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  1. JonRedcorn

    Engine sounds got quieter.

    It was like this pre 3.005 it's been a problem.
  2. I did not realize that currently for the limits to be disabled you need to have external views enabled. If that's the case then I will fully withdraw my complaint. It's unfortunate the answer we got from the devs on the situation.
  3. It was only made to replace the broken FTW original version, they just added some thermal pads, there's nothing else different. If you are doing VR I'd save the extra 200 bucks it would cost and get the 1080ti.
  4. Again I do not care how you feel or perceive the sight to be. In reality, you use the rings to do proper deflection shooting. If you cannot see the outer rings then you cannot do proper deflection shooting. I am unsure what's so hard for you to wrap your head around this. I have proven you wrong twice now. But please continue with the insults. Also think I am doing just fine in VR thanks. Wanting a better experience doesn't mean I can't fly with the way it is. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/pilot/14573/JonRedcorn/?tour=37 As you can see in this video you cannot see the outer rings of the weapon site.
  5. It doesn't matter what you feel, the gunsight isn't fully visible with the current setup. You cannot see the outer ring at all. End of story. Go try for yourself. Or take somebodies word for it who's spent the last month and a half putting over 60 hours into the game in VR.
  6. Sorry to double post but you posted at the exact time I did and I didn't quote you so I doubt you saw my post, Do you guys run the VR limiter on in this server? That's disappointing.
  7. Do you guys run the VR limiter option on?
  8. Yeah this is pointless dude. I am done. So not being able to see your full gunsight is totally ok? In more than half the planes if you open the cockpit while flying with the limiter on you cannot put your head outside. But you knew that already since you fly in VR so much. So me complaining about one fucking thing on a game I've spent over 300 dollars on makes me a fucking whiner. Good stuff. Again this will be my last post on the subject. You guys win.
  9. Do you have a VR headset? Have you played the game in VR? The VR limiter in it's current form makes you unable to move within even a foot of the gunsight on any plane, you are unable to get close enough to even see the entire sight picture, you can't even use the outer rings for lining up shots, not only that but most of the german planes have such a tiny area you can move in that it's hard just to look around, the FW190 is terrible. Just turning your head results in the entire camera moving backwards making you feel sick. You hear a really loud THUD noise and then the camera backs away from it. It's ridiculous. I am not trying to cheat, it's the last thing I'd ever want to do, I don't think anyone that plays this game would cheat with it off. The berloga dogfight server doesn't have it enabled and nobodies complaining about cheaters in there. Trackir people have a massive advantage over us already. We already fight with lower resolution, harder to spot enemies, having to actually turn your head fully to the position you want to look, and that's all fine because it's immersive as hell and I can't fly any other way. But it's extremely restrictive with the limiter on, the biggest complaint I have with it is not being able to see your gunsight fully. That's not cheating that's literally a massive disadvantage. Like I said if jason said he was willing to have the team check it out I wouldn't even care. But this isn't happening. At the end of the day DenLarik is going to do whatever he wants to, it's his server, just wish people would hear me out without screaming cheater at the top of their lungs. Especially when they don't have VR themselves so in all likelihood they don't even know what they are talking about. The fact you think it's easy to exploit and use it to cheat is the main reason I believe that.
  10. This is what I am trying to make you guys realize, doing any of that is NOT advantageous in a dog fight, the movement is 1:1 so for me to look through the floor or out the back of the plane I have to actually move to that location, I have to move 3 feet through the bottom of the plane and then still control my aircraft? That's ridiculous. It's already hard enough to check my 6 in my damn seat while maintaining control of the aircraft in a dogfight. The fact you guys think it's some kind of advantage just shows you haven't actually tried to do it. I cannot understand how leaving my joystick to go look out the back of the plane is an advantage. The amount of people even using VR is tiny online. Most of the times I am probably the only person on Wings that's even using it. If Jason said they'd check it out and try and make the limits bigger I'd say no problem, but he just said this morning there's no chance in hell it's getting worked on. So we're stuck with what we got. Meaning I can't even lean into the gunsight enough to properly use the thing.
  11. This is nice to see. Good job guys.
  12. I understand that, however in order to "cheat" you have to literally get out of your chair and move away from your controls, I am unsure how this is cheating. The headtrackir guys can sit and look out the back of their planes all day no problem, for me to look at my 6 I need to actually look at my 6, not just turn my head 2cm. If anything the trackir guys are cheating. My whole point being that Jason said there are no fixes coming to VR limiter at all, so the only hope we have is that you disable it.
  13. They just told me they aren't able to do it anything about the vr limiter. So it's either play single player with it disabled or suffer in multi-player. That's why I asked.