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  1. Freycinet

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    The closest I will ever get to tank simming is flying my trusty Il-2, but sure, whatever can bring more people to this sim is very welcome, as long as the side show doesn't suddenly become the main show!
  2. The updating of this sim is amazing: just out of this world, really. Hope everybody can appreciate that. Dev team: you guys are *insanely great*! - bolshoi spasiba & spakuinie nots from a happy customer.
  3. Freycinet

    1CGS Attending Flight-Sim Expo 2019!

    "Those are fighting words", I say from my landing pattern over Meigs Field... Just kidding: sounds awesome, wish I could be there.
  4. Freycinet

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Happy New Year and a bit later Merry Christmas to all of the development team stachanovites. You have more than fulfilled the production targets of this year: you are making the goals of the five-year plan look almost attainable!
  5. BTW, Gambit, do you have this book? - It is a really good read. Amazing range of aircraft Heinemann designed! https://www.abebooks.com/9780870217975/Heinemann-Combat-Aircraft-Designer-Edward-0870217976/plp
  6. Wauw, looks like some intense air battles there. Superb stuff. Thanks so much for making the campaign! Well deserved Xmas hols for you!
  7. Fantastic cinematic trailer, this campaign looks so interesting. Flying through valleys and attacking shipping... - What's not to like! Gambit, congrats on having your great work published! Wishing you a well-deserved Christmas holiday!
  8. Glædelig Jul and godt Nytår to the developers, fantastic Christmas present for all of us!
  9. The campaign looks fantastic. Literary qualities of the text are top-notch, well done!
  10. Freycinet

    Havoc Over the Kuban - RELEASED

    Gambit21, huge thanks for your enormous work! What an amazing contribution to the sim. And the new title is amazing, Havoc Kuban are just two words that swing very well together. Can't wait to see it coming out.
  11. Freycinet

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    Tanks a lot!
  12. Freycinet

    Phlydaily played IL-2 today

    No concept of stall speed and energy managment... - Yup, definitely a War Thunder flyer. 🙂
  13. Thanks for your hard work with the update devs! Would be amazing if someone found an old real-life Jug driver and let him try it in VR. I'd be thrilled to see his impressions.