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  1. The whole issue I have with making spotting 100% realistic is that this is still a video game that we play online to have fun. We have compromises in many other aspects of the sim in regards to realism, yet with spotting for some reason we must have it 100% real. Maybe we need to think about playability a bit and remember not everyone is here with 20/20 hawk eye vision and the gifted ability to spot similarly shaded blue pixels out of a blue sky. The view distance rendering settings are not gone, stuff is still rendered at great distance there's no wall at 10km anymore, but the "Scaling" is fully dialed back to pretty much how it was. They made an entirely new scaling system only to completely shut it off it seems like. Think we are going to have to figure out a compromise between the 100% realism crowd and the we still wanna have some fun crowd. I think it's also pretty clear there are a lot of people posting that do not regularly post on the forums and asking what is going on. That's a pretty clear indicator that the easier spotting was very welcomed by a lot of people myself included.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
  2. Think the dora cockpit is one of the nicest ones in the whole package. Hmm..
  3. Well I had a hunch why they changed it, if you head over to the russian forum their update thread is filled with red flyer whiners begging for it to be changed closer to how it use to be, they don't want to be spotted while crawling on the deck in their pe-2s from so far away. So we can all thank the russian forum for this reversion in the spotting. Thanks so much guys.
  4. I mean the pictures I posted show pretty clearly contacts past about 9.5km are impossible to see. The scaling is completely gone.
  5. If they just fixed the zoom issue it'd have been perfectly fine, along with far off fuel trails or whatever. Clearly they completely removed scaling or dialed it back to ZERO. I agree 100% with people complaining about the issue after experiencing how it could be pre hotfix.
  6. Spotting is under 10km again, sure the contrail shows up at far distance, that's it though, nobodies saying the view distance is removed, it's clearly still there, but the scaling has been returned to pre patch levels and nobody can see anything just like it was. Here's pictures. Anything past 9km is invisible. Plane wise.
  7. It might as well have been removed since you can't see anything further than you could pre patch.
  8. Please put the spotting back. Massive disappointment to see it basically completely reverted to pre patch.
  9. The thread creator put the thread here. Also, I got to play right after the patch came out and though the spotting was amazing, could see a live battlefield going on all around me, now it's back to not seeing [edited]. I really can't believe they basically completely axed the view distance feature.
  10. That huge button everyone hates is a real button in aircraft like the KA-50 single seat attack helicopter. It's meant to not be easily hit, if your warthog with the crappy slew stick is still doing great for you then that's awesome. Please speak for yourself my friend. I have RGB's in just about every single component and peripheral on my computer. Looks like their new space grips will be adding more RGB as well. Not just flight simmers buy this gear, the space sim market is apparently large enough to warrant it's own grips and cams, maybe they don't want a detent.
  11. I have no idea what that's supposed to mean lol..
  12. If you check the update thread there is a stickied comment at the top, it mentions the 3.201b hotfix has been applied.
  13. I hope you guys never try the game Falcon BMS as it will ruin the singleplayer in every other flight sim you try.
  14. Apparently the odd scaling while using zoom is fixed in the hotfix haven't tried it myself yet.
  15. You definitely have to stop letting these cry babies get to you, there's far more appreciation here than negativity. Also let's not forget how many people enjoy the game that never even post or go on these forums. This updates great, a few absolutely dreadful souls on a forum on the internet shouldn't bring the team down. The update post is 14 pages long and is filled with 90% positive feedback. The player count is way up, gotta stop focusing on the negativity. These people will never be happy. Just go look at the DCS forums, or Hoggit on reddit if you want to see what a real entitled and whiny customer base is like.
  16. I can't tell you how pleased it makes me to see Luftwaffe only fliers crying about fairness. For all I care I hope the teams never balance out and they face the team stacking we had to endure for so long.
  17. Cool. Anyways, throttle looks great for desktop use, much more space efficient than the larger one. Looks cool IMO as well. Wouldn't mind picking this up, only thing I am worried about is the mounting layout, the old throttle had the warthog layout, this one I'd assume has a different one.
  18. Wow my house in Dusseldorf isn't even modeled on the map. This can't stand, I am going to issue a charge back immediately. Honestly can't say how disappointed I am. You'd think after 2 years they'd have gotten their stuff together and been able to at least model my house in game. Truly a let down.
  19. Yeah there's no reason to not have all these amazing flight sims on your computer. They all offer something different which is why I have so many of them.
  20. I play on old computer from old days at 800x600 I don't think this is fair and wish for old system back. I also still read newspaper and get milk from cart. Please make fair!
  21. I didn't expect this today, needless to say but absolutely smashing job fellas, I hope the russian forum is being as kind as this one is. But really, the view distance stuff is outstanding, the planes, the maps, can't wait for the career and all the other features that are still in the works. There's no other dev team on the planet as dedicated and hardworking as you guys I swear it. Just excellent stuff all around.
  22. So basically wings of liberty will remain wings of liberty, I am sure the other servers on offer will use it.
  23. Doubt it, the stuffs been in testing for a few weeks already.
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