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  1. A lighter tail tends to swing around more more easily. Just like an empty shopping trolley compared with a full one. More weight on the tail makes it feel less twitchy.
  2. yet ! . . . . . . I can dream that Battle of Britain may one day be re-imagined by the dev's on their, by then, new super duper DX22 game engine
  3. Do we have rights ? No, why would we ? Dev studio makes a product, consumers choose to buy it or not. Do we have any influence ? possibly, If something appears to be in popular demand, and it fits the timeline / location then it's an easier product to sell I guess.
  4. much easier if you keep stick right back. It puts more down pressure on the tail wheel making it easier to steer Edit: Probably would not want to do that with a tailwind though
  5. will it blow over by Thursday ? heading to Mexico for a couple of weeks via Houston.
  6. I know Jason, really wants to do the PTO, and I think Han is on record as really wanting to make a "Battle of Korea" From my point of view I just want to fly, Korea would be interesting, perhaps with a trilogy of titles in its own right. Wasn't the front line quite fluid with lots of back and forth action over the years ? Either way, I am really looking forward to seeing some carrier ops
  7. Ray thanks for this. Watched it like three times already, would love to see a modern starwars space sim with IL2 or DCS fidelity one day.
  8. Don't know if these are in game screenshots, or artwork. Unreal 4 engine should make for some nice eye candy either way
  9. ACG_Herne

    DCS news

    did you try that heavy weather ship landing in the gazelle ? @LuseKofte I wondered if it was more of a challenge for you ? Would love to see the recording if you made one
  10. Whats Next ? I'd be happy if they announced that after BOBP they were going to have skeleton support manning while the rest of them have a week or two long all expenses paid piss up at a sunshine destination. Call it a Team Building exercise lol.
  11. If you look real close, you can see the increased spot range in action against the terrain
  12. yes I understand why we have it, I just wish we didn't need it. Maybe at some point in the future the tech will be in a place where it is no longer needed, who knows.
  13. the voice you hear there was one of my squad mates centurion. I have no idea what display he was using. I was using the Rift S, that footage was recorded from the Oculus Mirror, which is very useful to get single image in game recordings. I guess in an ideal world, being a VR user, and loving every second of IL2 in it, I would love to get to a stage, where there was no longer any need for a zoom function. Fighter pilots didn't wear bino's around their necks. When I watch videos of IL2 you often see people zoomed right in on the gun sight able to sniper shot distant targets, I would like to try and move away from that.
  14. There are loads of IL2 VR vids to be seen on You Tube, I'll take the opportunity to plug one of mine :- but search for IL2 and VR and you will see no shortage of examples, in my case I recorded the oculus mirror with OBS, its not exactly what I see in the rift, I think I get more vertical view but it's close enough
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