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  1. Somebody truly has pissed in your cheerios. It must be tiring being so negative and angry all the time. Maybe try meditation. 👍
  2. You would see a difference within the margin of error. IE not worth it at all. Dburne went from a much older intel cpu to a new one that's why he saw a performance increase.
  3. I just think it feels horrible in this game, makes the plane feel like it's moving through mud or something. I don't like it at all. But apparently other people do, and it's your guys server.
  4. Why on earth would you want to play 4.14. Really? Do they actually work? I can put a massive dgen folder into bat, but they don't work.
  5. It's in the games main directory, go into the data folder, you'll find the startup.cfg file in there, delete it. Fire up the game and see if it works.
  6. So basically non existent. That's why I stopped throwing money at the game to try and improve my framerate and basically gave up on VR. Sad truth fellas. Really I wish I never bought the samsung, it's a poor HMD, with horrible comfort and ergonomics. The rift blows it out of the water in that department. It starts hurting my face after minutes of use. I could wear the rift for a very long time before it became uncomfortable. IMO the halo design is garbage. It works for people with basketballs for heads. Last time I checked my head wasn't a sphere. I ordered a VR cover, maybe that will help.
  7. I believe it only has diesels, the last time I played. It's quite complicated. With all the switching and stuff. It's hardcore as they say. http://www.run8studios.com/
  8. I have not, I should though, I love heli's. Haven't ever flown one in a real sim though. The only full module I have in DCS is the f-18.
  9. Run8 vs trainsim is like DCS vs Warthunder. Run8 isn't a major looker, but it's a damn good train simulator.
  10. Gunners not being killed is definitely something that is happening. I don't think I've ever killed a gunner even after watching stuff explode in his face, yet my pilot gets sniped no problem from just about any angle.
  11. You need to set vsync to on. Either in game, preferably in game vsync, or use your graphics card control panel to enable it. Servers can sometimes cause stutters.
  12. I am curious what the 9900k has over the coffelake series in regards to single core and ipc. According to this site, I know it's not great, but the ipc between the two is within the margin of error. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i9-9900K-vs-Intel-Core-i7-8700K/4028vs3937 1-2% For anyone on coffeelake or even the 7k series it's not even worth it. A 9700k or 9900k at 5.0 ghz will score the same as a 8700k or 7700k at 5 ghz. That 2080ti though, that's a solid improvement for a very heavy price.
  13. Until the headphone jack breaks and the whole headstrap falls apart.
  14. I agree, I would love to have way more bomber targets to shoot down in my p-47/spit9. 😂
  15. VP mod, I hate to say it, but it just has more singleplayer content. There's like a hundred different dgen campaigns. BAT only has the two stock pacific fighter campaigns for the USAAF and the USN/USMC. There's a few decent campaigns you can add to BAT, besides war over italy, gazala, and battle of france the rest are extremely obscure.
  16. Don't get his hopes up this still happens with my system. I play on balanced settings with 100% SS and 2xAA still get massive frame drops in dog fights. Vr performance is pretty bad lately.
  17. I wonder if its an HDD vs SSD issue possibly. I suggest deleting the startup.cfg file and seeing if that does anything. I know it's pretty much my fix all at this point but it really does work a lot of the times.
  18. Who knows could be the 3.5 gb of memory on the 970, or the older computers you guys are running, like I said I loaded the the same mission multiple times, saw 160 fps each time.
  19. цени перевод попробую и дам вам знать
  20. DCS needs an apache. I don't think I'd play anything else.
  21. It's my fault Clod 5.0 isn't getting VR. I am sorry!
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