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  1. Here's a thought, how about the newspapers showing up in the language selected when you install the game, just keep the artwork and pictures for the country you are flying for.
  2. I would. That's all I play. From what I've seen, there are too many kids online that just want to ruin the experience. There is a difference. When it comes to historical medals, if any developer wishes to sell in Germany and some of the items show swastikas, they must be removed or modified. So, it's not a matter of them wanting to create fictitious medals, it is that they have to, when it comes to WW2 German medals. You do realize, any plane can beat any other plane if 1 pilot knows what to do and the other not.
  3. I could not agree more. I loved those Microprose titles. I also miss the idea of earning Ribbons for lower awards as well as seeing my pilots in Dress uniforms showing off the awards. The best example of watching multiple crewmen get awarded would have to be "B-17: The Mighty Eighth". You got to follow about 120 Crewmen if you chose to fly a mission with 12 Bombers (10 Crewmen each).
  4. It would be nice if there was a picture of the pilot wearing the Medals and maybe a corresponding Ribbon to represent lesser awards like the mug or pin. I miss seeing Medals and Ribbons. I only know of 1 company that had both (Microprose), and not just Ribbons for the Medals.I am pretty sure both the Russians and Germans had lower awards (Ribbons) that were not Medals.
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