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  1. If you have good system specs it's a no brainer, get the reverb.
  2. This is what War thunder does and it makes the game look like a cartoon IMO. Also makes identifying planes 100x harder.
  3. Hahaha how many la-5s have you been acquiring over Russian forests? You do a lot of dogfighting in real life I assume.
  4. Honestly it fits right in the toilet. Or is it a toilet, both work.
  5. You understand compressed Jpeg's posted on a gaming forum are not indicative of what the game looks like on an actual monitor while playing the game right?
  6. Do you guys not read the dev diaries? They are adding 100km view distance. You will be able to see as far as your little eye can bare to look. Contrails will race across the sky as far as possible. I am not even sure why they bother posting them anymore when they are just ignored. The entire spotting and draw distance features of the game is getting a rework.
  7. Lets pray it was a translation error, I literally could not care less about this plane.
  8. I agree guys, let's add bright yellow rings around planes once you spot them, can even add an ability called "ACES EYE" it will fill up every time you land a shot on target, you hit a key and boom the whole world turns black and white and planes jump out like glowing yellow orbs, if you look at one for more than 3 seconds it will lock onto it, then the game engages dogfight mode and you kind of just steer the plane around with the thumbstick, this way you can engage easily and without worry of losing the target. If you hit a special combo of keys while you are being chased you do a pugachev kobra maneuver and escape the dogfight. Personally I think this could make the game far more accessible. I also think it'd be cool if we could create a pilot for online and get cool unlockables and maybe even microtransactions, get cool new scarfs, or better oxygen mask that doesn't leak. We can get better flight gloves and cool new abilities as well, for like 2 dollars you can unlock double XP mode for one match. Allowing you to rack up the points. Honestly think it'd be really awesome if everytime you got a kill it'd pop up on the screen and say + 100XP I really like where this discussion is going and totally agree if we want Il2 to thrive we need to start catering to old people and call of duty fanbase. I've got a ton of other awesome ideas as well. Stuff like "Russian Courage" you can disable all G effects and fly at super sonic speeds. Just let me know if you want to hear more. Thanks.
  9. She likes to cut the left when you lift off the power, just make sure you have some right rudder input applied before lifting off the throttle.
  10. That is really odd. We have very similar specs for rig, and I see fps fluctuating between 40-80 fps. Sitting on ramp at Normandy in Spit, I see my fps fluctuate in 60's and 70's. You literally just posted this on the DCS forums. I sure would love to see you run a mission from the big show campaign in the spit on normandy with those kind of framerates, please post a video as well. DCS is so incredibly cpu limited that using a 1080 or a 2080ti makes almost 0 difference in VR framerates.
  11. There's a new headset coming out with the same screens and lenses but with adjustable IPD, can't remember who's making it. Think it's ACER. Been kind of waiting for that to come out. The pictures tell it all the reverb looks incredible. People were not exaggerating when they said it was nearly 1080p monitor quality. That first picture with the pe-2's it's unreal how good it looks. Feel sorry for people who "upgraded" to the rift s. The big question is hows the damn performance. We have the screens now, but how do these things run. I can't imagine they run great considering the pixel counts. Also big thanks to chiliwili for always coming through with the cold hard facts and cutting through all the bullshit.
  12. Medium preset, medium clouds, low shadows, 100km view distance, everything else turned off or on low.
  13. The HWRF model is showing it plowing into Florida's east coast, same model accurately predicted Michaels path of destruction. I am not so sure we are going to get lucky. All depends on the high pressure ridge by Georgia falling apart and how fast Dorian continues to move westward. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=hwrf&region=05L&pkg=mslp_pcpn_frzn&runtime=2019090112&fh=6 Regardless unless the hurricane goes right through the middle of Florida I will probably not get much more than tropical storm force winds. We went a week without power after Irma hit 2 years ago, that was horrible in the middle of summer in Florida. I think a lot of people think they are out of the woods now with Dorian which I think is a big mistake.
  14. Luckily on the West coast of Florida, hoping it stays off the coast, the bahamas are getting wiped off the map right now. If it speeds up it's going to make landfall in Florida, just hoping it makes that northern turn very soon or we are going to be in trouble.
  15. Keep buying and buying? Nobodies making you buy anything, not going to handicap the games development because you don't want to invest in the proper equipment. Technology improves, as do our sims, either keep playing old flight sims or shell out the cash for better gear. The AI is already piss easy to shoot down we want better AI not easier and worse AI.
  16. The reality is not a whole lot has been done with current sim standards, hopefully we get plenty more ww2 modules from 1c.
  17. Pretty sure he meant mediocre.
  18. The payment model and the fact that it's coming to MOBILE means this game is DOA. Pass.
  19. Now your just arguing semantics.
  20. Funny I've yet to see any evidence at all of people running ultra settings and a full framerate at all times like you guys so enjoy claiming. Put up or shut up. The game runs fine at medium or low presets, nobodies arguing that.
  21. Is calling you a fanboy really hurting your feelings... 🙄
  22. If you actually read the thread instead of just beaming to the first sighting of the letters VR, you'd have noticed the halo and other spotting wants were requested by monitor users. Have a wonderful day! 🤙
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