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  1. Just spent about 2 hours in VR FC. What an amazing, immersive and just plain fun experience - a simmer's dream come true. No issues with motion sickness, and I have average VR "legs" at best. The VR cockpits are things of beauty. A 4 vs 4 fight in overcast rainy weather was such a blast! I will so much be looking forward to regular updates and new planes. Well done Jason and devs! I'm going back in now...
  2. Incredible news. FC purchased and thanks for the promo code. Will also be purchasing TC and BP.
  3. We're now in the proverbial 2 week window if the July release holds, so that's something. Really hoping to see this out this week.
  4. Really hoping for a substantial update today. I haven't experienced this level of excitement (or impatience) for a sim in a long while. We need to get into the skies - those virtual planes aren't gonna shoot themselves down! News regarding TC would also be welcome. Found this and looks really good for early proof-of-concept - IL-2 Great Battles: Ready For Tank Crew (IL-2 Tanks Gameplay)
  5. Jason, I am throwing wadded up 20 dollar bills at the screen but nothing is happening - please remedy.
  6. A little computer gaming nostalgia (Atari 800, Amiga, PC) while we wait for EA.
  7. Wow, so happy this is about to happen. Day 1 ROF and VR enthusiast. (Jason, I still remember following the forum as you and your crew were personally shipping out DVDs that day!) WWI air combat screams for VR. I will also purchase TC to express my gratitude and support continued development. So are we talking early-mid, mid or late July???
  8. As a day 1 ROF player and having purchased (nearly) every asset, I am delighted with this news. A VR enabled WWI flight sim is niche within a niche within a niche product, which I doubted would ever happen. I will happily pre-purchase FC and all addons. Thanks Jason and team.
  9. Day 1 supporter of ROF and BOS preorder supporter here. Like many VR enthusiasts here I now spend all of my sim time in DCS, P3D and ED. I can never return to flat gaming. Just purchased BOM Premium due to your commitment to VR (and nice discount). Very much looking forward to returning to IL2. Will po BOK if VR implementation goes well. As an aside, ROF VR would be sim nirvana.
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