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  1. I do that and no TM/Virpil customer will buy my base. Plus, a TM or Virpil compatible grip would be 250$ because of all the electronics that go inside and extra assembly time. Grips for my own base will be 99$, base 99$ and aluminum mount 99$. So it makes no point to make a single grip that is more expensive then my whole package.
  2. I'm making my own yoke base. Replica trim wheels, gear & flaps levers and switches. Everything you need to take off, fight and land. Yes those aluminum simpits have mounting rails along the entire length of aluminum extrusions. You can mount whatever you want, wherever you want. And I will have components to build every aircraft available in today's sims. Right now, an extended joystick setup from Thrustmaster, Vkb or Virpil is: Grip 250$ Base 400$ Extension 150$ MonsterTech mount 200$. A cool 1,000$ for joystick setup alone. I want to price my package (grip+base+extension+mount) at $299. With 149$ or 99$ extra grips. A quick and dirty demo video. I'm in the middle of cleaning out 5 years worth of components and material testing, to free up space for a professional Youtube studio. Bought professional camera and lighting, but until it's set up, this is what you get
  3. Military grade tactile feedback and audio feedback design for my trigger switches and pushbuttons. I cannot stand tiny toy-ish clicky 0.05$ dome switches that everyone else uses. This is a weapon release switch, you either wasted 100.000$ worth of missiles and bombs, or you ended a bunch of human lives. You better be damn sure you want to press it. Military spec says 2lbs for 1st stage trigger, and 4lbs for second stage. And 750gf for pushbuttons. I reduced it because without gloves it was too uncomfortable to use all day.
  4. While waiting on materials, I'm also preparing the rest of the eco system. Grips that you're going to need to fly Replika style. B-6 found in the P-38 yoke, P-40 , P-47, P-51, even B-17 bomber controls and many other WWII aircraft: Also in the picture, replica military spec trigger with realistic 1st and 2nd stage forces and heavy detent clicks. Same goes for the buttons, 750gf force as per milspec. No tiny little pcb tactile buttons here. Tools. Not toys. Not related to WWII, B-8 for some later era aircraft:
  5. The pandemic makes everything slow down to a crawl, but I'm keeping busy. Building the testing batch as my components arrive:
  6. I got you: The price will be set by the market. As the last guy to the party, I have to be the most affordable option in order to compete.
  7. You mean this little thing? I've posted a photo earlier in the thread: I'm doing some switch design tests. Trigger and top button are unacceptable at the moment. They must be heavy and solid like the speed brake switch. Tools. Not toys.
  8. There will be updates, but due to the pandemic they will be weeks or months apart instead of days. That's how long it takes now to get my materials, I can't control that. Also keep in mind that these are not hand-made per order, or injection-mold-ordered-from-China. There won't be waiting ques or out-of-stock problems. I design and build all of my tools and machinery. Do you care how 20 different products will be sold, stored and packaged? No, but it's 75% of what I do, and you will never even see or know about it. What you see here is the tip of the iceberg. There will be a website, facebook page, youtube channel etc. When this behemoth goes live, you will not miss it.
  9. Yes, I'll put a mouse and keyboard tray, and a monitor stand. Also a bunch of other controls.
  10. All new EU based test units are in the mail. All Australia and US testing units will soon be made locally and shipped from there, so we don't have to rely on air shipping which is not working due to the pandemic. So I have about 10 testing units left if anyone from EU wants them, pm me. I think the hydraulic dampers are another winner. The main axis hydraulic damper just takes it to another lever, for those seeking realistic, heavy duty feel. And brakes hydraulic dampers do the same for the brake feel. I will do some more flight tests, and then start sending testing kits for further suggestions . Tools. Not toys. If you're wondering what are they bolted to, it's a modular flight rig I'll add to my product line:
  11. Did some further modifications to my MFG's. A can of spray paint and no more white rudder pedals. Red spring adjustment wheel, red brake spring adjusters and some bronze accents. Also ordered a red hydraulic damper to match.
  12. Clearing out some space for a youtube studio, so took some trial shots of the new combat pedals. Still some equipment missing so disregard the single blue spotlight and insufficient lighting:
  13. No problem that's why we test. It's interesting, I have put my combat pedals and adjusters, on and off probably a 100 times. Never had the issue with the bolt nuts spinning out. And, as soon as a couple of people reported the bolt nuts spinning, I tried it myself and immediately spun the bolts. And with so little force that I honestly wonder how in the heck have I never done it before. And that's the first thing I watch out for. Don't baby anything, use them like a first time customer would. But here we go, just goes to show you how subjective the maker can be. So that's where you come in
  14. Yes, new adjusters come with the new pedals. You can still tighten the old ones you have, just jam something in there with the nut as you tighten it, a screwdriver, knife, fork what ever you can find.
  15. We might have a winner here! I put this version last to try out because I didn't have high hopes for it. First of all, the brake axis goes straight through the middle of the foot rest, not at all what it's like on an F-16 or a WWII warbird. So I thought, that's ridiculous it'll never work right. Then you got all these adjustment holes, how's that gonna look. BUT, I like this one the most out of all the versions I tried myself. The brake axis through the middle of the foot rest means, that while you're pushing rudder, you're never accidentally applying brakes, no matter how hard you push the rudder. Because when you're pushing rudder, you apply backwards force to the brakes. So it actually works better then the old one. Where you had to be very careful not to accidentally apply brakes when using weak spring setting. Plus there are mounting holes for 20mm up/down/left/right adjustment. And the support bracket underneath means I don't have to worry about printing settings and amount of materials used, you will not brake these ones in half no matter how hard you try. If you want to see how much lower these are, mount the ones you have now, with only 1 bolt, to the lowest position. That's how low these new ones go. And the new spring adjuster can reduce spring force by 90%. Effortless braking for those without much room under their desks. And even on the weakest spring setting, it is impossible to accidentally apply brakes instead of rudder, because the center of axis goes above the pressure point. There is also still enough room to put holes for modern jet style designs: So you can pretty much disregard the ones you have now, feedback on those is useless now. You will all be getting these new pairs next week.
  16. Thanks for the extensive write up! Yes the finish quality is for prototypes. No point in having them super nice as all of them will be replaced anyway. I sent everyone a different version, made with different settings. So when you report back I can check against my spreadsheet and see which settings are a problem and which ones are good. Some of your pedals will brake apart for that reason, I need to know where the limit for the amount of material needed is. Braking force is no issue with the new adjuster design, you can reduce it up to 90%. Different style holes for f-14, f-16 and f-18 do look nice, but with summer socks or barefoot they won't be as comfortable as the solid "WWII style" ones. Also the pedals themselves are already re-designed and will be shipped to all the testers next week, along with new spring adjusters and a support bracket. These will be a fail-safe solution as they are impossible to brake apart with the 4 bolt mounting solution and a support bracket underneath:
  17. You might have already spin-out the nuts in the spring adjusters if you installed them. I mistakenly left the original type hole, which is fine for the hard composite that the original adjusters are made from, but will VERY easily spin out the nut if you apply anything more than very light force on the hex key. The entire spring adjuster has already been changed for extra spring hole placement anyway (and a mounting hole for hydraulic brake cylinder, more on that later) so you will be getting new ones regardless, just a heads up:
  18. As reported by some users who already got their combat foot rests. Braking force is quite high. I have my MFG's bolted down and like extra heavy duty feel, like I'm in a real plane. So I have my brake spring setup so hard it makes me sweat if miss my landing marks. But not everyone has the luxury to bolt their MFG's to the floor, or to raise their feet and place them on top of the foot rests for braking, like in real life training: So I made new spring adjusters. Measured on the middle of the combat foot rests, braking forces are as following: Original spring adjusters minimum force: 20 kg (40 lbs) v1.0 adjusters you received minimum force : 8 kg (16 lbs) v1.5 adjusters I just made minimum force : 2 kg (4 lbs) That's a 90% decrease in braking force for those who don't have the luxury of bolting down their MFG's to the floor, and their pedals either slide, or move the office chair. Or those of you who have low desks and cannot easily raise your feet to place them on top of the foot rests for braking. They don't interfere with brake range or movement. I'll ship them to any testers who need them.
  19. All sorted out. Several large squadrons got in touch and they will be doing the out-side testing.
  20. Combat Pedals should start arriving this week to those from EU countries. These combat pedals shoud be angled quite vertically. If you have your MFGs on the floor, not attached to anything, then the brake spring strength might be too high, so you'll have to replace the old brake spring adjusters, with the ones you got in the package along with the Combat Pedals. Milan from MFG has a video on how to remove the pedal mounts easily, then you should proceed to remove the brake spring adjusters, and replace them with the new ones with 2x extra holes for even weaker brake spring strength: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVNSsj6aR10 To remove the nuts from the old brake spring adjusters use a trick:
  21. All the test pedals are being shipped tomorrow. I have used different settings in manufacturing each set. If yours brake apart, you can report it and I will cross that particular setup as non-working, and re-send you a new sample on my dime. Try out both high and low positions, and also all angles so we can figure out if any modifications are needed to the design.
  22. So, I find myself in search of a new beta-testing team, with no obligation from either my or your side. When the final throttles are ready for outside testing, they're ready and I'll ship em. Private message me if you're interested.
  23. Why 😀 Anyways, we have enough testers now.
  24. Any MFG Crosswind users here? I prototyped these 3d printed combat pedals for MFG Crosswinds. I have tested them myself for strength, hardness, functionality and ease of manufacturing. They pass. Height adjustable +/- 26 mm or 1 inch, in WWII green: I've sent them out to the 3-4 people that own MFG's in my country for further testing. But I would like at least 20 people to confirm they're ok and are worth making. I'm in Croatia, so if you'd be willing test them out for the price of shipping. Let me know. They use existing bolts so it's a fairly light and small package. There are also modern type designs (the only difference is the cutouts in the pedals, F-18 has holes, F-14 & F-16 have squares, WWII has no holes): EDIT: The steering damper going across the top, is another mod I am testing. It provides resistance to movement so it feels more like the real plane, with some weight to the movement., like moving your feet through water instead of air. The mod is non-destructive so no drilling, uses existing holes and a few extra bolts.
  25. No hard feelings here, hence the smileys. I'm just saying, the ID tags are the cheapest part, yet the most visually stunning. So there is no point in removing them as I would have to have separate workers trained, separate store items, separate assembly lines etc. Just like with your Warthog, you can remove the engraved plates, they have screws, but why do so just to save a couple of bucks. It's 5% on top of the product price, and would add 50% in development changes so no reason to do so. These are designed to shock and awe the vast majority of desktop pilots, and shock and awe they will
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