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  1. That's what it really boils down to, there just isn't anything that comes close and this thread is making me want to strap the headset back on.
  2. Think you are right, I had initially done an ace on ace quick battle with 109's and yak's and was blown away. The yaks were doing stuff I've never seen the AI do in this game.
  3. This is why I was getting frustrated at the AI threads in the dev sub forum, the AI change is very much appreciated.
  4. Need to be clear this has 0 effect on aircraft spotting distance, or ground target distance, buildings and trees are another story.
  5. That seems to be the case, the option to change the readouts would be just fine and not effect gameplay at all. But the devs would have to redo all the technochats for each and every plane, pipe dream at this point.
  6. Wait are people actually looking at their hotas setups when 2d flying? Isn't the whole point of a hotas to know where everything is and be easily accessible? Il2 doesn't really command a whole lot from the user. If you fly axis you literally just need to know where your throttle and stick are. This is the first time I am hearing people concerned about button engagement. Can't say I look at my setup ever, maybe if you play once a year it's an issue. If you play at least once a week you should know where your inputs are. Using a keyboard is a different story. Was still able to type proficiently, I don't look at the keyboard when I type either. Just getting on the correct area of the keyboard can be a challenge. I guess if you're a grandpa that stabs keys with their index fingers while hovering over it then yeah it might be an issue. Think the immersion is well worth it. The people complaining about picture quality have obviously not used anything beyond a rift/vive. That's apparent from the comments in this thread.
  7. You are a known anti VR guy, that's used VR "at the office" Your opinion on the subject is rather meaningless.
  8. Tigersound mod was nothing short of horrible in il2 1946. Having some generic canned flyby sound is not going to add anything to this game. Have fun working with the Fmod sound engine.
  9. 1946 with mods looks 10x better than this.
  10. It already is... Not having it on is just a disadvantage to yourself. 😎
  11. The damage model of the whole plane needs reworked. It's like flying a glass bathtub.
  12. I know he's not, I just thought putting, hahahahahaha was a little too harsh. Lighten the mood brother!
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