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  1. Pugviking uses a rift without the mod and somehow gets tons of kills, I am usually identifying for him though lol.
  2. Yeah true, was only 400 bucks right? Not that bad to have it. Hows the 80hz feel any different?
  3. Gotta crank up that super sampling. I notice this in my odyssey + as well. That's why I say the o+ needs at least 150% SS to start really looking good.
  4. If you end up getting this and want to sell the warthog throttle let me know.
  5. This guy wasn't as stoked about his... Sounds more like how I'd imagined it. My Rift S came in today and after spending a quick couple of hours with it here are my take aways. NOTE: I need to spend much more time in the headset but here are my initial thoughts/ramblings. Optics WOW, the best part about the Rift S by a long shot. I have a 63 IPD so right on the money and the edge to edge clarity is quite a large jump up from the CV1. The LED panel does seem a bit of a drop in quality from its younger brother but the clear optics are something else. It’s almost too clear at times as I do see some aliasing. One concern I have is the refresh rate, not so much if you are hitting 80 but when ASW kicks in it’s not as smooth as when running on CV1. This may be down to early software support? I hope so. But it’s one of my main concerns at this point. I was able to use my desktop in OH though and comfortably read text. The jump up here is quite remarkable. Audio The audio solution is quite frankly crap. A 3/10 at best. I really hope we have some 3rd party options here. Comfort It’s fine while the headset is on and you are using it. For me it’s about the same comfort as CV1. One thing I noticed though, you can’t take it off and rest it on your head. I did this frequently with the CV1 so that I can control my pc. It does seem to put a bit of pressure on my forehead, not sure how I’ll go after a long session. I also maybe need to spend more time on how to adjust it for comfort. Tracking It’s been flawless so far but I haven’t really spent too much time testing it out. Early signs are good. Summary Early signs are positive but I’m already preying for a decent 3rd party strap with good audio, and possibly a redesigned facial mask. I would say Oculus have provided optics, tracking and touch. Lenovo probably looked after the rest. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/bqv9e2/my_early_impressions_of_the_s_from_a_cv1_owner/
  6. It will probably be decent. Again who knows what hes running those games at could be 100%. Just hope the comfort isn't an issue. I know the halo for the odyssey sucked until I put the big fluffy VR leather cover on it. It still sucks for watching movies because that big thing behind your head doesn't let you lean back in a chair. Which is disappointing because movies look amazing on big screen in the o+ it's literally like being in the theater.
  7. Picking up a vive in 2019 was your first mistake. I will say if you can still return it do, and get yourself a newer HMD.
  8. I don't know what settings dude runs his tests at but my odyssey in elite looks way better than that at 200% ss.
  9. Yeah I've got to change my username to register for the other side, that's a pita.
  10. Bat works online? I'd be down!
  11. Nice soundtrack, great video. Whats the track?
  12. What throttle are you using now? Can't wait to finally have a proper stick with an extension no less, might go with foxxmounts, hes US based and makes basically the same thing as monstertech, also 2 mounts for 175 shipped instead of one for 175 shipped, can't beat that.
  13. I am up to 6 installs of 1946, please guys, my poor harddrives, about to add HSFX next to play boelckes west front campaign. I am completely addicted to 1946 its just too much fun.
  14. I couldn't let you outdo me picked up a gunfighter pro and mcg grip off a guy, just need a mount now. 460 bucks shipped for the stick. Can't wait. Just need to upgrade the throttle and pedals now. Probably go virpil throttle and crosswinds. Or VKB's new rudder pedals with the toe breaks.
  15. What are you using? Keyboard? Joystick? You can adjust the sensitivity settings in the control options so little movements don't make the plane move so much.
  16. The only thing I am weary about is the fact that VKB offers ZERO support for items not purchased directly from them. So if I have issues with this 440 dollar joystick I must contact aliexpress? Give me a break.
  17. 115 players? What? How? I thought the server limit was 84?
  18. I'm in the US I really want that gunfighter. Just wish vkb had desk mounts like vjrpil. The monster tech ones are ugly and expensive.
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