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  1. I'm just frustrated with the fact that i cant pull my buddies to BOS. I've played one campaign in the last week. I just would like to see more players on this game, the more restrictions the less interest !
  2. " But hey once you done those unlocks you are done." Really? " Stop the whining it is there , dev team refuse to let this go." No one is whining, I can see what is happening! We all can. I go to the on line is BOS. No server with players or that i have good ping. I go to off line choose campaign. Put pilot in auto press increase game speed, get out of my chair and go watch tv.
  3. This is truly the best written post on this subject and is what's felt by many. Many of these posts regarding these frustrations are only trying to help this game excel with interest from new players not squash it. Clearly when i paid the premium price for this game i was thinking more as I was supporting the developers with extra money to finish this awesome sim and in turn I was giving some perks like special skins, unlocks as appreciation from my early support. I am now wondering if new air craft becomes available will I have more unlocks to unlock on off line game play? I am a grown man I'm over 50 years old. I know how the world works. " First rule of business: produce what the customer wants, not what you want him to want!! " ​I am not trying to offend anyone and if i did I am truly sorry.
  4. Thanks, I do think BOS is the best sim that has every been made. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to kill the spirit of game play. I don't want it to die. If I wasn't aware of this post or did i imagine this I am just saying that off line game play for many, is only about unlocking weapons for on line game play.
  5. I am truly sad that I think this game is losing momentum. I was one of the first in my group of friends to buy this game. As soon as my friends herd about unlocking weapons through a forced off line campaign, they say "forget it". I try to find a game to play on this but there is no one playing. I cant even create a map that could lead players closer to my ping. unlocking weapons threw off line game play is boring. I have a few hours a week to join up with my friends. I have played 25 hrs. plus, to unlock and still haven't finished completing all the plains unlocks. I know im just a no buddy here. its too bad that this game will end up dead
  6. I admit I was very excited when this game was on development. I have x52 controller which works excellent on HL/1946il2 . I have been practicing with the campaign(another force to do) and still find the game choppy and unable to shoot or hit anything. The aircraft is unmanageable and sadly I'm loosing interest.
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