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  1. I've had triples, dual, ultrawide and 2 VR headsets, I still use headtracking and my ultrawide. VR is awesome, there's no doubt, unfortunately only BOX and DCS support headtracking. All the other flight sims I play don't. Plus it's a major hassle and sucks with glasses. The amount of space my triples took up was ridiculous. Was used for racing.
  2. 21:9 is so nice it made me quit VR after owning two different headsets and being one of those claiming they could never fly 2d again.
  3. These are two completely different games running on two completely different code bases. I am not sure what hasn't already been answered here. You can just adjust opentrack to offset your view -.2 on the x axis and you'll be directly behind the gunsight just like bos. Or do what sokol said. It's like asking if DCS can have the same control setup. These things aren't really a big deal. I play Il2 1946, Cliffs, and great battles, hell I've played war thunder a bit too and setting up and adjusting to each game takes a few minutes. Can't really expect what you are asking for here.
  4. Is kill crediting to another user in co-op not working? Allo and I are flying co-op campaigns and he never gets credited for kills. Also is there any way to adjust the size of your flights? We frequently go up in a tiny flight of either just us 2 or one extra wingman. I see the adjustments for the amount of planes and flights that spawn but they seem to do nothing in effecting our flight strength. There is so much stuff to adjust and use in this software yet trying to figure out how to use it is quite the task. Is there anywhere I can find info about it? I don't want to have to bug you for every question. I am sure a ton of stuff has been posted and said in this section but actually finding the information is basically a full time job. Thanks for the hard work you've put into this awesome piece of kit.
  5. If the AI behaves in a realistic manner does it really matter? They could just say yes it does and you'd be none the wiser. That's the trick.
  6. there's contrails you can see way off in the distance.
  7. I guess it depends on what game mode is more important to you. Also it's pilot physiology.
  8. Literally every game with voip in the last 10 years lets you mute individuals who annoy you. Literally a basic feature of voip. So your entire essay on how voice comms suck is completely irrelevant since a mute feature would almost certainly be available.
  9. Just get a 9th gen intel chip and be happy you made the right choice for VR.
  10. Have you not read the latest dev diary? We get massive improvements and still get a full stable of late war fighters. They are literally working on a massive list of great improvements right now. Not limited to, 100km view distances, full pilot physiology, better AI, always tweaking and dialing in flight models and damage models. Adding more realism to the game with every new patch, marshal mode for multiplayer, all types of cool stuff is on the table. Please do yourself a favor and read the latest diary.
  11. Having a blast flying with some p-40e's in moscow, got a few kills already, the highlight so far was lighting 3 mc202's on fire in the early morning, those 50 cals are amazing. Fuel leak, then instant fire, burn baby burn!
  12. Wow funny to see you hating on wings over the riech again, didn't you just tell me you don't go around shitting on it any chance you get? Weird to see you here. It's based off the Combat flight sim 3 engine, the engines been so heavily altered that it's nothing like the stock CFS3 engine. So any game that uses another games engine is really just a mod of that game according to your logic. Guess Battlefield 5 is just a Bad company 2 mod. Better tell EA and Dice to stop charging money for it. You are too much my dude. Great for a laugh.
  13. No thanks I just read Anandtech and they say at normalized frequencies the ryzen is slightly faster. So IPC is about the same but unfortunately the Intel chip has about 5-600 mhz over the amd chip. And vr needs all it can get. The Intel chip is still the winner. Not sure what I said in my comment that was completely untrue.
  14. Please post a source for those claims. Not watching a YouTube video.
  15. I'd stick with Intel just for the simple fact that it still has the edge in attainable single core performance. The new ryzens are actually equal clock per clock in IPC, the issue is the chips don't clock that high. That 9700k will do 5ghz with a good mobo. That's as good as it gets for VR.
  16. It is absolutely 100% in single player. Dcs tried enabling it online and the server crashes or comes to a crawl. It's not happening online.
  17. You can set better and more precise curves through the vkb software. There's even a mode you can enable through a button press/hold that will cut the sensitivity in half for better precision. Lots of cool stuff in the software.
  18. 1. No 2. It's a feature being worked on.
  19. Right just like the AI would never get worked on, the view distances are a massive detriment and an engine limitation that will never get fixed, the list truly goes on forever. Must be tough being this pessimistic all the time. 🙄
  20. call outs, commands, all of it needs reworked. Having 3 hotkey commands, attack air, attack ground, rejoin... Leaves a bit to be desired. There's like 2 attack air commands that just end up doing the same thing.. We need the old radio menu back.
  21. Better than that you can hit windows+alt+printscreen and skip the entire opening paint, saving it and all that crap and just have it saved as an image right into your captures folder.
  22. Doesn't work still, just loads the mission and then boots you back to the mission select screen. I am sure the updates messed it up. Like I said I tried to open them in the mission editor and save them but I couldn't figure it out. Would love to play it. Thanks.
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