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  1. =11=Herne

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    The important thing is that you are having fun. If you tend to fly solo a lot I recommend some ground pounding in either an attacker or bomber. Easier to achieve your own objectives, by picking a route, getting in and then getting out. Every sortie that you hit target and make it home is a good one.
  2. =11=Herne


    Well its hard to tell from the vid but the aircraft starts in a climbing condition. It has clearly already stalled by the time it stops climbing, and indeed starts to sink, albeit in a nose high attitude presumably assisted by air flow from the prop over the elevator. I would expect engine torque to have kicked in though, starting to roll the AC in the opposite direction to the prop.
  3. =11=Herne

    BoS - Cannot shot down planes

    I do feel at a disadvantage most of the time in VR. I am far more easily taken by surprise rather than the one doing the surprising, but in spite of that. I wouldn't fly IL2 any other way. The immersion it brings is really addictive.
  4. =11=Herne

    Spit Mk9 Gyro gun sight

    there was a pretty good Real Life tutorial posted a while ago. let me see if i can find it this isn't the one but explains the principle easy enough :- I tend to calibrate the gunsight for about 200 meters which is what I have my physical gun calibration set to. Hard to miss at that range
  5. =11=Herne

    Getting back into Piloting is hard!

    taxiing depends largely on the aircraft you are flying. Some have independent wheel brakes that you can map to your rudder peddles toe brakes. Others use a different brake system which is activated by a master brake which i have mapped to the stick pinky lever. It adjusts the braking power to each wheel depending on how much rudder you are kicking in. Then there is the tail wheel. Some AC you can unlock and lock the tail wheel, others have tail wheel steering, and some ac don't have lockable, or steerable tail wheels. I suspect that once you have mastered taxiing, you will have no problems taking off. If you have specific questions you will likely get quick answers in this forum.
  6. =11=Herne

    Tried the K-4, back to the A3 :-)

    I think, from watching YT vids that the low pressure Tech chat warning comes when you decrease throttle lower than 100% but still high enough to be in WEP. Tech chat is a distraction, try turning it off and just fly to the settings given in the briefing specification tab
  7. I can relate to the sentiment though. I have nothing against TFS or the work they are doing, but knowing that I will not see a BoB in the Great Battles engine just because it already exists in an older game engine that I could never bond with, does leave a bitter taste in my mouth.
  8. You can make a damaged engine last longer though, by reducing MP and RPM. I get a great deal of satisfaction, every time I manage to bring a bird with engine damage home.
  9. =11=Herne

    Ground effect.

    I would not have expected the cessna to benefit too much from ground effect because of the high wing. Check this puppy out :-
  10. =11=Herne

    Returning Player

    "career" mode was introduced, replacing the old campaigns.
  11. =11=Herne

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Well, Il2 is not going to be short of inspiration for things that they can do to to add into their great battle series. I don't even think they need to be blockbuster titles to sell well, although perhaps that helps to bring in new players. It could be a Battle of Malta, with just a few Gloucester Gladiators, faith, hope and charity defending the island in 1940 and I would still be all over it, or any other obscure title, and I think perhaps most of the existing community would have a lot of fun with it. Pacific appeals to me for two reasons. Catching the wire on an Aircraft Carrier, in various weather conditions, and states of plane damage. And a very interesting plane set, modeled with the IL2 fidelity that we have come to know and love. Korea appeals for the same reasons.
  12. =11=Herne

    Bomber formation

    Bomber formations from what I have seen tend to take a V formation. If on the runway I am on the right or left side of the runway then I will try to stay on that side for the bomber formation. as number 4 I think you should be on the left side able to observe two planes on your two o clock one of which will be the leader
  13. Personally I do not mind the clock. Push your engine too hard, and it's likely just as probable to blow a gasket or throw a rod before you overheat.
  14. for allied high alt ops I prefer the spit ix with the merlin 70 at this time. She seems to be quite comfortable at 35k feet, and doesn't take an age and burn all her fuel to get up there. Looking forward to seeing what the P51 can do. It has rotating missions, one of which is a fantasy kuban 45 or 44 map, where all the BoBP birds are welcome, including the 109 k4
  15. Might see this more once BoBP is closer to final release. I can imagine scenarios where you have to intercept a high flying recon, encouraging pilots to try and get up there. I've had engagements slightly lower than this on KOTA server