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  1. Put some hs129's up in quick mission and start shooting, one of them will explode.
  2. The numbers just continue to plummet, its pretty disappointing, got into clod way too late.
  3. You'd be much better off grabbing a current il2 game and going online with that.
  4. Does the desk mount from virpil work with the warthog? Dang that thing is not cheap, over 300 just for the base! Seems the warbrd isn't made for extensions, so the 50 is the only one that works well with them, so looking at like 600 or more just for the m50 a grip and the desk mount, that's bonkers. The warthogs looking better every second. 500 bucks gets you a great stick a kick butt throttle and you can add extensions to it. Does the warthog work with virpil mounts?
  5. Wasn't it supposed to come out last year? I mean it's almost halfway through 2019 at this point. If it doesn't release sometime this year there will be nobody left alive that even knows what cliffs is.
  6. lmao how did I not see this post. What on earth. I definitely enjoy a gorey game as much as the next german guy, but it's a bit weird in a flight sim.
  7. I really would like to get a nice setup going to move on from this t16000 full setup I have. First thing would be getting a joystick that doesn't feel like a toy. What would be the cheapest option to get a deskmount, joystick base and an extended grip going? Virpil? Nothing crazy like floor mounted or anything just want a small extended joystick I can mount centrally on my desk. What would a setup like this cost? 400-500 dollars? Was thinking maybe just grab a warthog, as I get a nice new throttle as well for about 500 bucks and can add an extension to that base. If I am correct? At some point I'd like to replace the entire setup with new rudder pedals, throttle and joystick. I play flightsims far too much to be running subpar equipment. Hell I've spent more on VR goggles than my flight equipment ten fold... Which makes me quite sad. The t16000 isn't bad but the throttle and pedals are very cheaply made, I don't see them lasting much longer I am already getting slight issues with the throttle at full and not getting 100% out of it. I really like those german looking grips from VKB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Man those ww1 birds are gorgeous. Really need to pick up FC.
  9. I will get more detailed data later today. Will try to get some video of it as well, can PM it to you. Usually during midday hours. Noticed it on the p-47 and FW-190 A8.
  10. LOL pug melted 6 of you dweebs in like 15 minutes. Plus this video is just in really poor taste with the hitler picture and everything. Really strange.
  11. He's got a point as of right now, even at peak hours, the amount of people playing in the normal game servers are paltry in comparison. Best not to waste time on such frivolous adventures.
  12. Unless you plan on holding a touch controller in your hand it's not going to be of much use.
  13. The 3d migoto mod can do this already, and can be bound to any key.
  14. Not sure, I had the game start crashing on me the other night in VR and deleting that file fixed it. Something gets bugged in it or something who knows.
  15. Where's the dislike button.
  16. Gunna try the rubber bands until I can find a spring. Once they break I'll upgrade.
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