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  1. =FEW=Herne

    Help needed from new product support

    BoBP has 3 planes atm. Spit IX, 109 G14, and fw 190 A8
  2. =FEW=Herne

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    didn't expect to see anything regarding the 262 until much later. Thanks !
  3. =FEW=Herne

    DD today?

    ah i see, well that makes sense, but I guess authentic audio will be extremely hard to find ?
  4. =FEW=Herne

    Does IL2 model ground effect?

    BF110 E2 certainly seems to want to float on forever. last night I only touched down at the end of the runway, crossing the threshold at 200kph lol
  5. =FEW=Herne

    DD today?

    I'd be happy if they post nothing but audio of the 262 starting up sat inside the cockpit
  6. Nvidia have an event on the 20th august aimed at the gaming community. I suspect we may find out more then.
  7. =FEW=Herne

    How to use the radio beacon?

    Well it depends, the server admin has to physically place and activate the beacon. I know that they do work on finnish and TAW. not sure about random expert, because it has been such a long time since I last played there, but IIRC it was always set to a rear airfield
  8. yes I have almost identical hardware, 4970k and 32gb ram, also using a 1080, but I use balanced settings. Looks gorgeous on ultra, but you will get ghosting of close contacts if your frame rate drops making them difficult to ID
  9. =FEW=Herne

    Questions and comments from a returned veteran

    Welcome Back ! I missed out on IL2 1946, which i've come to realise was my loss because lots of people here hold it in high esteem, and could never really bond with CloD, although that could change once VR is available for it. When I play IL2 great battles I see it for the game that it is, without a point of reference to compare it to it's predecessors. IL2 + VR makes me an extremely happy bunny. I like the idea of squadrons having their own markings. Not so sure about radio commands, as a VR user I would want an easy way to be able to navigate a comms menu. perhaps being able to use a hat switch and near by button to execute the command, but I think I am all out of unused hat switches lol. In today's age of ongoing development, the product has, and will likely continue to evolve over time, and perhaps some of the things on your wish list will be integrated
  10. =FEW=Herne

    Lagg-3 engine

    Lagg 3 probably has the least stick time for me. I remember flying it, and I must have forgot to watch my coolant radiator, it overheated and the engine siezed. I was high, and in gliding range of my airfield. The point of this story is, while gliding back to the airfield, the engine had a chance to cool, the prop started to spin, and then the engine re-started. It was obviously damaged though with stuttering boost and rpm, but still. I can't think of any other AC that has recovered for me once the engine seized.
  11. =FEW=Herne

    DD today?

    And don't forget to have some fun in the I16
  12. =FEW=Herne

    oil gasket leak

    Il2 Cliffs of Dover has it's own sub forum. If you post your CloD queries over there, they will be more easily answered. Great Battles series is an entirely different product https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/105-general-discussion/
  13. =FEW=Herne

    Il2 bos campaign - no opposing aircraft

    Not all sorties result in enemy action. I actually enjoy flying in formation, and enjoying the view. I always get nervous over enemy lines though, and my head is literally all over the place wearing the oculus rift. Gives me a thrill every time I fly, I can't imagine ever getting bored of the career mode.
  14. =FEW=Herne

    X-Plane or P3D?

    ah ok thank you, I'm just reading about FSEconomy, which I think may be the inspiration I need to give a sim like this a go.
  15. BoB in VR with a career mode worthy of the ones we have in BoX would have me more excited than a kid before christmas.