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  1. Had a survey come through for the FS expo this morning. I voted to wait and see, flights and hotel are booked and if there is a chance at the moment that I may be able to fly in June, I would still like to go
  2. Ok so flights booked, 10 -16 june. Hotel booked, not booked the FS expo ticket yet, need confirmation from wife if she wants one first, otherwise she can entertain herself at the pool. @Jason_Williams Will you be available for a few Beers somewhere over the weekend ?
  3. Should be no problem, you can have steam installed on several PC's, but you can only play a steam game on one of those PC's at any one time. Edit: BoS can be installed on both though
  4. Looks like I'm coming, will book tickets and a room at the tropicana over the next few days
  5. I'm going to try and make this one, clashes with wifes birthday again, so I need to come up with some creative manipulation
  6. hoping to give co - op a go for the first time today, do i need to set up portforwarding for my friends to connect to the mission ? also how do you set it up so that you start from parked by default ?
  7. Just read through the other thread you created. From what I can tell missions are stuck on loading ? is that the same for both career, and pwcg ? Is Career stalling at a similar point when you try and load a mission ? If you use the steam client you can ask it to check the integrity of your game files, might be worth doing, if that fails as a last resort try just re-installing the game from scratch. If that fails, then the problem has to be either hardware, or drivers.
  8. I thought I read somewhere it was going to be subscription based if you wanted to use the Azure Cloud tech to stream the terrain. Around 2 petabytes of data for that global content. If that's true, I dare say that I'll be subscribing for a good few months at least. If the majority are prepared to do the same to experience it in all its glory then they will have a continuing source of revenue.
  9. I'm kind of torn, on the one hand I downloaded the F2P Rise of flight from steam years ago, and ended up buying everything, but I question what the cost is to the dev studio. I mean I assume there is a charge for bandwidth, at least with the stand alone client. Not sure how things work with the likes of Steam. IIRCC with RoF the F2P version gave you an air frame for each side, which had a limited time period available within the career mode, and I think you could also fly these two air frames online. I wonder though how many people interested enough in flight sim's to own a stick / throttle, and possibly peddles, and an interest in ww2 aviation, could still be sat on the fence thinking should I or shouldn't I when it comes to IL2 ? I mean I know it's possible to play IL2 with a mouse and keyboard, but I don't know anyone who has tried this, or tested recent updates with this style of game play in mind, so my assumption is that people who are interested in IL2, are interested in the sim aspect, rather than the mouse / kb experience ? TLDR: If there is little to no cost to dev studio providing limited demo, in terms of bandwidth then I do not see a downside.
  10. quick search found me this :-
  11. Honestly I am not sure, I got rid of the tech chat, because I felt the cockpits gave me all the info I needed. I think pressing default key H ? will toggle the HUD including the chat window.
  12. yes. Its in the gui options, you can turn hints and tips off and hud instruments . . . . which gets rid of that compass. I have mine set up the same way, so no tech chat, no hud compass, just chat window Edit: Really wish this could be enforced by server admin options
  13. Lt col Blyth showed a piece of his wooden prop which he kept from the documentary spitfire 944. he had to ditch on the airfield because the gear was jammed. He said he flew it as soon as they fitted a new prop and radiators.
  14. wouldn't it just potentially need a new prop ? I assume the wooden prop would break far in advance of causing damage to the engine ?
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