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  1. On 10/15/2019 at 8:12 AM, unreasonable said:

    That might be fun - been looking for a decent naval game for a long time. For some reason they never quite seem right to me. No more early access for me though: I have had enough of being an unpaid tester.

    Why do you own every single il2 release then? Bobp, FC and TC are all in early access. Not playing EA these days might as well just stop gaming period.

  2. 1 hour ago, [CPT]Crunch said:

    New planes are mute, ya'll need to get your basic act sorted first.  Coop mode is a flop, half the users are pissed over the spotting situation, no out of the box online campaign, how many DF servers, can basically count them all on one hand, antiquated and limited quick missions, inaccessible mission builder for the majority.  American planes popular or not, your riding with a time limited ticket, without a ticking heart soon they'll be moving on.

    Not sure where they are going to move on too, for ww2 mostly realistic combat this is it. There's no where else to go.... Seeing Kota and Combat box jam packed, I'd say player numbers are way up.

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  3. 8 hours ago, NORD80 said:

    I tried to play on the lower settings. Unfortunately, what combination of settings would I not set I still have jam, i.e. stutters. I wrote to the IL2 saport, but they don't see the problem and pretend not to know what's going on. I sent them a link from the forum to read that there is such a problem in this game. I don't need to play this game, but since I have paid 150 EURO, I have the right to demand some quality. So the minimum that I would like to have this game should be smooth, considering the fact that I play i5 9800k and RTX2070S. The game DCS I mean at 100fps even smoothly like a gran inline. I see that you are staring at the IL2 studio and no matter how bad the game is. I am just saying that the game at this stage is broken and for me it is unplayable by stutters.

    Something is obviously wrong on your end, I fixed my stutters, and many others are playing online right now just fine. So the games not broken. That's a fact. I would try making sure my drivers are up to date, nvidia control panel settings aren't set to something not from default, reinstall the game. If you can't attempt basic trouble shooting than that's your problem. I was also getting a high framerate and unplayable stutters even though the high FPS, I had to lock the framerate to 60 fps, I also updated my drivers and deleted the startup.cfg, I now am running at a locked 75 fps with my refresh rate at 75hz. Game is completely smooth with maxed out settings. The game works. You just need to figure out why it's not for you. Whining and making threats is not going to help you get anywhere.

  4. 41 minutes ago, Talon_ said:


    We have to make a choice regarding engine boost mods between balance and history, as the Allies all had theirs in service long before the K-4 even arrived, let alone ran 1.98ata. In fact the Allies were using 150 grade gas and +11lbs Tempests before even the Dora was in service!

    Ooo Let's get a planeset with all the allied upgrades and stick the germans with g-14's and g-6's should be a lot of fun! Let's remember they have their superior Minengeschoß!!!


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  5. On 10/8/2019 at 4:11 PM, moosya said:

    I can attest to the poor VR performance after the 3.201.  Even with PP there are pretty frequent dips below the 45fps waterline.  And that's on Balanced with 8700K at 5gz and 2080TI at 2100mz.


    At this rate if IL2 devs keep on adding more stuff to the engine without focusing on its optimization the VR will lose its playability completely. And that blows. Seriously blows.

    Funny I thought this 1 year ago. Pre 3.02 or so. Performance in my rift was stellar. It's been horrible ever since. Gave up. 

  6. 38 minutes ago, pfrances said:

    I also agree that the map is likely in a finished state for the summer/undamaged version.

    We have other seasons and bombed out variations still to come.

    Certainly can't wait for the winter version. Although I do agree with some of the complaints the map does seem a bit barren. But we may be pushing the object limit as it stands currently. Especially with the building distance setting. There's gotta be some give and take. People are already up in arms about performance issues. 

  7. 11 hours ago, HarleyDavidson said:

    I try and get on the KOTA server as much as I can, I'm pretty new as I've had IL2 great battles for about a week now.  Do the pilots ever work together? When I first log on, you see guys hop in their aircraft and shoot off in a million different directions. Is there no team work?   I see a bunch of Tempests and P-38's fly off by themselves, wouldn't it be more effective to plan an attack with a wing of bomb carrying planes with CAP fighter protection, and wouldn't that be more realistic?

    Join a squadron or check some discords out, there's teamwork, I just had a nice FW-190D attack we did on KOTA hitting the ships with 3 of us. We were on comms though. Trying to use teamwork with chat is a bit much.

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  8. Managed to fix the stuttering by updating to latest Nvidia driver and deleting the startup.cfg file in the game folders, seems the file was corrupted or something, in game vsync was not working, was locking my framerate at 75 even though my refresh rate is at 60hz. So figured I'd delete that and everything is perfectly smooth again. Was about to nuke the game and reinstall it, glad that worked.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Jason_Williams said:



    There was a problem with how our Vsync worked (caused bad stutters in some situations) and we changed it. Some of you have not adapted your settings to it I think. I suggest you guys run in-game Vsync On, Full Screen On and FPS limited to your monitor's native refresh. That's what I did on my 1070 laptop (120hz) and what we tested in the office and frames are good and quite smooth with occasional hiccup.


    About cities popping up, we explained this in the big update. Unavoidable if you want cities drawn far out. Try turning it off if you don't like it.


    To push the graphical limits of our engine you're gonna run into such issues eventually. Try different settings and start low and work your way up to find that sweet spot. Not all machines can run our graphics on Max. Please be aware of that. Its why we have different settings.  You;ll be surprised how little a visual difference there is between some of our Max settings and less demanding settings. You're eyes will probably not notice.


    Also may want to make sure your PC power is Maximum and vid card performance is on Maximum. This should also get you a few frames more. I don't recommend overclocking much if at all.  




    The game runs fine offline, 150+ FPS, go online and it's stutter central, with any combination of Vsync, in game, nvidia control panel controlled, Fast sync, all of it. It does nothing..

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  10. The online stuttering is god awful, tried in game vsync, nvidia vsync, fast sync, everything. It's not even playable right now, my system isn't exactly middle of the road. Frame rate is perfectly fine, I just can't look around or anything without constant stuttering, worst I've ever seen it.

  11. 54 minutes ago, SCG_Faerber said:

    Well, after hearing a little bit over what has happened I am really confused about this alternate thingy, some say if you turn it off it goes back to pre-patch spotting which is really bad. But others say it does not. I really do not know anymore so I will abstain from further discussion until I figure out what the hell is actually going on



    Go test it yourself. It's not hard. Neither option is like pre 3.201 update. One has enlarged planes that are scaled to be bigger than they really are the other is more realistic and doesn't have much scaling if any at all.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, =VARP=Tvrdi said:

    So, some of the experinced guys reported that after hotfix the visibility is back to prepatch values and some of you are telling us its better but not the same as prepatch. Who is right and who is wrong? Worst thing for me is that we still dont have an official word from devs on that matter. This is not ok. In fact there isnt anything on the visibility changes in hotfix readme. Its not the first time though......

    See for yourself..





  13. 1 minute ago, =FC=SteelFalcon said:

    How would they know how much was too much and how little is too little without trying it out and get some feedback?

    This change to reduce distance could be the first step in finding that "fix" to get to an acceptable sweetspot between "realism" and "playability"


    as if that would be the visibility solution to the end of days, you guys freak out waaaay too much and waaaay to fast. Relax. Breathe. it's gonne be alright

    Funny one of your clan members was the first one on here whining about how unrealistic it was the second the patch dropped, if I remember correctly and I am of course, the complaints from a select few right after the patch came out was this is total crap I want to stay invisible. The russian forum was filled with the same crap. I am sure that complaining immediately after the patch came out was fully warranted though.

  14. Just now, wellenbrecher said:

    Yes. Definitgely so. Why? Because you could literally have contacts pop in and out of existence based on how far you were zoomed in, my dear.

    Have them pop in and out at will. As in visible at fully zoomed out, start zoom they disappear. Keep zooming and they re-appear.

    Not normal behaviour, that.

    Clearly the zoom was messed up, the solution apparently was to completely disable any type of scaling at all. So now we are back to square one. My dear.

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