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  1. I'm in the US I really want that gunfighter. Just wish vkb had desk mounts like vjrpil. The monster tech ones are ugly and expensive.
  2. JgonRedcorn

    Spit XIV

    All of your opinions are from the viewpoint of a balanced multiplayer experience, if that's what you want please stick to war thunder.
  3. The planes require constant trim adjustment. Increasing speed will require you to trim nose down at varying speeds, the roll you experience is from the tq of the motor and prop, usually just add some rudder in the opposite direction. If you are using a joystick I'd bind the trim up and down keys to something in reach, as you will need them. The buttons do work on a tap but it makes a tiny adjustment as in 1/100 so holding it down for large changes can result in a wild swing. Hold it for a second and then tap it to be precise.
  4. You can turn the beep off and you can hide the hud which hides the chat.
  5. Yeah the in the lens shots look nice, but the in the lense shots I saw of the odyssey + looked amazing too, turned out it didn't look as good as the screen shots and il2 runs like crap on it if you want it to look half way decent. This things going to need a system that doesn't exist yet to play il2 on anything but low preset. Need to realize the further away the picture is taken from the lens the more clear it's going to look. Putting your eye up against it is a different story. What does look interesting is how big the sweet spot looks with little blur, the o+ has lots of blur around it and makes seeing gauges in DCS difficult. Definitely waiting for that acer headset with the same specs with the manual ipd.
  6. Can barely tell the difference between the screenshots, the vive is horrible too, so comparing the vive to the rift s isn't saying a lot.
  7. Yeah I am super stoked about it!
  8. There are multiple files with a VR headset name attached at the end, you need to rename the one for your headset as the proper file. In the bin/usersettings folder you'll find the files. Remove the .vive from the end and rename the original file something else.
  9. There are no settings for VR. It's 1:1.
  10. Pretty cool to see a Martlet modeled in high detail, the only one I've flown is in the old 1946.
  11. If anything those charts make it painfully obvious how little effect the GPU has on overall performance. 1080's and 2080s scoring the same avg frame rate as 1080ti's and 2080ti's. Waste of money. Pretty sure all these benches were also ran on balanced were they not? What's unfortunate is the only o+ bench we have was ASW limited.
  12. The map doesn't load up instantly anymore. It did for a little while after the GUI update, it's pretty slow again.
  13. I feel pretty much the same way. I don't want clod to be dead, I enjoy flying it from time to time. From recent updates on the BOX front and TF's goals of fixing clods AI it sounds like both will finally have worthy SP experiences. Which for me is the best possible outcome.
  14. That's so disappointing, would of loved a high altitude p-39. Didn't the p-63 fix those issues? But nobody wanted it?
  15. What do you mean? There's another map option besides the big map that takes 10 seconds to load?
  16. Shocking. Also it's not no apparent reason, the reason is the games incredibly CPU limited. Just looking in certain directions on certain locations of maps will cut your frames in half. They drop when you look at forests, towns and cities, and at other densely populated areas. Honestly I only press on with this because people think if they spend 2k dollars on a computer they will get 90 fps in this game in their VR headset based on what some people say here. They won't and it doesn't matter how much money you spend you never will. You would get those same results dropping the game to high, or even under some circumstances on balanced. But balanced greatly reduces ground density and draw distance of objects, which gives you much higher frames. But then you are stuck with the crappy blocky clouds. If I save one person from wasting 1300 dollars on a 2080ti then I've done my job. Don't waste your money.
  17. Please do provide evidence I asked if you could please show a video of 90 fps over the large port in kuban. Easily accessible in quick mission battle. 4v4. Ultra settings. Or you can go right over stalingrad. Thanks.
  18. I was talking about von Tom's system And those benchmark runs weren't done on ultra settings. They are claiming 90 fps with ultra settings and copious amounts of SS. I don't care what anyone says. Show me a video flying over either the large port on kuban or Stalingrad with these claimed settings in a 4v4 not a single system here will hit anywhere close to 90. Hell I'll make a benchmark run we can use when I get home and then we can all run it. Tired of the crap I keep hearing. My system works perfectly. The 9900k has no increase in single core speed and the l3 cache isn't giving boosts of 40-50% in performance. If it did we'd see far larger gains between a 4 core i3 and a i7 with the 6 cores. There's no difference. The bench will be ran at full ultra settings with every setting put on max and we will get the SS dialed in so everyone is running the same resolution. Then we will see who's full of it.
  19. Dburne has a similar system and I am 99% sure he doesn't get 90 fps avg on ultra, this game isn't gpu bound at all, going from a 1070 to a 1080ti was barely noticeable. It doesn't matter what GPU you are running the game will drop into the 50's on ANY setup. Fly over a town or forest, or get into a dogfight and even the most expensive and monstrous system will be brought to its knees. Saying you get 90 fps on ultra is disingenuous when anyone with a decent cpu and gpu can do that while staring at the empty sky. The second planes appear or more than a village is on the ground that doesn't hold true. And there in lies the issue. It doesn't matter that you spent 1300 dollars for a minor performance improvement. It makes no difference. I wouldn't be shocked to see your avg frames around 65-70. Especially on ultra.
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