell it all with gusto and panache. Do watch it all, but here is a link to a fantastic segment: -
  9. The closest I will ever get to tank simming is flying my trusty Il-2, but sure, whatever can bring more people to this sim is very welcome, as long as the side show doesn't suddenly become the main show!
  10. The updating of this sim is amazing: just out of this world, really. Hope everybody can appreciate that. Dev team: you guys are *insanely great*! - bolshoi spasiba & spakuinie nots from a happy customer.
  11. "Those are fighting words", I say from my landing pattern over Meigs Field... Just kidding: sounds awesome, wish I could be there.
  12. Happy New Year and a bit later Merry Christmas to all of the development team stachanovites. You have more than fulfilled the production targets of this year: you are making the goals of the five-year plan look almost attainable!
  13. BTW, Gambit, do you have this book? - It is a really good read. Amazing range of aircraft Heinemann designed! https://www.abebooks.com/9780870217975/Heinemann-Combat-Aircraft-Designer-Edward-0870217976/plp
  14. Wauw, looks like some intense air battles there. Superb stuff. Thanks so much for making the campaign! Well deserved Xmas hols for you!
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