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  1. For those that still prefer OpenTrack head-tracking over VR, I made a military style case for the PS3 Eye camera: I'll make the same thing for TrackIR, and a wireless IR tracker to go along with this one. It's available on my website: https://www.replikagear.com/
  2. I hate keeping my badass looking grips hidden away in a drawer. So I made myself some badass grip stands. Body is solid aluminum, they weigh 125g keeping the grips steady upright. Rubber feet on the bottom. Compatible with Warthog, Virpil, Vkb and (soon) Winwing. If you have more than 1 grip and could use these yourself, I've put them up for sale on my website: https://www.replikagear.com/
  3. Are the Amazon links good? You can always just search anywhere for "Motorcycle damper" and "RC shocks 110mm", and see that they are the same type as in my photos. Should be 25$ - 35$ for damper, and 15$ - 25$ for shocks.
  4. Oh really, Aliexpress doesn't send these to US? Wasn't aware of that. Should add Amazon links asap. Yes the big motorcycle damper is correct, and the small brake shocks are correct too. I have 110mm on mine, but there are 3 adjustment points for those so even 100mm should work (not confirmed yet). And you need to fill the little brake shocks with either engine oil, or RC shock oil. Something I'm still experimenting on, and other customers will report their findings too. But the shocks are a small improvement. Big stuff is pedals and main damper. I'd say combat pedals 10
  5. Sorry. my inbox was full, it's cleared now. Units that I'm building now, go to the people that expressed interest to be the very first customers, and provide feedback on what to add/remove from final versions for the general public. I will start posting complete video presentations once they start sending their feedback. Last month was busy finishing up the MFG Crosswind Combat Pedals and Damper mod: Which you can now get at: https://www.combatpedals.com/ So now it's back to building hotas and Sim Rigs for the first customers wi
  6. You're gonna have to go through official MFG website. I'm just making mods for them. The design is finalized. I've created a small webshop: https://www.combatpedals.com/ and a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Combat-Pedals-for-MFG-105130261529844/?view_public_for=105130261529844
  7. No, you can fly whatever you want with this. If you can fly your Bf-109 with a Saitek x-52 space grip, or your Thrustmaster Warthog... you can definitely fly your Bf-109 with a P-47 look-alike hotas. Just because I make it more realistic looking doesn't mean it's meant to do 1 job. Quite the opposite, it is waaay more realistic to fly a Bf-109 with this setup than a space looking Saitek toy, or an F-18 Warthog. Beside that, I will have several US style hotas, several German style and several Russian style, next year.
  8. VKB revealed TECS throttle in December 2017, three years before production. Trhustmaster revealed F-18 grip in January 2018, two years before production. Virpil announced their switch boxes in August 2019, one year before production. I am currently 6 months into my throttle reveal. 1 guy, in the middle of the worst pandemic in the history of the world, and in the middle of the biggest flight sim surge in history. There is no point in opening a public webshop right now, even if I had 50,000 units, it would crash instantly due to demand, make even more people angry and turn
  9. Well, if an entire world supply of flight sim gear is out of stock, I can't make any guaranties in these circumstances. Yes, next year for sure. I already have prototypes but I don't show anything until it is confirmed working without issues. You will see in the more detailed videos how these can be mounted to any shaft or diy simpit. Added P-47 trim wheel box and landing gear:
  10. I will make a cheaper than this version, still center-mounted, stick with all controls on a single switch-box. I don't see a reason to fly these sims that are military grade, even better now, on a space looking toy-box-on-a-table. Aluminum rail mounts cost 15$ to make, there is no reason not to put everything on them. I only photograph what I have functioning, so you've seen as far as I've gone with P-38 yoke for now. No photo details on the gimbal mechanism until sales start. I don't want to be copied before I even make a dime off it. There are no c
  11. Testing the dimensions for a 1:1 throttle mount. Those who don't have space for this, will get their levers under the throttle, and trim wheel next to it for a smaller form factor. I'm making multiple style levers and trim wheels so you can mix and match what every style you like best. This one is for the P-47:
  12. If you put together a similar setup from other brands: Grip+base+mount+extension+switch-box you're looking at 1,000$. I'm aiming to have mine at less then half that, so 300-400$. Tail wheel lock and simulating weight/resistance of cables/push-rods/levers and bearings that all heavy machinery controls have, no matter how small the control lever is:
  13. 1 usb for the stick (weapon switch box, and startup switch box connect to the base) 1 usb for throttle (gear lever, flaps lever, dive brakes, trim wheels, engine cooling box etc all connect to the throttle) and maybe 1 usb for the right side mount with a radio and some other controls. All electronics and firmware are open source if you want to change it with Mmjoy, FreeJoy, Joystick Gremlin or any of the Arduino HID libraries. But I design them specifically for IL-2 out-of-the-box. Every key binding that exists in IL-2 will be on either the stick mount, or the throttle mo
  14. That was not the point of this discussion at all. The point made was, things are done this way for a decade what makes you think you can change/improve things. When in fact, if you look at flight sim and hardware history, the only thing that is constant is change and progress.
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