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  1. Haha! Reading the p-47 thread just below this one reminded me of all the great ground attack missions we had. I'll need to hop on soon. Been too long.
  2. This is why I stopped playing. Not sure why I even bothered buying bon. Sweep it under the rug. 🙄
  3. Sadly il2 1946 still blows this sim out of the water in regards to singleplayer content. It's pretty much unmatched. Moreover there are a few other games that do better in this regard as well. The career is a bore and could never get past 2-3 missions. You just end up flying circles waiting for contact in half the missions. The radio commands between your flight are pretty much useless, the GCI is non existent, things games from 15 years ago had in spades we are missing completely here. Maybe instead of another 90 dollar plane pack we could get some proper core gameplay updates. If the career was at least dynamic and kept tally of troop movements and a front line where taking out some tanks actually meant something maybe that'd spice it up. As of right now I'd rather fire up 1946 with some DCG or some great mods to enjoy. Very excited for Cliffs Africa expansion to release, with the promise of some nice sp content it all looks very exciting. Hopefully it does well. That game carried over a lot of the great things from 1946.
  4. Well in the actual war the pilots would have had the throttle pinned and using the full water injection till it ran out instead of babying the motor around like you have to in the sim. That's 95% of the problem.
  5. Sure just post up a couple million in funding and I am sure they will immediately get started on that. I think a lot of people here have expectations bordering on delusional. This games niche, the markets tiny, thus curb your expectations a bit eh.
  6. I thought you guys said beta testing would hopefully start around december 1st... It's the 12th and it's a closed alpha?
  7. I don't get why they haven't worked on this. It's literally the weakest plane damage wise in the whole plane set.
  8. There's zero reason to ever put this game on a disk I don't even think it works without an online connection.
  9. I can't wait to fly over the channel in high freaking fidelity, I spent ages on modding il2 1946 to a point where I could enjoy that on a map this large, and the lack of detail and immersion still didn't completely sell it. This game just needs 1946's AI at this point and we can finally shelve it.
  10. When a game released in 2001 has way better AI than a game released in 2019 something aint right. 👴 Can only hope for better wingman control in the future.
  11. I'm surprised that chip can handle il2...
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