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  1. 392FS_Jred

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    This is the real issue that is throwing people off I would assume.
  2. 392FS_Jred

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    That particular flight with the yak was on the new dm.
  3. 392FS_Jred

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    Trust me I've been shot at a LOT in mp, in just about every single plane, every plane has degrading performance depending on what is blown off the plane. When flaps, and ailerons and other things start falling off, the plane is effected, holes definitely have an effect on lift as well. I had to coax a yak 1- 69 back home with a broken aileron and holes all over and it was not flying normally, it was actually really cool, the rods had broken in the right aileron so it was just flapping in the wind and when I stopped it just fell down. Just shows how the game really does simulate an atmosphere in the game. That aileron was fluttering in the actual wind.
  4. 392FS_Jred

    Airplane FM after being damaged.

    It does though.
  5. The fact that wings aren't falling off every single time you shoot a plane is amazing, but the cannons could definitely be doing more damage. Just needs tweaks, I would absolutely be unhappy going back to the way it was. Seeing a wing fall off every single time you shot somebody and when you yourself were hit was so annoying. I figured that is the case since most of the devs use Russian as their native tongue.
  6. Definitely overclock that cpu, leaving performance on the table.
  7. 392FS_Jred

    What to upgrade next RAM or GPU

    I think you'll see a boost from a better graphics card, but that old cpu and the DDR3 is holding you back for sure. See if you cna find a 1080 for a decent price or maybe a 1070ti. Don't get a 1070. Unfortunately all the 10 series cards are going up in price due to dwindling stock. So you may be out of luck. The 2070 is around 1080 performance I believe.
  8. Make sure your graphics card is set to high performance mode in the nvidia control panel. Something is not right with your setup. I doubt it has to do with the settings in game. 24 fps is way too low for your hardware.
  9. Just stick with your current ones, can make a new thread in the VR section or hardware if you like. I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens again.
  10. 392FS_Jred

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    We were arguing? News to me. Seemed more like you got butthurt over my light hearted comment and then allowed somebody else to takeover for you. Which I promptly ignored the both of you. Good day.
  11. No doubt. That's not it, what drivers are you using? Is the card old?
  12. It would certainly seem like you have ASW on, also what are your in game settings.
  13. lol somethings not right, and without more details about your settings or your setup there's not much we can do.
  14. 392FS_Jred

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    lol ok. I must say your eternal hard on for me is however, extremely flattering. 😍