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  1. =11=Herne

    Merlin 66 vs 70 Comparison

    yes that's indicated in the OP's graph, its to do with the super charger gear change
  2. =11=Herne

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    I continued a fairly new career I'd started on BOM last night, it was a bomber interception and my flight were all in I16's. We tangled with the bombers, and it wasn't long before I had to worry about the fighter escort. The engagement was at approx 2k altitude, and when I had to deal with a fighter coming in fast on my six, I was able to evade with a climbing corkscrew, he overshot, we both stalled out, but I had the advantage. I was able to land a few shots on him, so that he was leaking fuel. He went into a steep dive, and I chose to let him go and continue on mission. I did not see that leaking 109 again, but I did not kill him either, I don't know where he went.
  3. =11=Herne

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Hi ChiefWH, Have a read of this :- Some people will tell you the AI is [edited], speaking for myself I find that it's OK, and have seen it do things on occasion that would have made me believe I was playing online. This guys experience is worth the read, but the best advice really is to try it and see for yourself, so that you can make up your own mind.
  4. =11=Herne

    Hey Fellas, doe's BOX support full motion sims..?

    Some Military sims have dropped hydraulic motion too.
  5. =11=Herne

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    oh, thought I saw something about it on a documentary recently. Did a quick search and came across this which I grabbed from this link :- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spar_(aeronautics) "A design aspect of the Supermarine Spitfire wing that contributed greatly to its success was an innovative spar boom design, made up of five square concentric tubes that fitted into each other. Two of these booms were linked together by an alloy web, creating a lightweight and very strong main spar.[7]"
  6. =11=Herne

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    Didn't the spit have a revolutionary wing spar ? It wasn't a single solid spar but four or five much smaller ones linked together in a frame, at least for most MK's. My understanding was that this design was incredibly strong while intact, and more resistant to catastrophic damage than a single spar, although once compromised, I dare say you would want to me more careful with your G loading ?
  7. =11=Herne

    Just started Career

    You can pick up some tips on You Tube I guess, but I would recommend trying to stay close to your formation. There will be times when you are outnumbered and the odds are against you. In those situations If it looks hopeless, I will try to run. Live to fight another day. Some situations you will outnumber them. Good decision making comes with practice, I still frequently have been known to make bad ones lol. Keep trying, this is one of those games where the more you practice the better you get. The important thing is that you are having fun.
  8. =11=Herne

    Merlin 66 vs 70 Comparison

    that doesn't show power settings you were using though. Last week I took a spit on KOTA with a 66 then with a 70. Spit 66 supercharger kicked in at around 14 - 15 k feet. It started to feel a bit flat with combat power at around 23 ish k feet. Spit 70 super charger kicked in at (not sure exactly) but early 20 something K feet. This baby was happy to climb effortlessly up to about 35k feet. I decided that if I wanted to operate in the mid 20k area or above, then I would rather have a merlin 70.
  9. =11=Herne

    109 cockpit gauges

    Both these pictures are a poor example. Left shot has the entire cockpit in shade. right pic has the sun too high in relation to the canopy. IAS is interesting though, notice how the line of sunlight is refracting through the glass of the instrument onto the base behind. Really well done. Try setting up a mission at a time where the sun is low in the sky and get it behind you at your 4 - 5 o clock position or 7 - 8 and repost
  10. =11=Herne

    Chaperone Boundary Back ?

    Thanks mate. Developer options > room and tracking > select small space and quick callibrate
  11. =11=Herne

    Collision Bounds Ring.

    couldn't find that setting, responded to the thread. thanks anyway
  12. =11=Herne

    Chaperone Boundary Back ?

    I've got this too, but cannot find the setting you are talking about. the ring is so damn frustrating
  13. =11=Herne

    BF 109 pilots flying without canopy for best vision

    Flying with VR, I find it really hard to swivel my head a full 180 anyway, so I don't even remove the armour plate let alone the canopy. Occasionally a round will hit the armour plate, and I will lose the canopy, it's times like those that i'm damn grateful I took it lol
  14. =11=Herne

    Serious thoughts and feedback for Career & AI

    I haven't tried a 110 career for a while, but I've been in situations with other careers where the odds are totally against me. Playing Iron Man, I see survival as the win. Try not to play the career like you need to succeed with every mission.
  15. saw a documentary about bodenplatte recently where some Crazy p47 pilot sticks around in a dogfight with his right wing in fire. Think he even managed to land safely. If I were in his shoes I think I would most very probably have bailed just as I tend to in IL2 lol.