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  1. Funny I have had 0 issues myself, with multiple joysticks. Trying to get Il2 1946 setup was indeed a nightmare.
  2. I'd definitely like the steam keys myself. If for no other reason then to leave good reviews. Plus it makes my collection look nice.
  3. My buddy is actually a descendant of Hans Rudel, his last name is Rudell they added the extra L after ww2. Pretty damn cool. He checked it out on one of those family tree sites. A lot of our grandparents were ww2 vets but not everyone's was as bad ass as that.
  4. Nobody ever insinuated everyone should want the same thing. I would just figure if it's realism you are after VR is a great way to get a step closer. If I wanted an arcadey action WW2 shooter I'd go play war thunder.
  5. I take it you haven't actually tried VR. I am a bit perplexed as to who decided everyone must play In VR, it's an exciting new technology that gets us closer than ever to the real thing. I'd say most people playing flight sims would prefer to be as close to reality as possible. I would surely implore anyone who has the funds to try it themselves, it's truly an experience. I guess if my enthusiasm bothers you then I am truly sorry.
  6. The mig-3 is russias gift to us Wings of Liberty allied fighters. By far the best fighter they have going, caught a 109 the other day after about 10 minutes of chasing it, he decided to try a loop after not gaining any distance and that ended his virtual life.
  7. What's funny is I kind of starting using head tracking at the same time as I started using VR, and I dropped head tracking like a sack of potatoes. I know you are on a budget, but it's just next level entertainment. Makes playing flight sims trivial on a 2d screen. Putting that headset on, you get to step INTO the plane. You are stepping back in time to the 1940's, strapped into your advanced state of the art airframe, ready to take on the AXIS menace. It's worth every penny.
  8. If you could please explain further your problem I'd be glad to help.
  9. I built the custom clip and used the ps3 webcam with the filter mod. Used open track, although I never really used it, the little I did it worked very well. If I didn't have a rift I'd use it all the time.
  10. Is there a reason you guys prefer the official euro server? I can't say flying with tags on is too much fun.
  11. I'd be interested. Let me know. Fly with a rift.
  12. PWCG is a lot more customizable, go check out the subforum that's specifically for the mod. Career mode is great too, they just need to adjust a few things or add some things we can customize. For VR I'd go with the career mode since it's all in game and you don't have to exit the game screen to generate the missions and whatnot. By recent do you mean new? Or? I am Mr. Not Sure.
  13. Noticed while flying the IL2 1942 with the cockpit open I am unable to move my head outside of the cockpit. Which is a bummer. Need to find Jason's paypal and send him a couple hundred bucks to fix this stuff.
  14. Not that many people buy ww2 flight simulators. The market just isn't big enough to throw a 60 dollar price tag and include all the stuff that's available. Prices are similar to other flight sims, games like P3d have addons that run 100+ US dollars for just one plane. I think the prices for these planes are pretty fair. Just takes time to collect them all if your budget isn't large. My point being if the market was larger prices could be lower, but it's not so what we get is due to that.
  15. Anytime it would seem you replace the startup config file it will ask you to link again. It shouldn't be asking you to link every time you start up through steam.
  16. No that's not normal. Should only have to do it once.
  17. Make sure you install the mod with the JSGME mod installer this way you never ruin your default files if you need to remove the mod. If you need some personalized help I'd be happy to give you a hand.
  18. This is the one good thing about the rift, it's totally usable with glasses, I have pretty big frames, and they work just fine in it. Haven't scratched my lenses yet. They kind of bump into the sides and stay off the lenses. It can get uncomfortable after a couple hours though. With my contacts it never really got uncomfortable, but my contacts suck and dry my eyes out, rather just use my glasses. Good luck and welcome to the VR world.
  19. I had thought it was odd I couldn't find an IL2 subreddit.
  20. Voice chat would change multiplayer for the better for sure. It would open up so much teamplay possibilities. I know we have 3rd party options but an in game voice client would take this sim to another level.
  21. There isn't anything you need to activate, just play the game on steam and if your accounts are linked your plane will be in game. I can't understand how people are having such a hard time with this, it's like pulling teeth, link your steam account by logging into the game that was launched through steam and everything you buy on the store here and in steam will be in your game.
  22. I couldn't disagree further with you myself. VR is the future of flight sims, period. [Edited] Do not get personal.
  23. I'd just like to see them revisit the VR limits in the cockpits, I would literally pay money to have somebody fix those. Some are alright, mainly the russian planes aren't too bad but sitting in the FW190 is like being in a small coffin, you can barely turn your head in game. And all the planes need to allow you lean far closer to the gunsight, I like the limiter cause it stops my head from popping out of the plane but it's far too restrictive in most of the planes. The JU-88 is really bad, you can barely move in it even though the cockpit is huge. I would imagine this would just require editing some parameters in a file? I don't want to pretend I know how hard this would be to fix but it just absolutely hampers our ability in game to move around. I hope every single patch for a small release note saying VR limiter has been looked at.
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