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  1. Well this week should be fun.
  2. I think you have no clue what it's about and are just talking straight out of your behind. I've been wanting something like this for a while and think it would take the mp to a new level. Easily could just have squadrons of 4-6 planes, or larger for bomber squadrons, that would be very cool indeed. Basically just copy squads system directly into il2.
  3. Must of been another one of those famous georgian weddings.
  4. No there's still the career mode and other niggling things to release.
  5. For a proper Dynamic campaign we need something like Falcon 4.0's amazing system, instead of trying to make the player believe he can win the war with his pilot, make it so you control all the flights going on through the map, the ground war, ect... You can jump into any flight before take off or just watch the whole thing play out from 2d map mode. It's absolutely incredible what microprose achieved with that sim, it's still the best thing I've ever played and I just started here in 2019. Flying an F-16 with laser guided munitions and 6 amramms makes impacting battles a lot easier.
  6. Update will be out when it's out.
  7. Unfortunately the rate at which we are experiencing upgrades these days has slowed significantly, it's not 2005 anymore where the GPU gets outdated in 6 months. Buying top of the line hardware right now will last a very long time. My system won't need upgrading for years unless something drastic in technology happens.
  8. Really can't wait for this to land. I think the word epic is actually poignant in this situation.
  9. The exhaust on that thing is wicked.
  10. It use to be ten times worse, they actually fixed a lot of the cockpits although some still need some work.
  11. You are so insufferable. Show us on the doll where VR touched you.
  12. It's literally one guy on the forum complaining about it, let's not overreact.
  13. We need "next gen" CPU's really. The gpu's are sitting around using half their power.
  14. Smashing it out of the park. Can't wait! 🤪
  15. Some late war warbirds in the cliffs engine with it's detail would be awesome.
  16. Well it's really not the hardest hitting single engine fighter of ww2 then is it? 😇
  17. I mean they are not being manufactured anymore, but performance wise they are only beat by the 2080ti and slightly by the 2080/2080s.
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