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  1. If anyone has read the great book of Pierre Clostermann The Big Show, or in French Le grand Cirque, the part where he describe his first flight in the Typhoon, before to get his hand on a Tempest, is simply jaws dropping. Now I can only guest what the Tempest must have been. Here is a clip from that book about the performances of the Tempest, compared to P47, Mustang and Spitfire, saying how the Tempest could manage to get to speed to destroy a V1 bomb without having to do so from a dive. Sorry this is a French version. Les deux premiers groupes de Tempest (Squadrons 3 et 56 de la RAF) avaient été équipés et lancés en hâte, en juin 1944 contre les bombes volantes (V-l) qui menaçaient Londres. Près de 900 V-l explosèrent en pleine mer sous leurs coups. Les Mustang et les P 47 Thunderbolt américains et les Spitfîre de la RAF ne pouvaient rattraper ces engins diaboliques qu'en piqué, ce qui diminuait leurs chances de succès. Les Tempest, eux, pouvaient croiser calmement à demi-puissance, puis, à la vue d'un V-l, accélérer, prendre position et tirer sans hâte, grâce à leur vitesse. Clostermann, Pierre. Le Grand Cirque: Mémoires d'un pilote de chasse FFL dans la RAF (Documents (Rso)) (French Edition) . Flammarion. Kindle Edition. here a goggle translation, which is not to bad; The first two Tempest groups (RAF Squadrons 3 and 56) had been equipped and hastily launched in June 1944 against the flying bombs (V-1) that threatened London. Nearly 900 V-1 exploded in the open sea under their blows. American Mustangs and P-47 Thunderbolt and RAF Spitfires could only make up for these devilish craft in dive, which reduced their chances of success. The Tempest, they could cross quietly at half power, then, at the sight of a V-1, accelerate, take position and shoot without haste, thanks to their speed. Clostermann, Pierre. The Great Circus: Memoirs of a FFL Fighter Pilot in the RAF (Documents (Rso)) (French Edition). Flammarion. Kindle Edition
  2. Never mind, I found a workaround. Simply define a quick view (f10) center on the gun sight. After that, when you hit num pad 5, the view snap forward instead of the 45 deg down. Track IR work fine after that.
  3. The views in the Hs 129 are not working right. With a track IR the reset view doesn't point at the gun sight, but 45 deg down. There is no forward or backward movement either. So it is extremely difficult to look at the gun sight. Same witout track IR. Num pad . point 45 deg down. Does anyone with the same problem?
  4. I see your point of view ShamrockOneFive, from a gamer perspective, I agree totally, but from a historical maniac point of view I wish I could have it. But I can live without it. Still a wonderful rendering of that aircraft. Thanks to the dev.
  5. There is a logical answer to that, but I'm wondering what was the main idea behind it. I notice that it is more frequent with german airplane, looking at ww2 photograph. Was it for cost reducing measure, or some instruments required more time to produce and were randomly distributed to aircraft toward the end of the war? I just buy the Me-109G6 and La-5FN and could not help but say, what and ugly hole it does in the instrument panel.
  6. I'am disappointed not been able to get to the nose position in the A-20. It's the same with other bomber, the bombardier position is not available. I mean is't nice to have a bombardier kind of all noobs and gages in one screen, but I would like to see what that position view is like.
  7. VR... never gave much attention to it, but reading Fiddlinjim comments, I am set on a course to give it a try. The only downside effect of this would be to become more addicted... What the heck, one must live his passion all the way... Thank you Fiddlinjim.
  8. In my younger days, there were no flight SIM, and if you were a plane lover (nuts, I should say) you would, has I did, spend days reading books, making scale aircraft, look at plane profiles in colors, and dream of what the actual plane would look like. I don't know about you guys, but I am living a dream. Thanks to this SIM I can see these planes in all their finest details. It is way more than I could have dream of. What I love to do is get on board a plane, every one of them, and look at the cockpit, then fly around, look from the external view at the plane, the scenery, and marvell at the visual beauty of this sim. So next time you fly, say thanks. One last comment. If I may express an another dream of mine, it you be to fly every ww2 planes their were in this sim. Yep you can say I'm a dreamer.
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