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  1. I use a home made clip with opentrack, my clips a little small, so when I turn to look at my 6 it will activate my 3 motions, I raise up, it's annoying so the larger deadzones on the 3 movement axis are required. I've been thinking of getting a delan clip, but it works for what it is, and i;ve found some great settings in VR, think I will just stick with it.
  2. I was going to say this but much more eloquently.
  3. This just isn't true, there is a reason I am flying a fighter, and that's to stop incoming ground attack craft, this all depends on the server as well. The TAW server is far more historically accurate with exactly what you are seeking. Standard aircraft on the patrol to stop advancing troops. I am not in it just for the kills my good sir. Do not mistake my comment. You are a true dog zero, I see your name pop up in the kill log regularly! Do not be so humble!
  4. Apparently the german flak is far inferior to the russian flak, aha. 😉
  5. The il2 has some interesting engine limits, if you didn't know, 2150 rpm at 1.2 ata I believe.
  6. In that case I'd be enjoying the beautiful graphics and ease of head tracking. Trust me I've switched back almost daily. As soon as I get the trackir setup, I am like, no I the graphics aren't worth it. I need to be in that cockpit. Usually happens when I fly something that has the instruments blocked, with VR it takes half a second to move your head, with my deadzones setup on the trackir it's a pain in the ass to move my actual head in the x,y,z axis.
  7. One thing to note, there are 2 types of M2 ssd's, there is NVME which yes, will give you VERY high speeds, at a price, and then there is M2 sata, its just a different form factor than your average 2.5in SSD, no speed increase. SSD's are very confusing right now.
  8. Knights of the Air get on it. Without 100% fuel load and a reasonable cruise speed you will be hurting.
  9. Exact same here, nearly to a T, went from being appalled by lootboxes to dumping 250 bucks in like 2 weeks. VR is a savior.
  10. Sounds like most of the people who hate mp are lacking any confidence in their abilities and are unsure they can fit in, the answer to that is clearly yes, there's a place for everyone online, I use to never touch multiplayer for the same reasons, once I did I haven't gone back. There isn't another comparable feeling you get to when you gun down your HUMAN opponent. It's the peak of enjoyment I've had out of flight simming, I can shoot down a 100 AI pilots and never even get a jolt of adrenaline, flying online that rush is there 24/7. It's really incredible. I really can't wrap my head around why some people are so adamant about not trying it. Saying just because like bush wizard isn't an actual reason. It actually is since you've never once stated why you hate it so much. Saying you aren't interested isn't a reason.
  11. You guys need to do yoga or something. I mean if I really want to get wild with it I grab my arm rest on the chair to get that extra few inches. But otherwise I can see behind decently well without turning. Pimax is gunna be a game changer.
  12. The difference between 150km and 40km is 110km lol. I can certainly tell the difference. Grass distance effects more than just the grass distance, it changes the resolution of all the ground objects like trees and whatnot as well. The grass distance option is certainly a heavy hitter.
  13. This is literally going to kill me waiting to get my hands on one of these things. Wish I was rich I'd buy a backer out right now.
  14. I am unsure of your location which will effect pricing, but I can see a few things I would absolutely replace in that list, I'd go i5 8600k z370 to overclock the cpu if wanted, the h series board doesn't support it and that 8500 at stock clocks is a dog swap that coolermaster psu out for a seasonic gold series 750w swap that ram out for some g.skill 16gb 3200 mhz The rest is up to you. The 1060 will get you playing at 1080p but with prices dropping I'd go for a 1070 at the least. Matter of fact I have a evga 1070 FTW for sale would let it go cheap to fellow flight simmer if in the US. But with those specs you listed I somehow think you are in Europe.
  15. I wonder if thats the problem. I have my cannons and main guns separate and never use the all guns fire key.
  16. I'd say this thread needs locked at this point, but that will only provide ammo for the "see they are locking any threads on AI" group. When in reality the threads run its course and is now far off topic. Conundrum indeed.
  17. Does WOFF or WOTR use real flight models for their AI? I am seriously just asking out of curiosity.
  18. So is this going to be the first flight sim with a more or less 1:1 creation of the jug? I know it's in older titles but the cockpit in the il2 1946 version is well, harsh, to say the least. I am curious what the poly counts are on these planes including cockpit and external 3d model. Heck there's more polys in the bolts and rivets than the entire 1946 version.
  19. That's rough. Anyways for the guys getting lower scores with the uncore oc and higher cpu oc's thats because the chip isn't stable and is probably throwing errors. If you ran prime on it you would most likely see failing cores. I'd bet money on it. I don't mean failing as in going bad just cores that aren't doing number crunching properly and throwing out bad numbers which in turn slows stuff down.
  20. Haven't even started oculus software in like 6 months.
  21. The pimax should hopefully be under 1k, that starvr headset could be up to 5k.
  22. Scenic flights from A to B are il2's one of two greatest strengths? Give me a break.
  23. Ok? Nobody get's what your issue is. You just keep saying the same things over and over and over again. Why you aren't varying your zoom level while flying around is anyones guess.
  24. everything besides tank crew, flying circus, and the ju52.
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