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  1. AVX instructions are not blocked on any intel cpu. If it were nothing would run.
  2. Bind it to your hotas that's what I did. Or better yet, make it the spacebar if you do not have room, easy to find key.
  3. I love how people use the AI as an argument that proves box fanboys exist, which they do, yet AI is the one topic 9/10 people agree on is shit. There's a thread right this very moment in general about it.
  4. Got the cover in, it's truly amazing, just figured I'd let people know to definitely buy one if you have a o+.
  5. Was a poor decision really, the 8600k would of given better performance in nearly all the titles you can play. Like every single game. Buying a non k intel chip is a very poor idea. Clock speed is everything in gaming.
  6. Don't hold your breath for it, won't be coming in 5.0.
  7. That game also has a much simpler flight model. I get what you are saying but with a game with a FM like this it's too much work. Also just like to point out that the AI was made before jason took over, and I would assume had he been leading the charge since day one the AI would be much better. Regardless, the AI is something that apparently 90% of the player base has to deal with and as such should be made to be the best that it can. A command menu like in 1946 with pilots that actually follow the commands would be a huge plus. I don't want to say the AI doesn't follow the simple orders we have right now, they certainly try, it's just not up to snuff in my opinion.
  8. I don't disagree, the AI has certainly improved since I started playing a lot last year. It really did just turn in circles before. Like I've said it's not so much the combat AI that is troublesome, it's like the logic. It doesn't take or follow orders, (barely any orders to give) its routines are poor, the ground attacking is also a major issue. We can't even use certain aircraft because they can't carry out the proper ways in which they should be utilizing their aircraft. I wish they'd scrap the entire idea of making them follow the same physics and restrictions players have to and allow them to cheat a bit to give us something worth playing with. There's a reason nobody else does this with their AI. It's too hard and costs too much performance. If the end user experience turns out great then who cares how it gets there.
  9. Couldn't agree more. I get shot down all the time in 1946, never get shot down in box unless it's a tail gunner.
  10. lol you are on drugs, il2 has gotten way more sim oriented than the earlier titles. 1946 was very sim light, its more of a big picture combat sim, box has great simulation in it of the aircraft. Clod is so realistic because I can click a fuel cock before I hit the key to automatically start my engine. 🙄 Ground handling in cliffs of dover is probably some of the most awkward and arcadey ground handling in any flight sim I've ever played, the aircraft literally bounce around like a cartoon. So tired of this cliffs is so realistic bs. Not only that but when people say clod feels on rails that's because it absolutely does feel on rails. You get a 109e model, and a spit and hurricane to play with. That's pretty much it for fighter aircraft, box has like 40 planes in it now. If we still had to make half assed click pits we'd have 10 planes to fly right now and still be flying over stalingrad, or better yet the game would be dead just like cliffs is.
  11. haha, il2 isn't getting vulkan support ever. I wouldn't even want it since Nvidia cards seem to run like garbage on it.
  12. Really the combat isn't awful. The bombers need work, ground attacking routines and decision making. The command system is what needs the biggest overhaul. Issuing orders and having wingmen follow those orders, giving AI more fight or flight options, a morale system of sorts. They start losing a battle and should turn for home not fight till the last man. Bomber formations shouldn't be breaking apart at first contact. Even though that's an issue now with 1946 as well after 4.12, 4.13 and 4.14 are both broken in that regard. If we could get some of these fixes it'd be a really fun singleplayer experience. Really it's the biggest thing Box needs in order for it to be the best ww2 flight sim ever. A competent artificial intelligence would put this game on another level. I wish they'd figure out how to make the AI cheat so they could actually get stuff done. I don't care if the AI is following the same physics as I am as long as it gives the impression that I am fighting something that went through pilot training.
  13. Which spit is that? Considering I can down all 4 ace 190 whatever versions in a mk9 before my teammates even get their bearings. Now go and try that in 1946 and you'll be dead real quick.
  14. I think we're all hoping for a AI revamp in the future. Box's AI certainly leaves a whole lot to be desired. It's better than it was but when you go back and play the old games it becomes apparent just how much is lacking when it comes to it. Cliffs AI in regards to other things than combat is completely broke though. The og game still takes the cake.
  15. This would be awesome, could throw the p-39 in there.
  16. That's great but some of us prefer not looking at the vr world through an 80 year olds cataract filled eyes.
  17. The stock DCG campaigns use the stock planes, unless you know how to edit the class files and make sure all the loadouts match up with your modded planeset then it won't work. I don't know how to do any of that. The stock campaigns are fine, they just aren't that great. They also use all the stock maps. There's some truly amazing maps like western front 44 it's massive. Channel front, ect. I don't know how to edit classfiles and all that jazz. BAT has a ton of really awesome planes that are really well done and look and fly amazing, but I never get to fly them. It's really disappointing. I guess I could try and figure out how to make missions. If I could get the new planes in DCG that'd be amazing, even for the stock DCG missions. The only other WW2 game worth playing in singleplayer is Wings Over the Reich, but it only has 3 flyable planes, and it's all about the BOB which I don't really care for all that much. VP uses the stock 4.12 flight models, not sure what it uses for the newer planes, probably whatever comes in the mod, BAT has modified FM's that are far more realistic. Take a 109 out in bat and then VP In BAT you can do like 400+kph at around 1.1/1.2 ata like you should be able to, in VP unless you are running that throttle at nearly max you aren't even going to move. All the planes don't move IMO with stock FM's. They all feel really slow and require high rpm and high throttle to get out of their own way. 2k hp engines shouldn't feel like a diesel electric locomotive. If I could get all my dgens and whatnot working in BAT that's all I would play.
  18. Gunna have to use youtube. No real training missions for FC3. They are really easy though, just takes forever to setup your keybinds for the radar.
  19. Jasons said in the thread on general no in game comms for the foreseeable future, which is really disappointing.
  20. Definitely, people disconnecting mid fight are a cancer on the multiplayer community.
  21. 🙄 You literally came in here and basically took a jab at the online community. Funny most of the servers up now are all no GPS and full realism with very nice mission designs. Wings of liberty isn't the only server that has people in it on a regular basis. I don't get the need for singleplayer only or multiplayer only people to diss each other. It's so strange.
  22. Most of the older campaigns are broken, trust me I've been trying to fly them for weeks, I don't much care for the pacific, nor campaigns like the battle of france, gazala, things like that. There's like no USAAF campaigns. You can't just put whatever planes you want into DCG unless you make your own campaign from what I gathered. Like all the new planes in BAT and VP don't get used by DCG unless its a campaign made for it. There's a tool you can use or something but I can't figure it out. VP has tons of DGEN stuff. The file structures are different between bat and VP. I've tried moving dgens to bat they don't work for me. Hell I just downloaded the big bolded dawn of flight campaigns by monty off SAS and they broke my DOF install portion of BAT and they are only 2 years old. VP works fine. The flight models are just terrible. And honestly the more you play the more annoying the AI becomes, doing ufo maneuvers constantly dropping on your six like nothing. I like it for having some off the beat fun, but it's terrible flight modeling, pain in the ass modding and pretty much dead community is starting to drag on me. It'd be so nice if the AI in box was even half as good at following orders and carrying out missions. Hell it'd be great just to have orders to even give in box. What's even in that dgen pack that's the only one I haven't tried, seems like it's all in russian so I haven't tried it yet. VP mod with those cockpit mods that smooth them out is definitely a great looking game though.
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