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  1. 392FS_Jred

    New HTC Vive Pro Eye

    Also just for example, the rift priced very nicely comes with two controllers two sensors and the headset for 350. The headset is well built and very comfortable, the screens are just a bit low res, it was cutting edge when it came out and it wasn't much more. Having to pay 1300 dollars for the vive pro to get one up and running is way too much.
  2. 392FS_Jred

    New HTC Vive Pro Eye

    We just need something with higher resolution around the 300-400 dollar price point, these 800-1000 dollar headsets don't interest me at all.
  3. 392FS_Jred

    VR view lock

    Yeah I am unsure of exactly what you are talking about? Maybe try another description? Can't quite understand it.
  4. 392FS_Jred

    AI improved after 3.007?

    I'd very much like to know why you chose to write that post in such an incredibly tiny font. Thanks.
  5. 392FS_Jred

    What to upgrade next RAM or GPU

    Small gains or even a loss in performance usually means the OC is unstable, needs more voltage.
  6. They have been working to try and minimize the impact the hud is having on performance, so that would make sense.
  7. 392FS_Jred

    Tactical Air War

    This is a rational and I believe fair response to the issue. Would just implement a rule to prohibit this further from happening, if said rule is broken again then ban him. As of right now no rules were broken, and I don't believe you should ban somebody for being unsportsmanlike.
  8. 392FS_Jred

    Tactical Air War

    So because there's one [edited] who wants to ruin everyone elses fun everyones going to join together to kill the server. Sounds like a great plan and totally not overreacting at all.
  9. Fenris you sir are a genius, I don't know what you are changing in the startup config file but it makes the game A: look better, and B: spotting way easier, it was so clear it was weird.
  10. 392FS_Jred


    guys sorry for the thread necro, this things been brought back to life twice now, but how the heck does the russian rpk work? I was on taw got lost after a dog fight and couldn't use it to get me home, I've used the german one with success before, figured this one worked similar. Maybe I was turning the wrong way I do not know? Do I need to hit any buttons to make it change location or something? Couldn't find too much on how to use it even after searching.
  11. oh my god. at least you know your cpu is stable.
  12. 392FS_Jred

    I can't take it anymore!

    Unfortunately trackir doesn't give you even close to the experience a vr headset does. The loss of immersion is just not worth the pretty graphics. The p-39 feels like a coffin in 2d, yet with the rift it's actually got great visibility.
  13. 392FS_Jred

    Disappearing objects in VR

    This exact issue is something I've been complaining about for a long time. Have to say the vr limits being improved was absolutely the best part of the last patch.
  14. There's no way prime95 even starting up at start up was running stress testing without any user input, there's no start up mode that makes it run tests automatically. Wouldn't get your hopes up.
  15. Ill have to try it again, it was acting super weird couldn't move around in the cockpit only look like I was attached to some weird camera thing, haven't changed anything besdies the patch so I dunno.