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  1. I find the pause on start a bit annoying. When I click start on the mission briefing, I am telling the game I am ready
  2. The IL2 community seems to have a wide age range in it's player base, and sadly the older we get the harder it is to see a pixel stand out from the crowd. Spotting might be ok for younger eyes. Spotting in IL2 has become so tedious lately that like the poster above I tend to do ground attack when I fly online. From a VR perspective, you still need to be keeping a good lookout or you will not see the target no matter how big it is, but the Zoom feature is only there to ID something you have spotted. If you need Zoom to spot enemies as well as ID them, then I think something is fundementally wrong and should be adjusted.
  3. Han I must admit, I am finding it increasingly hard to spot targets in the occulus rift S. Although I cannot speak for everyone who uses a rift, I do not use zoom to spot, only to ID once spotted. Sometimes I find it hard to find my wingman only 300 yards away, when I glance at my map for a few seconds and in this case I know his approximate position
  4. The cockpits, along with the tech specs tab, tell us everything we need, it just takes a little practice. I have not used tech chat for years, and the only thing I can honestly say I miss is a flap indicator for the P38. I am grateful that the Devs gave server admins the ability to choose if tech chat should be permitted, and that TAW admins have utilised it, my hope is that Tech Chat off for TAW is here to stay. I also think you will find that there are more people with real flight experience here than you think
  5. IL2, I16, mig3, and LA5 will definitely break much lower than 30 minutes at full rpm / boost and throttle.
  6. I know I'm going a bit off topic, but I would love to see server side control of techchat. The cockpits give us everything we need, without tech chat we all have a reason to use our instruments. It's at the top of my wish list.
  7. Also note that Cliffs of Dover is not an IL2 great battles title. It's an older legacy game that is being updated by Team Fusion Simulations, but is available to buy from this store. All the other titles run through the same game launcher and game engine.
  8. does anyone have any settings for the cv1 ? my mate uses one, but the rift S settings give him problems with zoom i think
  9. Considering it's place in IL2 is as a lend lease aircraft to russia, it makes sense that russian pilots are the default.
  10. Had a survey come through for the FS expo this morning. I voted to wait and see, flights and hotel are booked and if there is a chance at the moment that I may be able to fly in June, I would still like to go
  11. Ok so flights booked, 10 -16 june. Hotel booked, not booked the FS expo ticket yet, need confirmation from wife if she wants one first, otherwise she can entertain herself at the pool. @Jason_Williams Will you be available for a few Beers somewhere over the weekend ?
  12. Should be no problem, you can have steam installed on several PC's, but you can only play a steam game on one of those PC's at any one time. Edit: BoS can be installed on both though
  13. Looks like I'm coming, will book tickets and a room at the tropicana over the next few days
  14. I'm going to try and make this one, clashes with wifes birthday again, so I need to come up with some creative manipulation
  15. hoping to give co - op a go for the first time today, do i need to set up portforwarding for my friends to connect to the mission ? also how do you set it up so that you start from parked by default ?
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