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  1. 15th_JonRedcorn

    What size monitor do you run?

    Interesting. When I get home today I am going to attempt setting up the 45 inch. Pretty excited. Gunna try mounting the camera on top at first if that doesn't work then I'll figure something out. It's going to be on my desk so it's going to be pretty high up. My beds behind me so hopefully I can figure something out. Once these new cards come out from Nvidia though I'm probably gunna jump back into VR so this won't be an issue.
  2. 15th_JonRedcorn

    What size monitor do you run?

    The guys running very large displays where do you mount your trackir camera? I want to try using this 45 inch tv I have but there's no way I can sit in front of it with the camera on the top. It's just too high.
  3. 15th_JonRedcorn

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    That is definitely pretty lame. Maybe they could up the points you lose from losing planes.
  4. 15th_JonRedcorn

    SteamVR Reprojection - Beta

    That's how I was playing, caused no issues for me.
  5. Yeah it was super cheap, using the ps3 eyecam think it cost me like 10 bucks to make the whole thing. Might pick up a delanclip one of these days.
  6. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Sharpen landscape filter makes graphics much better

    4x MSAA and DSR from 4k is a bit overkill no? I'd lower one of those settings and set the view distance to 150. I run the game absolutely maxed out on a 8700k and a 1070 but only at 1080p (which seems to be the limit since over that spotting becomes an issue) I am getting 120fps. You should definitely be able to turn up the view distance.
  7. 15th_JonRedcorn

    What size monitor do you run?

    hahaha Not really looking to spend anywhere near any of those prices. 800 dollars for a computer monitor? That's insane. 150 bucks is about my limit, just want something bigger so I can see better was just curious what other people run. Typing best gaming "blank" into google always gets you those lists that some tech journalist threw together to get clicks. Was looking for more actual user feedback.
  8. 15th_JonRedcorn

    BoS 1920x1080 High Settings Hardware

    I thought I had commented on this but I guess not, HDR in certain cases does need to have a monitor with HDR capabilities to run, in IL2's case and many other PC games, an HDR monitor is NOT required for it to work, it is a post processing effect the game uses. Has nothing to do with needing a HDR compliant monitor in this specific instance. Now on a PS4 they are making games now that yes, require you own a TV with HDR capabilities to work properly.
  9. Looking into buying a new monitor since my two Dell 23 inch's are kind of small. I've been using headtracking instead of the oculus and want to grab something a little bigger. Was thinking a 27 inch 1080p, you can pick them up off Amazon for extremely cheap. I was really shocked how cheap 1080p monitors are in general. Basic 1080p 75hz monitors can be had for under a hundred bucks! That's crazy. So just figured I'd ask and see what everyone was running the sim on. Also if you could say which resolution you are using as well would be nice! Some people I noticed were saying 27 inch is too big for 1080p and that stuff starts looking a little pixelated. So not sure if I should jump to 1440p or not. With the new graphics cards from Nvidia due out within the next month it's looking like it's time to start upgrading again, exciting times ahead for sure. Thanks.
  10. 15th_JonRedcorn

    IL2 on other than primary monitor?

    If you have it in windowed mode you might be able to hit windows key + shift + left or right arrow depending on which direction you want it to move. You can use that to shift windows between your monitors for anything else anyways.
  11. Dang dude nice job, mine is super ghetto, used pens and a bottle cap.
  12. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Purchasing the game difficulties.

    Shouldn't you be able to pick up a pre paid debit card at a store or something?
  13. 15th_JonRedcorn

    LA5 throttle problem if starts running

    Just for reference the LA-5 is REALLY easy to fly, you just crank the throttle and max RPMS and go. Oh and make sure to have your rads open. Don't forget the inlet cowls too, but seriously it's a really easy plane to fly, you can boost for 10 minutes.
  14. 15th_JonRedcorn

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    I still rather try and keep the teams even, I guess I can add the duck to that list as well seems nobody ever flies that hunk of metal either. What exactly do AXIS use the most for bombing, the 110's? I have NEVER seen a 111 in the air while playing on allied side.
  15. I built one myself and just kind of followed it loosely it will work fine.