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  1. Hey Willinilli, I was there with you with the Oculus DK1. Fantastic to actually try VR in a flight sim back 7 years ago (Well, "flight sim", it was Warthunder...). Even made a vid: When I heard Oculus was being bought up by FB I abandoned any idea of staying with their products. Kids came along and I still haven't bought a newer VR set! - Oh well, I guess I will have time to get back inyto the hobby ten years from now... :-)
  2. I can see that the developers have decided to not follow my idea of all players sending in their BMI data for a personalised physical pilot profile. It is very unfair that all sorts of blubbery couch potatos will have the same G-tolerance as a perfect physical specimen such as myself. Oh well, I guess I will just have to go back to European Air War.... /s 😉
  3. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and see this beautiful documentary about a guy in a whelchair getting to know his most favourite plane ever, the Mosquito, up close. The ending, when he finally flies in it, is very emotional. De Havilland Mosquito: The Plane That Saved Britain (part 1 of 2): If you want to skip straight to the bit about the 57mm gun, go here (De Havilland Mosquito: The Plane That Saved Britain (part 2 of 2): ---------- ..And a GREAT tale about flying the Mosquito operationally in WWII. Written by a former RCAF Mossie navigator, it is a book full of self-deprecating humour, vividly describing the terror and fear the author experienced every time he went up with his gung-ho pilot: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/1622369.Terror_in_the_Starboard_Seat
  4. When it comes to looks, the Spitfire is the lady that will make your heart beat faster, the Hurri is the girl who will make a good mum and put the kids to bed with lullabies every night.
  5. I wonder about the prevalence of the Li-2 in Soviet air transport units...
  6. "Wind" just doesn't sound very strong, so it doesn't go well with "violent". Check lots of relevant synonyms here: https://www.powerthesaurus.org/strong_wind
  7. Please keep this private info to yourself, there are kids watching. 😉 I think the g-force model should be set to typical "2020's couch potato flight sim nerd" level, with the possiblity of improving it individually by mailing before-and-after selfies to the devs showing improvements in physical shape!
  8. Can't wait to see some cinematic videos made in these missions. Video makers, pls link in here if you do some!
  9. Fantastic news! Just finished reading the book about Edgar Schmued, the designer of the P-51: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/9781560989943/MUSTANG-DESIGNER-Edgar-Schmued-P-51-1560989947/plp Very nice read, tho it could have been a bit more technical. One nice tidbit: the main reason for putting the belly radiator so far back was that such a radiator will always disturb the laminar flow, but by putting it far back the laminar flow was disturbed much later than it would otherwise have been, thus creating less disruption. Clever and simple. Also the way the belly radiator upper "lip" stands off the fuselage is very clever, again made to disturb the laminar flow as little as possible. A design feature that was later taken up in the F-16. Who of you knew that Schmued also designed the F-5 Freedom Fighter? - When the generals saw it they commented that it was a real North American design, a hotrod in the vein of the P-51.
  10. TF have really been a big part of my simming life. So fantastic what they have done with CoD and now Tobruk. Will buy this after I return home from the summer holidays.
  11. Can someone test if the Razorback can kill the Ferdinand by bouncing .50-cal bullets from the ground into the soft underbelly of the beast, as was historically possible?
  12. Great update, thanks! - The "Ferdinand-killer" looks fantastic.
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