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  1. Maybe its just easier to throw around, for those fun Stall turns and wing overs, and low speed manoeuvres
  2. "Rome was not built in a day" so the saying goes. It's clear that devs are striving to continually improve the game over time, and not just with more theatres, planes, and careers. . . . Not just the things they can sell I mean. Maybe some of the things on your wish list, even if not possible right now, may be introduced over time.
  3. inadvisable for VR users though, that's a recipe for VR sickness
  4. damn you did well to spot all of those, I see one or two, but damn . . . . . Edit :- Dev's could have made a spot the plane competition lol
  5. you are probably right, I just checked original pic and these old eyes couldn't see anything beyond that scratch lol.
  6. it would be useful . . . ATC this is Herne, do you have a contact on your radar that looks totally lost and might need a vector for home ? If so please give me the heading, and i'll . . . . errr, I'll make sure he gets it
  7. It would also to be weird if they could add functionality without an update, I think that they mean they have added functionality for the beta build
  8. if you zoom in on the pic, I think you can see contrails, very faint though
  9. collector planes take my money ! Spit XIV and mossie take my additional bribe
  10. same engagement but seen from the other side
  11. At what kind of ranges did you feel the wake turbulence ? I think for large Aircraft it can be felt at 3 miles ? Just wondered in fighter sized AC at what range it becomes a problem, typically I like to set my convergence for 250 meters
  12. as seen by 495-1 IAP ESK1
  13. Do we know much about the DCG ? will it be anything like BoX career mode or something completely different ?
  14. That's ok . . . . I can wait
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