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  1. 1 minute ago, Talon_ said:

    If it does I'll be pleasantly surprised - still, I like OpenComposite because it avoids triggering ASW in the first place on my setup. I definitely had noticeable ASW artifacts when I was playing in SteamVR on Wednesday night with the Rift S.

    I've heard people claim they see no artifacts and others say they do, really I just don't think people have any clue what they are talking about.

  2. Pretty sure it does support it. Sounds like I need to sell my rift and my odyssey and pick up a rift S. The fact that it runs so great and looks good is pretty significant. I still don't like the halo, having used basically the same design on the odyssey I much prefer the strap design. Apparently the rift s disconnects from the halo easily, if that's the case I will probably wait for a 3rd party headstrap and facial interface to come out.

  3. 40 minutes ago, meplanes1969 said:

    Just started playing this great sim,working my way into a PTO campaign.

    some many new campaigns and aircraft too fly ,should keep me busy for a while!!

    i know the graphics are no where near as good as newer games.

    but hey I can have buttersmooth FPS and its a lot off fun for us single player freaks.

    keep the screenshots coming and long live the original king of combat flight sims


    The graphics look great imo. 

  4. Just now, dburne said:


    Nahhh, just spent most of afternoon flying PWCG campaign with it and am quite pleased. I be hooked.

    Think I will hang on to it. Plus I have several Oculus Touch games I will enjoy with it.

    Will wait on getting another headset until I see them out and get user reports.



    Yeah true, was only 400 bucks right?


    Not that bad to have it. Hows the 80hz feel any different?

  5. 2 hours ago, dburne said:

    Ok flew a PWCG Cold Start Campaign mission.


    I just left my Oculus Tray Tool settings and graphics as they were, 1.6 SS, ASW off, and Graphics on Ultra.

    Performance was good, I would say on par with what I was getting with the CV1. Of course rather than getting 85-90 fps where I would in the CV1, I was 

    getting 75-80 fps due to lower refresh rate in the Rift S. Performance was very smooth.

    In heavy battle it would drop down to like 60 fps or so, but still smooth.


    Some observations after this flight:

    Need to adjust a little to make sure you are in sweet spot. Also use the Depth Adjustment Button on the headset to get the lens close as can after tightening

    the headset up on the head.


    Clarity - Nice improvement over Rift CV1.

    I was behind a 109 in my Spit , laid into him with my cannons and set the 109 on fire. Watching that pilot bail out was quite a treat with the better clarity.

    I think he flipped me off LOL.

    Understand the clarity is not leaps above CV1, but a nice little improvement. I can read the instruments in the Spit quite well.


    Comfort - Seems pretty good, will know better after some extended play sessions.

    Need to adjust it carefully after putting on head to get in the sweet spot - once adjusted and tightened, it will stay put.

    Nose gap - virtually none, not so easy to peek at keyboard. Have not tried the Pass Through feature yet to see how that might do for 

    keyboard input with headset on. If not doing so yet, you will want to have all your needed inputs on your HOTAS setup for ease of use.


    FOV - seems same to me as CV1, maybe a little more in the vertical but horizontal seems the same.

    Tracking - I had no issue whatsoever with tracking so far with the Rift S, seems very solid. Will see how it does with some of

    my Oculus Touch games.


    Audio - I understand the audio strap is pretty bad - so I had already ordered Klipsch Earbuds to use with the Rift S, and just started using them immediately.

    Positional audio is awesome, sound is quite good.  In my CV1, the audio was ok but even at 100% it was still a little quiet for my taste.

    Not this setup with the earbuds, 100% blasts my ears big time so had to crank it down some.


    SDE - There is still some there, but certainly less than CV1. To tell the truth I got to where I hardly noticed in CV1, so I am sure not going

    to notice much in the Rift S.


    Black Levels - checked out Star Trek Bridge Crew briefly , looked better than I had expected considering the LCD display.

    God Rays - none that I have noticed, however I never noticed them too much in the CV1 either.


    Installation was a snap -  unplugged the CV1, plugged Rift S in, did a firmware update through Oculus Home, and off I went.

    So far I am pleased with my purchase.


    Edit: Oh and the Map and the Briefings, so much easier to read!








    Return it and get the reverb!

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  6. This guy wasn't as stoked about his... Sounds more like how I'd imagined it.


    My Rift S came in today and after spending a quick couple of hours with it here are my take aways.

    NOTE: I need to spend much more time in the headset but here are my initial thoughts/ramblings.


    WOW, the best part about the Rift S by a long shot. I have a 63 IPD so right on the money and the edge to edge clarity is quite a large jump up from the CV1.

    The LED panel does seem a bit of a drop in quality from its younger brother but the clear optics are something else. It’s almost too clear at times as I do see some aliasing.

    One concern I have is the refresh rate, not so much if you are hitting 80 but when ASW kicks in it’s not as smooth as when running on CV1. This may be down to early software support? I hope so. But it’s one of my main concerns at this point.

    I was able to use my desktop in OH though and comfortably read text. The jump up here is quite remarkable.


    The audio solution is quite frankly crap. A 3/10 at best. I really hope we have some 3rd party options here.


    It’s fine while the headset is on and you are using it. For me it’s about the same comfort as CV1. One thing I noticed though, you can’t take it off and rest it on your head. I did this frequently with the CV1 so that I can control my pc. It does seem to put a bit of pressure on my forehead, not sure how I’ll go after a long session. I also maybe need to spend more time on how to adjust it for comfort.


    It’s been flawless so far but I haven’t really spent too much time testing it out. Early signs are good.


    Early signs are positive but I’m already preying for a decent 3rd party strap with good audio, and possibly a redesigned facial mask. I would say Oculus have provided optics, tracking and touch. Lenovo probably looked after the rest.



  7. 11 hours ago, dburne said:

    And those to me look terrible.

    Similar to the ones I saw posted about Rift and Vive a couple of years or so ago, if I had seen them before purchasing my Rift 

    I likely would not have.

    But the actual experience was much better than what I saw in those pics.

    One just can not show an actual representation on a 2d image what one actually sees in the 3d environment.

    It does however give a fair impression of which headsets have the better resolution. There is also more to a headset than just resolution.


    In any event, I should know by week's end on the Rift S.

    It will probably be decent. Again who knows what hes running those games at could be 100%. Just hope the comfort isn't an issue. I know the halo for the odyssey sucked until I put the big fluffy VR leather cover on it. It still sucks for watching movies because that big thing behind your head doesn't let you lean back in a chair. Which is disappointing because movies look amazing on big screen in the o+ it's literally like being in the theater.

  8. Just now, dburne said:



    Nice choice.


    Yeah I am considering that new Virpil throttle also.

    I have had the Crosswind pedals since Dec 2015, love them.


    What throttle are you using now?


    Can't wait to finally have a proper stick with an extension no less, might go with foxxmounts, hes US based and makes basically the same thing as monstertech, also 2 mounts for 175 shipped instead of one for 175 shipped, can't beat that.

  9. I am up to 6 installs of 1946, please guys, my poor harddrives, about to add HSFX next to play boelckes west front campaign. I am completely addicted to 1946 its just too much fun.

  10. On 4/20/2019 at 8:25 AM, dburne said:

    Virpil would probably be the best and less expensive set based on your description. They have the base, grip, extension, and deskmount all available.

    Their new T-50 Base is looking nice , and their new CM2 grip looks pretty good as well.



    VKB is another great setup, I love mine, but they do not have their own deskmount and a Monster Tech Mount can get pricey. Plus VKB can be a longer wait to try and get one.

    I have both Virpil and VKB setups, both are very good.


    I couldn't let you outdo me picked up a gunfighter pro and mcg grip off a guy, just need a mount now. 460 bucks shipped for the stick. Can't wait. Just need to upgrade the throttle and pedals now. Probably go virpil throttle and crosswinds. Or VKB's new rudder pedals with the toe breaks.

  11. On 5/12/2019 at 11:53 PM, thedoctorking said:

    So how do you make a plane fly straight? Constant adjustment to the stick produces a swinging back and forth, which makes it nearly impossible to get the plane on the ground in one piece. 


    I'm on "easy" settings. Is there a "dunce" setting?

    What are you using? Keyboard? Joystick? You can adjust the sensitivity settings in the control options so little movements don't make the plane move so much.

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