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  1. Man that's rough, here in the good old US of A down in the countries armpit also known as Florida we have central air conditioning. Sitting in the computer room at a comfortable 22c while it's a blazing and balmy 40c outside. Gotta love AC.
  2. So what? Bill Stealey didn't code falcon 4.0 by himself. Also TitanIM runs on the outtera engine.) lagetti didn't create the entire TitanIM software from the ground up. Hasn't really done a whole lot with it either. I'll keep holding my final judgment till we see some actual footage in game in video format. However from what I've seen from the early 3d models it isn't looking like anything more than a hastily cobbled together mess.
  3. I'll bet you 100 usd it doesn't go to Korea. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. I am curious why you think that? This game engine isn't going anywhere, they are already doing major work to the way the engine renders distant objects and planes, I am sure they aren't about to throw away everything they are working on to make an entirely new game, matter of fact I'd say it's completely out of the realm of possibilities. A new payment model? I am not even sure what made you think of that. Also if anything a pacific map would probably be the easiest part of a PTO expansion.
  5. Don't need to be a dick and belittle everyone because they play the game a certain way...
  6. I think this is all basically vaporware. The guy who took over this company owns the rights to the TitanIM engine. Apparently he's bought the Microprose name and is going to try and make some type of full world full scale game out of it, from ww1 to modern day. Ever heard of too good to be true? Yeah rings a bell. The base is already there, they just need to make the models and turn it into a game.
  7. I think the color pallet in il2 doesn't lend itself too well to contrasting images, the colors all kind of look the same and end up washed out. Drop that gamma down, use reshade or something. Warthunders color pallet is a lot more cartoony and bright. Learn to play what? I had no problem shooting people down in war thunder, the games boring and isn't fun to play. I'll pass on spending hours flying shitty planes I don't like to unlock the ones I do want to fly only to die and then have to respawn in crappy planes again. No thanks.
  8. The flight leader commands are probably the single worst thing about this game.
  9. I mean you can go to the ACES High forum and read their die hard fans saying it's the most realistic and best looking flight sim ever made, meanwhile the cockpits in that game are some of the worst I've ever seen, they have digital counters and shit in them. Impressing some of these people isn't that hard I guess, maybe might find an audience with the old guys who never really got a chance to see what real authenticity is. It's pretty clear the guys doing this game have no clue about accurate aircraft modeling, none of whats been shown so far is anywhere near realistic. That 109 cockpit at a glance looks ok, but after the stuff that's just been called out it's a fucking dumpster fire.
  10. I am always so confused when I see people say cliffs has the best clouds, I run maxed out settings and my clouds look just like that and I think they are horrible. Giant cottenballs if you ask me. Anyways, these pictures look amazing, it looks like the texture and lighting is far better in these shots than in the previous stuff we were shown, it's looking a lot more finished now. Can't wait for the F-1 don't think I've ever flown it before. Pretty sure it had a pretty light armament did it not?
  11. Not only that but has the e style compass, this things a fucking mess lmao. No hope for this game at all.
  12. I told you my case spotting in war thunder is garbage. You seem to think it's great. Not a whole lot to argue about there.
  13. You mean creating a perfect 1:1 recreation of the world in my ww2 combat Sim isn't something I am entitled to? What even is a polygon? Who cares I want perfection and after paying for this product I expect it, better yet I'm entitled to it! /s
  14. I'm probably going to buy an entire new hard drive to just install windows 7 on. Pretty much just to play that game. It's got to scale bomber and fighter formations and it's something I don't think is worth passing up. It's a shame a2a which have even recently released updates for it can't get it fully working on windows 10, which is weird since I can get a ton of old programs to work on 10. Sucks. Apparently it ctds when you go from the 3d mode to the 2d mode, so the campaign isn't playable.
  15. Can't really compare the two, playing in normal servers you get good at flying with icons and constantly knowing where everyone is at, that's like saying sim pilots that play war thunder with a mouse will get owned by the pros who fly like that, it means nothing. You still play arcade mode and that's fine. But let's not pretend like you guys are better pilots, you just play a "game". I mean you said it yourself, you are more worried about your stats at the end of the month then getting any type of realism or immersion out of the sim. Again thats fine! Many a normal expert and mouse expert have come on actual expert servers and get owned and then make threads saying they can't see anything.
  16. It's very much a Sim. Has more complicated startups than il2 its a2a. The only problem is it doesn't run on windows 10, I've been desperately trying to sideload a windows 7 install without much luck just to play it. With mods the game looks as good as anything else, like 1946 modded. Obviously you don't get the same poly counts or high res textures but the detail is all there. Really wish they'd fix the windows 10 support and release it on gog or steam. I think it'd sell pretty well.
  17. Is three months ago a "very long time", never touched realistic battles once. 🙄
  18. yeah no, Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory 2 is the last good BOB game. Made by A2A.
  19. JonRedcorn

    B.A.T manual

  20. I like the progression you've made in regards to attacking planes with turrets, you can watch your early vids and see you more or less come up behind and wobble around and get hit, to now making nice slicing attacks and working the vertical. Nice progress!
  21. Honestly if I never see the BOB recreated in a sim again I wouldn't bat an eye. Been done a hundred times, gets old after a while.
  22. If you read the thread, or the recent DD's you'd know it's already a confirmed feature being added in the next patch.
  23. I played enough of war thunder to know the spotting in that games atrocious, and even in sim battle icons still pop up at close range so you might actually be able to tell what you are shooting at. When the planes in easy to see sprite mode it's almost completely impossible to tell what it is.
  24. You need to download the wmr for steamvr beta in steam, don't forget. But no you need both to run.
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