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  1. Seems like nobody upgraded their drivers that's still complaining about stutters, newest drivers, deletion of startup.cfg literally went from unplayable to completely smooth again. All on max settings, specs in my signature.
  2. You need a new monitor cause that looks like a screens hit in 240p
  3. That's a horrible low res jpeg artifact filled photo. Why does everyone post the worst pictures when they say CAN YOU SEE THIS PLANE!!?? My fridge has a nicer picture quality.
  4. Ooo Let's get a planeset with all the allied upgrades and stick the germans with g-14's and g-6's should be a lot of fun! Let's remember they have their superior Minengeschoß!!!
  5. Funny I thought this 1 year ago. Pre 3.02 or so. Performance in my rift was stellar. It's been horrible ever since. Gave up.
  6. Certainly can't wait for the winter version. Although I do agree with some of the complaints the map does seem a bit barren. But we may be pushing the object limit as it stands currently. Especially with the building distance setting. There's gotta be some give and take. People are already up in arms about performance issues.
  7. Keybinds wont be effected, just graphics and general settings. Worth it if it works.
  8. Join a squadron or check some discords out, there's teamwork, I just had a nice FW-190D attack we did on KOTA hitting the ships with 3 of us. We were on comms though. Trying to use teamwork with chat is a bit much.
  9. Managed to fix the stuttering by updating to latest Nvidia driver and deleting the startup.cfg file in the game folders, seems the file was corrupted or something, in game vsync was not working, was locking my framerate at 75 even though my refresh rate is at 60hz. So figured I'd delete that and everything is perfectly smooth again. Was about to nuke the game and reinstall it, glad that worked.
  10. Guess I will purchase mighty 2080ti to play game at max setting, 1080ti just isn't enough. 8700k at STABLE 5ghz not enough either must buy 9999900k. *Meanwhile getting 150 fps with stutters. Strange.
  11. Honestly couldn't even care about the visibility right now since multiplayer is unplayable with stutters....
  12. The game runs fine offline, 150+ FPS, go online and it's stutter central, with any combination of Vsync, in game, nvidia control panel controlled, Fast sync, all of it. It does nothing..
  13. The online stuttering is god awful, tried in game vsync, nvidia vsync, fast sync, everything. It's not even playable right now, my system isn't exactly middle of the road. Frame rate is perfectly fine, I just can't look around or anything without constant stuttering, worst I've ever seen it.
  14. It's pretty clear the alternative option is the more favorable option based on comments alone.
  15. Go test it yourself. It's not hard. Neither option is like pre 3.201 update. One has enlarged planes that are scaled to be bigger than they really are the other is more realistic and doesn't have much scaling if any at all.
  16. You can always go play DCS. IL2's always been kind of casual.
  17. Funny one of your clan members was the first one on here whining about how unrealistic it was the second the patch dropped, if I remember correctly and I am of course, the complaints from a select few right after the patch came out was this is total crap I want to stay invisible. The russian forum was filled with the same crap. I am sure that complaining immediately after the patch came out was fully warranted though.
  18. Clearly the zoom was messed up, the solution apparently was to completely disable any type of scaling at all. So now we are back to square one. My dear.
  19. The whole issue I have with making spotting 100% realistic is that this is still a video game that we play online to have fun. We have compromises in many other aspects of the sim in regards to realism, yet with spotting for some reason we must have it 100% real. Maybe we need to think about playability a bit and remember not everyone is here with 20/20 hawk eye vision and the gifted ability to spot similarly shaded blue pixels out of a blue sky. The view distance rendering settings are not gone, stuff is still rendered at great distance there's no wall at 10km anymore, but the "Scaling" is fully dialed back to pretty much how it was. They made an entirely new scaling system only to completely shut it off it seems like. Think we are going to have to figure out a compromise between the 100% realism crowd and the we still wanna have some fun crowd. I think it's also pretty clear there are a lot of people posting that do not regularly post on the forums and asking what is going on. That's a pretty clear indicator that the easier spotting was very welcomed by a lot of people myself included.. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
  20. Think the dora cockpit is one of the nicest ones in the whole package. Hmm..
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