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  1. If you found yourself sat on the wing looks like you need to map your vr reset button cant remember exactly what it is called but it will reset to your default view you can change default views which are saved using F10, might be useful if you wish to sit a bit more forward or back in various AC
  2. to play devils advocate it could simply mean that they have what they need. We shall see, I'm easily pleased, really enjoyed RoF and these first Three and 3/4 titles of Great Battles, so I trust that wherever the Dev's decide to go next I will probably enjoy that too.
  3. TBH I think PTO is a very strong favourite for a next title. I doubt much has changed how Jason feels about it since this post :-
  4. Worked a treat. thank you. any special instructions for adjusting from cv1 settings to rift-S ?
  5. yes, its just a question of when, and even when they do it doesn't have to mean job done for WWII stuff.
  6. couple of IL2 careers could fix that
  7. Yes, while I agree that there is still plenty more content that could be had from the eastern front, I also welcome a break from it. pacific and korea offer interesting new plane sets for both sides, with fewer variations of existing models. I'll be happy wherever we go though
  8. I think I messed up, had the mod then got a later version. In vr everything still looks pretty good. On the client seeing lots of shader error messages. Is there a way to fix this without uninstall and re-install everything ?
  9. The more I think about it, the more I really like the idea of Korea. props, jets, carriers, maybe even the odd helo. I want to see the PTO too, but wherever the studio chooses to go next I cannot see myself being too disappointed. The only thing I do find slightly disappointing is that BoB is off the table, I understand the reasons why, but VR + BoX style career mode would have made it a worthwhile venture in my opinion
  10. Very much looking forward to taking her for a spin, however she performs, she's a good looking bird and its always very nice to have new toys to play with. Am I right in thinking that accelerated stalls came with little warning and were quite vicious in the P 51 ?
  11. You can get a now tv subscription for less than a tenner a month and binge watch them on your pc or tablet/phone if you download the app, then cancel your 30 day pass. in fact I think the first 30 days is free, so you could watch it without having to pay a penny. I did this for Chernobyl and GoT season 8
  12. yes that is true, but DD's are not always about the next thing coming through the hangar doors.
  13. I really enjoyed the courtroom scene with the catalogue of events. Surprised the guy above didn't anticipate the xenon ? poisoning
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