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  1. Hello I totally agree with HK1. 2 weeks ago the game started absolutly normally, then an update (Patch 4.54) was uploaded and after that nothing was working as before. I deinstalled and reinstalled the game several time, follow the instruction or explanation give in this forum and in Steam (disconnect the avg etc) but nothing worked !!!!!! As already said i will not reinstall the game and will give my full attention to il2 ballte of Kuban/Noscow/Boedenplatte as this game worked with my full satisfaction Good luck for everybody with IL2 CLOD
  2. Hello Thansk a lot anyway, but I have decided to delete the game and not reinstall anymore. I will concentrate my attention a IL2 Battle of Moscow Thnaks a lot Kind regards Jack
  3. Hello Buzzaw I have on ly window defender on my computer, I tried several time to reinstall IL2 CLOD as described Clean the cache folder thanks
  4. Hello I have the same problem, when i click of CLOD in steam nothing happen that mean that the game do not start. I sent several inquiries but as usual I do not receive an help or reply. I guess that the release of update 4.54 contain some errors. I will deinstall the blood..... game
  5. hello Please let me know how to install the skind for the tIGER Many thanks kind regards Jack
  6. hello I have pre purchased IL2 1946 Batlle of Stalingrad Tank crew and I get yesterday the following error message DX renderer 11 end frame // DXGI Erro device removed (=x887 A0005) aNY IDEA WHAT THAT COULD BE ?? Regards
  7. Hello everybody After to have purchased the tank crew early access i got suddendly the folowing error message DX renderer 11.end frame // DXGI error device removed (0x887 a0005) Any Idea what that should be ? Many thanks for any help or reply Regards
  8. Hello It's now 2 days that IL2 1946 COD is not working on STEAM !!! I wunder when we will be informed about the situation. I know that it could take some time but an info would be greatly appriciated
  9. I contacted STEAM and they said that the problem must be resolved bei 1C and not by STEAM. I am absolutly disappointet that I paid for a game which is now after upgrade given by STEAM not working. I player the IL2 COD at 21.3.2018 (yesterday) and it was working !!! Wat will goeing on now ????????????????????
  10. Hello The game cliff od voer do not start afer the update in steam , ipdate of 22.3.2018 What's goeing on ??
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