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  1. I thought you guys said beta testing would hopefully start around december 1st... It's the 12th and it's a closed alpha?
  2. I don't get why they haven't worked on this. It's literally the weakest plane damage wise in the whole plane set.
  3. There's zero reason to ever put this game on a disk I don't even think it works without an online connection.
  4. I can't wait to fly over the channel in high freaking fidelity, I spent ages on modding il2 1946 to a point where I could enjoy that on a map this large, and the lack of detail and immersion still didn't completely sell it. This game just needs 1946's AI at this point and we can finally shelve it.
  5. When a game released in 2001 has way better AI than a game released in 2019 something aint right. 👴 Can only hope for better wingman control in the future.
  6. I'm surprised that chip can handle il2...
  7. And you've never tried VR yet you go around dogging it every chance you get, go figure.
  8. Why do you own every single il2 release then? Bobp, FC and TC are all in early access. Not playing EA these days might as well just stop gaming period.
  9. Not sure where they are going to move on too, for ww2 mostly realistic combat this is it. There's no where else to go.... Seeing Kota and Combat box jam packed, I'd say player numbers are way up.
  10. Something is obviously wrong on your end, I fixed my stutters, and many others are playing online right now just fine. So the games not broken. That's a fact. I would try making sure my drivers are up to date, nvidia control panel settings aren't set to something not from default, reinstall the game. If you can't attempt basic trouble shooting than that's your problem. I was also getting a high framerate and unplayable stutters even though the high FPS, I had to lock the framerate to 60 fps, I also updated my drivers and deleted the startup.cfg, I now am running at a locked 75 fps with my refresh rate at 75hz. Game is completely smooth with maxed out settings. The game works. You just need to figure out why it's not for you. Whining and making threats is not going to help you get anywhere.
  11. Seems like nobody upgraded their drivers that's still complaining about stutters, newest drivers, deletion of startup.cfg literally went from unplayable to completely smooth again. All on max settings, specs in my signature.
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