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  1. Is the p-40 engine blowing up from the slightest change in humidity realistic? Are the asinine American engine limitations realistic? Maybe some things should have a bit of give and take. To claim we are striving for realism and have silly things like this in the game still kind of defeats the whole argument.
  2. JonRedcorn

    Future for VR

    Yeah definitely they should just swap everything over to Unreal engine 5 easy peasy.
  3. I am sure wings of liberty is not going to turn off tech chat so you can stop be a salty baby. You fly a lagg 3 every single flight and just bounce people over ur own airfield anyways I am not even sure how this effects you in the slightest.
  4. Maybe not super realistic but the radio commands certainly worked pretty well and enabled you to do some really fun stuff with the AI. I'd play this game a lot more if we had the same level of interaction with the AI. Maybe one day. That's why I keep buying addons hoping they revamp this stuff at some point. Maybe ten years from now..
  5. I will say certain things like somebody brought up, the a20 not knowing which bomb selector mode you have engaged could be troublesome.
  6. Well just be assured you can definitely use the manifold and RPM gauges to make sure you aren't over the limits. I think it will be cool for people to fly at slightly slower settings, giving that guy who says screw it and pushes it harder an advantage but at the cost of completely blowing the engine. Could be a lot of fun.
  7. "When your whole life flashes before your eyes, how much of it do you want to not have ray tracing?"
  8. What exactly is the point of this comment? 🤨 I dunno if anyone remembers but back with Il2 1946 you could literally select planes or ground targets with a selection box and order either individual planes, a flight or a pair of your wingman to attack that selected object. Games was way ahead of its time in regards to flight commanding. Hell you could call in BACK UP from nearby flights. Get directions back to base, it even added morse code to find your carrier fleet.
  9. That's basically the whole point in my eyes for removing the techchat, no longer will people just jam the throttle and see 89% and know they are safe, you will have to actually read the gauges and make a judgment, which like you said should make people fly a little less on the edge and make everything a little more chaotic. For the longest time the pros just quickly glance and see they are at the limit and good to go, no need to actually check the cockpit at all. There was a massive thread a while back begging for this option, so glad to finally see it getting implemented.
  10. Finally we have what looks like glass cockpit gauges, looks great.
  11. Is the public allowed to get in on the beta testing?
  12. Haha! Reading the p-47 thread just below this one reminded me of all the great ground attack missions we had. I'll need to hop on soon. Been too long.
  13. This is why I stopped playing. Not sure why I even bothered buying bon. Sweep it under the rug. 🙄
  14. Sadly il2 1946 still blows this sim out of the water in regards to singleplayer content. It's pretty much unmatched. Moreover there are a few other games that do better in this regard as well. The career is a bore and could never get past 2-3 missions. You just end up flying circles waiting for contact in half the missions. The radio commands between your flight are pretty much useless, the GCI is non existent, things games from 15 years ago had in spades we are missing completely here. Maybe instead of another 90 dollar plane pack we could get some proper core gameplay updates. If the career
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