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  1. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Samsung Odyssey +

    That trapper dude is running 4xAA and 200% SS maxed out on a 1080 I didn't even notice the 4xAA at first. "smooth as glass". The only glass here is the one he's using to smoke some of that devils lettuce out of.
  2. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Samsung Odyssey +

    You guys are smoking something strong over there, 60 fps in these headsets and your littered with artifacts all over the place, that dudes settings are hilarious. Ultra settings, every other option maxed out, and running 200% SS with a 1080, that dudes getting ASW on constantly, but hey who cares if you can't see the gunsight. Watching the ground teleport or planes streak across the sky may be fun for some people but not when you are trying to be competitive in multiplayer, funny this, all the ones claiming they play super high settings with no issue play singleplayer and probably don't even know what a 16 plane furball looks like. Those settings would drag my computer to its knees in the middle of one. Give me a break. I'd argue it's not really subjective either since smooth would be no artifacts and no other weird stuff going on, which anything less than 80 fps seems to cause. But you guys play the game however you want just don't come on here telling people that they can play the game maxed out at smooth as glass frame rates. Post up a benchmark run so people can see your avg is most like 45, and that you may even drop below that occasionally.
  3. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Stutterfest aka Carrier - WHY???

    lol a 500 watt psu especially a cheap one is far too underpowered for your system, you are probably pulling 200 just from the cpu and another 300+ from that gpu. I am running a really nice seasonic focus plus gold 750watt which has been excellent. Got it for cheap too. It's one of the highest rated psu's on johnny guru's psu review site, dude knows literally everything there is to know about power supplies. Never cheap out on em. Even 650 is a bit low for your setup. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=524
  4. Yeah that chip is barely being used with either sim, it's maybe around 50%, try running a heavy AVX load on it and it will shoot into the 90's and probably crash. I got mine up to 5 ghz right now at 1.34 volts but I am running a massive 280mm radiator.
  5. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Samsung Odyssey +

    I think that guys from reddit, I saw a similar post in which he said he was running ultra settings on his 1080 at silky smooth frame rates, which as all of us know just isn't possible. But regardless, heads up for everyone the samsung odyssey plus will be available from the samsung store and I believe the microsoft store for 300 bucks starting the 18th, I am going to pick one up for sure. For the best screens in the business at that price it's impossible to pass up.
  6. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Stutterfest aka Carrier - WHY???

    You have an awesome rig yet you stuck with 8 gigs of ram, it may only say 6 gigs of usage, but that's only 2 gigs left for wiggle room, game could be writing to your page file and then you will get stutters, 16 gigs is the minimum I'd recommend to anyone these days.
  7. Thank you for this. I think you'd see a marked improvement with a better cpu, and I saw you fixed the boosting issue. When are you getting that new rig setup?
  8. Care to say what kind of framerates you are actually getting? We have multiple people here with 2080tis and not one single post with actual numbers. Kind of important to get that kind of info for future buyers willing to spend 1300+ dollars on a gpu.
  9. 15th_JonRedcorn

    HE-129 30mm cannon and fire group 1

    This has been on my wishlist for a long time and now I've forgotten to make it into a feedback reply. Wish I saw this thread sooner. I could have sworn weapon selections were on a to do list somewhere.
  10. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Community Q&A with IL-2 Discord Community's milopugdog

    Literally every single product you use that you aren't paying for is datamining you. Do you think google is running that company on good will? These guys here think TS isn't stealing your information for some reason, even though it's been free for years. If you really are that worried about your privacy stick to ventrillo. A service that actually costs money to host. Again any free software you are using is stealing your information and selling it. That's just the world we live in today. You can try to minimize it as much as possible but I'll take discords much nicer software over the absolute trash that is Teamspeak. I've hated teamspeak for 15 years. Even back in the day it was total crap. Not much has changed. It's got a terrible user interface and has some of the worst voice quality I've ever heard. Skype puts it to shame and skype is hot garbage. If anyone wants to step into 2018 give discord a try you might be surprised.
  11. 15th_JonRedcorn

    VR Rig Upgrade Questions

    Dburne was so cpu limited he couldn't even get his GPU to go into boost with this game. That's insane, this game cares about one thing and that's the fastest IPC cpu available, being anything from a 8350k to a 9900k. Any 8/9 series intel chip that can hit 5 ghz is what you need. We still need better than that, hoping one day intel get off the 14nm node they've been on for like ten years and finally release something new that has actual IPC and single thread gains, until that day or AMD pull a miracle off with Zen 2 we are stuck throwing 1500 dollars at a gpu for 5 fps.
  12. 15th_JonRedcorn

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    Does anyone that buys these cards have actual numbers to go with them? Everyone just says they run this game maxed out and it's super smooth, yet I am sitting here wondering how anyone is doing that. There's absolutely no way that people are running this game on ultra haha in VR with 90 fps. Smooth in VR is 80-90 fps, anything less than that is not "smooth as glass". I've seen multiple people recently attest to either a headset or a graphics card as being able to run Il2 maxed out and it's smooth. People are either blind or they don't want to admit their 1400 dollar graphics card can't push 90fps in an actual benchmark, it's borderline infuriating trying to get an idea of the actual performance of these things. You spend almost 2k on a graphics card and don't care what your frame rate is? I don't understand it. I mean the guy said he was already playing at ultra with a 1080ti and thought it was smooth... I have the same setup. It's not smooth and it's certainly not playable on ultra settings. If you want to have ASW on all the time and have the prop glitching the heck out of the gun sight then sure it's smooth as butter. Butter that's been in a freezer for 6 months. I am struggling to get decent frames in multiplayer with balanced settings, high shadows, and the rest all turned down. It's just not possible. Until this game actually starts utilizing the hardware like 90% of other games we are going to be stuck spending money on GPU's that are being underutilized. The problem here is we don't have fast enough cpu's. The gpu's are not the issue. If we had a dual core intel cpu that clocked at 8ghz we'd be breezing this game like it was a joke. Not to mention that until either they reprogram this game or we get much faster cpu's in the future then nothing is going to change, you can keep throwing money at the problem but it's not going to fix anything, hell I spent 700 bucks for a 1080ti and saw marginally better frame rates than my 1070 was putting out and was completely disappointed in it, won't be making the same mistake with the 2080ti.
  13. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Seems to be hit or miss with the fit, I have to say the oculus has impeccable fit, it's easily wearable with my glasses as well. Of all the complaints I've heard of the odyssey it's been the fit being the biggest problem. Some people it fits really well and others it doesn't work at all, and the fact that it has very little adjustment makes that even worse.
  14. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    It's not noticeable when playing on a 2d screen but in VR where literally every single frame counts it's extremely taxing, performance is getting worse and worse with every new patch. They won't give us an effects option to adjust smoke density or other particle effects so until then I'll take whatever lessens the particles.
  15. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Particle effects are already hammering the frame rates in this game we don't anything generating even more particles.