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  1. Borderless windowed has vsync enabled automatically?
  2. I'd very much like to see the tracers improved as well. If the Germans had green tracers we should have the proper color in game. Can't be more than a line of code dictating the coloring. Would also like to see them toned down a bit as well. Think they look much better in 1946. It was actually a shock to me how colorful the battles were, there's blue tracers from the canons, greens, reds, yellow.
  3. ah nothing more satisfying than seeing a 109 hit the dirt and blow into a million little pieces.
  4. Using VKB's extension which is 200mm and I use a lot of curve on mine. A lot of these planes feel very jumpy.
  5. I tried at 9k, could outrun the yak no problem surprised to find how fast that yak actually is at 9km. Climbs better than the p-47 somehow at 9km. Somethings off. I got in the yak at 9k it could turn a little before stalling, it was also pushing about 55 on the manifold pressure.
  6. I am going to give this a try, that'd certainly be weird. The yak should be struggling to breath at that altitude.
  7. I think it's your time zone. Kota is always full in the middle of the day, combat box has people on it later at night. Wings just always has people on it. It's a good server for newbies and people looking for quick action.
  8. lol thats not the case at all... When do you even try and play? Not only is that completely untrue, but the point you are trying to make is questionable. Not really any point at all in fact.
  9. Haven't had to suffer flying on that server in a while, might pop in occasionally, but there are plenty of other servers with people in it on the regular.
  10. Oh trust me I fondly remember that thread, and all the we don't need it discords so easy to use crap that got sprayed all over the thread. The last 10 posts in this thread were hilarious.
  11. lol and yall are against in game voip... 🤣
  12. Which weapon group actually fires the cannon? The mk101 or mk103. I can never remember. I really wish we could get that cannon swapped onto it's own trigger, seeing as we have the separate weapon groups in game already, as weapon group 3 I hope that we can see this happen at some point.
  13. I would assume he means a campaign where your actions effect outcomes and your kills actually matter. Even the old il2, the stock dgen campaign generator was the same way as this one, basically just generates missions for you to play, DCG on the other hand a real dynamic campaign system tracks evrything. If you destroy a train, bad things happen for the enemy, they lose resources, that trains gone and never coming back. Take out a tank column and you may stop an attack on a city and push the enemy back. Things like this are what separates a dynamic campaign from a mission generator.
  14. I really cannot wait to see some of the russian or older US planes draped in 4k glory. il2 1942 in 4k? Yes please!
  15. FYI the banana boat mk2c actually didn't carry those markings in this time period! Please correct kthx.
  16. Not all of us treat il2 as a call of duty game. We aren't all trying to get the highest score by any means nescassary. Some of us actually enjoy flying because we love the planes. Weird right?
  17. All the radials are way too weak, literally 2-3 machine gun rounds and the p-47 engine ceases to run every single time.
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