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  1. =FEW=Herne

    Tactical Air War

    Is there a plan for introducing the BoBP plane sets to TAW ? will you wait for BoBP maps, or something else ?
  2. =FEW=Herne

    Flying into enemy territory is scary...

    I like this. You could make a note of when you died, and potentially rejoin the squadron as a fresh rookie the next day.
  3. =FEW=Herne

    Tactical Air War

    nice work hound !
  4. =FEW=Herne


  5. =FEW=Herne


    you'll find the tick box on the character selection when you can set your name, piccy, and bio
  6. =FEW=Herne

    Tactical Air War

    so would this mean if I were to choose axis fighter line A for example, that I could only fly 109's for all 8 maps ? I'd never be able to fly ju87, ju88 or anything else ?
  7. =FEW=Herne

    Campaign Difficulty

    well done ! I've had a couple of spit careers, sorties are really long for bomber escorts because the airfield you start from is far behind the front line. Do you get relocated at all ? thing I fear most with the spit career is the ground attack. I might have a quick burst at the target location but I want to keep as much ammo as I can for the journey home. Some of my spit sorties were well over an hour
  8. =FEW=Herne

    New pilot here

    with the exception of a very few aircraft the prop pitch is automatic. Instead you can set the prop RPM, and then the prop pitch is adjusted automatically to try and maintain the rpm you have set. The tech specs tell you everything you need to know. make sure you bind the supercharger gear change for when you start flying allied aircraft.
  9. =FEW=Herne

    manual engine start up

    I can see that years, maybe 5+ if VR starts to become mainstream, then Dev focus for any Flight / Driving style sims will shift their focus increasingly toward the virtual experience, and that may include things like what you are asking for. For the time being though, it's a waste of dev resource. Even in the few years that BoX has been in development the game has evolved, all things being equal it will continue to evolve. It has to, or it will be in danger of getting left behind. Right now as others have said, as a combat sim, it has no equal. The feeling of flight in this game is pretty exceptional and these things are at the core of what IL2 is all about. Would it be cool to reach down to spin the gear handle in the i16 for a minute or two ? perhaps . . . just not worth the dev effort, for a very few to enjoy.
  10. Did one more mission on a moscow I16 career this morning, but got a failed to save error. It's the first time I have seen this. "ok" the message took me back to the main menu.
  11. =FEW=Herne

    manual engine start up

    What could be quite cool is if your virtual hands disappear from screen when the gloves detect something physical in the palm of the hand, like a stick or throttle for instance. So when you let go, your gloves are in "active" mode ?
  12. =FEW=Herne

    manual engine start up

    Yes the gloves have a lot of potential in Flight Sims, I have played and enjoyed vtol VR using the touch controllers. Love them for operating things, but I don't think I'd ever want to give up that tactile feel of a stick and to lesser degree throttle. especially for long flights where your hand rests on the stick
  13. =FEW=Herne

    manual engine start up

    Regarding VR I think the Dev's always wanted it. I seem to remember reading news that the VR integration was going rather well early in development. The problem was that oculus moved the goal posts and no longer supported anything before DX11, and BoS was built on DX9. As for clicky pits I don't know if they will or won't be a thing. All I can say is I'm quite happy to be an observer and watch things being operated during start up.
  14. =FEW=Herne

    manual engine start up

    I don't really miss clicking stuff for a start sequence, and the thought of trying to remember the checklist for all BoX AC is quite intimidating. Especially if you fly in VR and the language for the AC you are flying is different to what you understand.
  15. no need to slow down in the A20, the bubble stays centred