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  1. Gunna have to use youtube. No real training missions for FC3. They are really easy though, just takes forever to setup your keybinds for the radar.
  2. Jasons said in the thread on general no in game comms for the foreseeable future, which is really disappointing.
  3. Definitely, people disconnecting mid fight are a cancer on the multiplayer community.
  4. 🙄 You literally came in here and basically took a jab at the online community. Funny most of the servers up now are all no GPS and full realism with very nice mission designs. Wings of liberty isn't the only server that has people in it on a regular basis. I don't get the need for singleplayer only or multiplayer only people to diss each other. It's so strange.
  5. Most of the older campaigns are broken, trust me I've been trying to fly them for weeks, I don't much care for the pacific, nor campaigns like the battle of france, gazala, things like that. There's like no USAAF campaigns. You can't just put whatever planes you want into DCG unless you make your own campaign from what I gathered. Like all the new planes in BAT and VP don't get used by DCG unless its a campaign made for it. There's a tool you can use or something but I can't figure it out. VP has tons of DGEN stuff. The file structures are different between bat and VP. I've tried moving dgens to bat they don't work for me. Hell I just downloaded the big bolded dawn of flight campaigns by monty off SAS and they broke my DOF install portion of BAT and they are only 2 years old. VP works fine. The flight models are just terrible. And honestly the more you play the more annoying the AI becomes, doing ufo maneuvers constantly dropping on your six like nothing. I like it for having some off the beat fun, but it's terrible flight modeling, pain in the ass modding and pretty much dead community is starting to drag on me. It'd be so nice if the AI in box was even half as good at following orders and carrying out missions. Hell it'd be great just to have orders to even give in box. What's even in that dgen pack that's the only one I haven't tried, seems like it's all in russian so I haven't tried it yet. VP mod with those cockpit mods that smooth them out is definitely a great looking game though.
  6. The stock game is hard to look at. Yeah I can't figure out how to put those dgen campaigns into bat without breaking the install. DCG is alright, but it only has a few planes to choose from. All I know is VP mod just works and comes loaded with all the greatest hits dgens, tons of content to fly in. Just wish I could get some scripted campaigns working. Everything is broken.
  7. Are you for real? The guy killed over 350 people. I think a little ribbing from people 75 years later on a game forum is okay...
  8. The netcodes really not that bad considering people expect the game to be buttery smooth on servers thousands of miles away... With 84 man servers no less. Battlefield 5 has a 64 player limit and you play on servers on your continent....
  9. I am trying to understand what you are saying? Are you frantically clicking while the main menu is loading up? Just let the game load. It needs to connect to servers and stuff and I assume that's why it seems to take longer than you'd think even on an ssd.
  10. Somebody truly has pissed in your cheerios. It must be tiring being so negative and angry all the time. Maybe try meditation. 👍
  11. You would see a difference within the margin of error. IE not worth it at all. Dburne went from a much older intel cpu to a new one that's why he saw a performance increase.
  12. I just think it feels horrible in this game, makes the plane feel like it's moving through mud or something. I don't like it at all. But apparently other people do, and it's your guys server.
  13. Why on earth would you want to play 4.14. Really? Do they actually work? I can put a massive dgen folder into bat, but they don't work.
  14. It's in the games main directory, go into the data folder, you'll find the startup.cfg file in there, delete it. Fire up the game and see if it works.
  15. So basically non existent. That's why I stopped throwing money at the game to try and improve my framerate and basically gave up on VR. Sad truth fellas. Really I wish I never bought the samsung, it's a poor HMD, with horrible comfort and ergonomics. The rift blows it out of the water in that department. It starts hurting my face after minutes of use. I could wear the rift for a very long time before it became uncomfortable. IMO the halo design is garbage. It works for people with basketballs for heads. Last time I checked my head wasn't a sphere. I ordered a VR cover, maybe that will help.
  16. I believe it only has diesels, the last time I played. It's quite complicated. With all the switching and stuff. It's hardcore as they say. http://www.run8studios.com/
  17. I have not, I should though, I love heli's. Haven't ever flown one in a real sim though. The only full module I have in DCS is the f-18.
  18. Run8 vs trainsim is like DCS vs Warthunder. Run8 isn't a major looker, but it's a damn good train simulator.
  19. Gunners not being killed is definitely something that is happening. I don't think I've ever killed a gunner even after watching stuff explode in his face, yet my pilot gets sniped no problem from just about any angle.
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