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  1. Just because you keep calling it bugged doesn't make it true. You are like the guy on the corner yelling jesus is coming back. We hear you, but we're all just laughing at you at this point.
  2. That's incredibly disappointing. Have the gunfighter pro with the mcg pro but I want that kg12. Not about to spend 350 bucks for it.
  3. As much as I'd love some F-86/Mig-15 combat online in il2 I'd have to agree.
  4. Ah yeah, the same fighter group thing I could see. Didn't even think about that, thought it was just in regards to a p-47 campaign. Super stoked for gambits campaign as well. With the new AI updates the games actually decent to play in singleplayer now. The scripted campaigns also have the added bonus of being able to have skins for all the aircraft which is a huge boost to immersion. It's the one major thing I hope they add at some point is squadron markings and whatnot. Like in old il2.
  5. I'd like an italy campaign for sure, could get some early p-47's. The map could be very cool.
  6. I dunno why anyone would think they are stepping on anyones toes, the more campaigns the better. Who cares if they are for the same aircraft, we can fly all of them.
  7. We should start a topic just for ehret and countsmokealot and they can babble endlessly with poor grammar about how terrible the timers are. Literally ruined another thread with their endless drivel. It really starts getting old especially since the devs have said they are going to try and work on it. Not sure I can handle another countcocopuff essay.
  8. The new 1903 windows update is a dumpster fire, roll back if you can. I'm not updating off of 1806 or whatever the hell I am on.
  9. I'd very much like to see that as well. Close the soviet chapter out. Really would love to see yak-3's and yak-9's, La-7s, all types of stuff. Would also like to see some new soviet bombers, il-4 maybe. Something bigger than the pe-2. We are kind of out of planes for germany though. There's still variants left but not a whole lot else. Really I rather just see a yak-3/yak-9t or something as a collector for online.
  10. That's what it really boils down to, there just isn't anything that comes close and this thread is making me want to strap the headset back on.
  11. Think you are right, I had initially done an ace on ace quick battle with 109's and yak's and was blown away. The yaks were doing stuff I've never seen the AI do in this game.
  12. This is why I was getting frustrated at the AI threads in the dev sub forum, the AI change is very much appreciated.
  13. Need to be clear this has 0 effect on aircraft spotting distance, or ground target distance, buildings and trees are another story.
  14. That seems to be the case, the option to change the readouts would be just fine and not effect gameplay at all. But the devs would have to redo all the technochats for each and every plane, pipe dream at this point.
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