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  1. A quick trigger demo on the Russian style spade grips for IL-2, Lagg-3, Mig-3, Yak-7 and La-5. I hate every joystick trigger I've ever tried. They're all flimsy, soft childish clicky toy things. No aircraft control input is like that. Or any half a dozen ton machine control. All this money thrown into making these amazing simulations as immersive as possible: widescreen, curved screen, VR, head tracking... and then the very first and only thing you actually touch to connect to that world, your control stick inputs: feel like a cheap Chinese plastic toy gun. I despise it. Which is why I design mine with audio-visual-tactile feedback, just like the real things. Tools. Not toys.
  2. I'll do a limited first batch this year, of 100 or so units, to test my machines and assembly process. These will be for sale privately over pm's and email. Here's a Russian style spade grip that will cover all Russian planes. Everything works: trigger levers with heavy detents, safety lock lever, flip-up button covers etc. Video later today:
  3. My simpits are made out of standard V-slot aluminum extrusions: and so are my desktop mounts for throttles, bases and switch boxes. So you can attach what ever you want, where ever you want, either in the simpit or on your dekstop. This stick base is only a spring test bed, but I will have 2 versions, desktop mounted and floor mounted with multiple length extensions:
  4. Connector is NOT proprietary, it is standard arduino 2.54mm pin headers. That's the whole point, make it usable for anyone. Not compatible with other bases because I make my own base that will be cheaper than an adapter. Sales will be announced here, other forums, youtube and facebook.
  5. I have a few different ergonomic lever shapes in testing:
  6. I make my own mounts and simpits. Here's a grip to cover most British planes:
  7. Almost finished. This should cover all grip variants for German planes, KG-12 and KG-13 grip variants:
  8. All triggers are separate units so you'll be able to choose between different strengths and select the one that fits your needs.
  9. Of course bases can be made better. I've been told every step of the way, my ideas cannot be done. Well... here we are. Grip display stands. To be displayed proudly. Will come with aircraft stats cards, like those bar menu holders in clear acrylic:
  10. It's not about the chips or 1 pcb. It's about all the logistics and investment a totally different line of products bring. I would need a separate assembly line for the TM/Virpil compatible grips. Double the webshop items, double the warehouse section, double training for the workers. Grips would need to be split down the middle, so make different 3d models, engineer all different tooling and mounting points for the multiple pcb's inside the grip. Have all the grip connectors re-designed. Custom made cables and wiring for all the button/switch pcb to register pcb connections. My grips are completely solid on the inside, no pcb no chips no connectors. Only 1 channel for all the wires to go through. I got rid of 90% of the assembly work. Here's and example of a real F-18 grip that looks just like mine on the inside, and Virpil/VKB/TM comparison: For me to make a Virpil/TM compatible grip, I need 1 year to re-model all the grips and 1 year to engineer and prototype and test all the pcb's that go along with that. Not possible.
  11. I do that and no TM/Virpil customer will buy my base. Plus, a TM or Virpil compatible grip would be 250$ because of all the electronics that go inside and extra assembly time. Grips for my own base will be 99$, base 99$ and aluminum mount 99$. So it makes no point to make a single grip that is more expensive then my whole package.
  12. I'm making my own yoke base. Replica trim wheels, gear & flaps levers and switches. Everything you need to take off, fight and land. Yes those aluminum simpits have mounting rails along the entire length of aluminum extrusions. You can mount whatever you want, wherever you want. And I will have components to build every aircraft available in today's sims. Right now, an extended joystick setup from Thrustmaster, Vkb or Virpil is: Grip 250$ Base 400$ Extension 150$ MonsterTech mount 200$. A cool 1,000$ for joystick setup alone. I want to price my package (grip+base+extension+mount) at $299. With 149$ or 99$ extra grips. A quick and dirty demo video. I'm in the middle of cleaning out 5 years worth of components and material testing, to free up space for a professional Youtube studio. Bought professional camera and lighting, but until it's set up, this is what you get
  13. Military grade tactile feedback and audio feedback design for my trigger switches and pushbuttons. I cannot stand tiny toy-ish clicky 0.05$ dome switches that everyone else uses. This is a weapon release switch, you either wasted 100.000$ worth of missiles and bombs, or you ended a bunch of human lives. You better be damn sure you want to press it. Military spec says 2lbs for 1st stage trigger, and 4lbs for second stage. And 750gf for pushbuttons. I reduced it because without gloves it was too uncomfortable to use all day.
  14. While waiting on materials, I'm also preparing the rest of the eco system. Grips that you're going to need to fly Replika style. B-6 found in the P-38 yoke, P-40 , P-47, P-51, even B-17 bomber controls and many other WWII aircraft: Also in the picture, replica military spec trigger with realistic 1st and 2nd stage forces and heavy detent clicks. Same goes for the buttons, 750gf force as per milspec. No tiny little pcb tactile buttons here. Tools. Not toys. Not related to WWII, B-8 for some later era aircraft:
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