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  1. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Wings Of Liberty Captured Algorithm

    All things point to us being apes with less hair.
  2. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    I picked up BOM for 16 dollars during a sale... Picked up multiple collector planes at a large discount, not sure really how people can complain. This isn't call of duty. There's a lot of effort not only in the incredibly detailed and highly realistic 3d modeling but the skins, especially all the engineering that goes into the flight models. Going back and playing il2 1946 it's extremely clear we are on another level of flight simulation. Flying a plane in 1946 was like basically driving a car through the sky. Punch it and go, turn as hard as you want, give er all she's got captain. I've spent a lot of money on nearly everything 1c have to offer on this sim, well over 200 dollars. It's all worth it to me, got 250 hours into it, basically a dollar an hour, I can't get that kind of deal on entertainment anywhere else.
  3. The new 9k cpu's will either be exactly the same or slightly better due to slightly better overclocks. A delidded 8k series vs a 9k series will probably be the same. I don't think there is any IPC improvements to look forward to it's just 14nm+++.
  4. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Wings Of Liberty Captured Algorithm

    Been wondering this myself.
  5. 15th_JonRedcorn

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    That's thing there isn't any emergency power option. The planes were made so the pilots didn't kill the engines. The only way to kill a VVS plane is to shut all the radiators and fly full out on a summer day. That's the whole point, the germans trusted their pilots to not jam the throttle forward the russians didn't so they didn't even give them the option to.
  6. When can non backers expect to be able to purchase one of these? Really want that 5k+. Looks like I made a smart buy with EVGA they have the stepup program so for another 600 bucks I can grab a 2080ti.
  7. 15th_JonRedcorn

    The K-4 Isn't Special

    100% on a VVS throttle would be equivalent to 70% in a 109. The issue here is VVS pilots didn't have the option to go full throttle.
  8. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Expensive aircraft in Il-2?

    What new lagg? The FN?
  9. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Oculus Rift sound improvement

    It's definitely preferable to have everything you need bound to your hotas. I wouldn't want to be reaching for the keyboard during a dogfight. However I still manage to chat in multiplayer but that's just because I know how to type on a keyboard.
  10. He said he wanted to fly in VR, why would I recommend to him terrible parts for that? If you want to play at 1080p 60fps then sure get a ryzen and 480. I saw leaks of the new chips hitting really high oc's like 5.5ghz that's why I recommended those chips. He has a basically unlimited budget, not worth going low cores just for Il2 if you reach the same clock speeds on whatever new intel chip it's going to be the same might as well have the extra cores/threads.
  11. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    I mean he has youtube vids with them on, but really they don't sound all that great, and he keeps whining about mods not being allowed in multiplayer.
  12. 15th_JonRedcorn

    New to IL*2

    I can offer advice on what parts to buy to build a computer, I do not know anything about pre built pc's and who makes good ones.
  13. This is simple, no need for confusion, with 3k you can get top tier parts. Intel 9700k or 9900k ASUS z390 Maximus or z370 Maximus code/hero 2080ti by your choice of manufacturer I'd go with EVGA for the great customer service G.skill DDR4 16/32 gigs 3200mhz Seasonic 850 watt power supply Get yourself a nice All In One Corsair water cooler, h100i 2x Samsung 860 evo 1tb SSD or 1x 2tb Samsung 860 evo SSD or go with the Samsung 960 NVMe SSD's for twice the performance but you'll pay nearly twice the cost of sata SSD. Whatever case you want Done deal. Do not bother with anything AMD for this game or really for anything else. Do not listen to anyone who says otherwise. I guarantee you will end up disappointed.
  14. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Engine-Sound Mods and official sounds

    I've never seen somebody so starved for attention.
  15. 15th_JonRedcorn

    Tactical Air War

    Was flying with some of the SCG guys and the lag was insane. Worst lag I've seen online in Il2. Planes that looked like they were going 200kph were really doing 400.