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  1. Tactical Air War

    I liked the cold starts. I don't know if it was related but I didn't see many if any people neglecting to taxi to runway. For me that in itself was very good to see.
  2. Bodenplatte early access

    In an effort to try and get back on topic. This thread is about BoBp after all. I think if we consider the fact that Jason told us that the pacific was put back because they could not get needed data particularly for the Japanese Warbirds in time, before the pacific was officially announced, then there is pretty damn good chance that they felt they had access to the material they need for the BoBp warbirds that were announced. As for third parties I guess it is a matter of trust. I see no problem at all here so long as 1CGS/777 maintain executive oversight for any product that has IL2's good name on it.
  3. 72AG-DED- Random Expert +

    Now that is interesting . . .
  4. DD today?

    Had to bring this thread back to the front page, it's Thursday, not seeing this thread on the front page at this time of week is just . . . unnatural
  5. cliffs of dover blitz edition VR support?

    in VR ? IL2 BoX is a comfortable experience and I can play all day allowing for food, drink and comfort breaks.
  6. BOS is up on Steam. Need your help.

    That's weird I use the steam client and not had any launch game issues. I do right click on it on my steam library, and select launch with steam vr though. Have you tried reinstalling ?
  7. P-38 Lightning Speculation Thread

    I don't know, I reckon with my luck I'll probably end up in a flat spin heading out to a sea of green trees lol
  8. Bodenplatte early access

    I just took a closer look at the resource I just linked. It has over 19000 technical drawings of the p47 for both early and late models, with some samples.
  9. Bodenplatte early access

    some more good stuff listed here :- https://aircorpslibrary.com/aircraft/p-47-republic-thunderbolt I'm not saying that you are wrong, but to my untrained eye, it seems that at first glance a lot of p47 documentation is easily available
  10. Bodenplatte early access

    I found the pilots manual with a quick search :- https://mildepot.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/pilot__s_manual_for_republic_p-47_thunderbolt.pdf and some performance tests :- http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47.html Edit: I have a feeling the dev's had probably checked to see if they had access to the data they needed before they officially announced the BoBp plane line up.
  11. Dynamic Campaign flight speed

    Look at the map closely on the briefing. I think it gives you the altitude and speed between way points. If you get your nose down and trim for a speed a little above that on the map, you should catch the leader up quite easily. I was struggling in the HE111 until I realised that by getting my nose lower and pick up some speed, that my climb rate didn't really suffer
  12. P-38 Lightning Speculation Thread

    I saw this video on YT recently, some really cool stories of the p38, but this guys in particular was one of my favourites. The whole vid is pretty good, but i time stamped it for the bit I'm talking about
  13. BOS is up on Steam. Need your help.

    Product is broken ? that's a bit harsh don't you think ? For such a massive update we should be giving these guys some credit for the massive amount of work they have done, I've seen far worse day one launches. X stillbirth anyone ? Yes there are some problems here and there, but they will be addressed soon enough.
  14. La-5FN - impressions?

    I recognise that name, didn't you shoot me down on berloga last night ?
  15. cliffs of dover blitz edition VR support?

    That's understandable, if a little disappointing. I know I am in the minority, but VR is the one pre - requisite for me ever flying another flight sim. Without VR I am unlikely to even launch it.