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    We have some nice possibilities in ROF and I hoped for the same in BOS. Its right, we don't have many mods in ROF, but its only a handful of people trying to mod. WW2 scene is much bigger. There is so much talent around. I hope the devs reconsider.
  2. So einfach ist es aber auch nicht Für das Flugmodell wird der Flieger in viele Einzelteile zerlegt, welchen physikalische Werte zugeordnet werden. Zusammen ergibt es dann das Flugmodell. Dann wird natürlich geschaut wie nah man an den historichen Flugdaten liegt, hier und da geschraubt. Und dass ne ganze Weile bis man zufrieden ist. Bei ROF waren das glaube ich bei unter 5% Abweichung.
  3. Thank you for the Changelog Black6!
  4. Rama summed it up pretty nicely. Also for a new map there are various factors that can multiply the workload by much: How big is the map? How densely populated is the region you want to map? How much use of generic cities/villages and costum made ones? (This includes extra textures, treelayout...) Do you need new 3d objects? Do you need new landscape textures or do you plan to reuse the ingame ones? (This alone is quite a big task!) I started to add just little villages and airfields to the ROF Mainmap 2 years ago, and this alone took me much time :D Though I think there should be much more talented and experienced modders out here .
  5. Seit Tagen wieder richtig Sommer hier. 26°C, keine Wolken und man fängt wieder an die Sonne zu meiden und den Schatten aufzusuchen:D Nja morgen gehts an den Strand!
  6. The BOS mapstructure is very similar to the ROF ones. When a Mods On mode is available its pretty easy to paint a airfield texture and place it on the Map with the MissionEditor. Edit: Just checked the BOS files, it looks there are already some fitting textures. So with the ME it could be possible already. (Maybe something for the Syndicate Server )
  7. Target Tobruk seemed to be on a great way for TW2. The shots were amazing, and there were already alot things done right in TW1.
  8. HA! Jetzt gehts aber los :D
  9. http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/31/5955987/oculus-rift-dk2-samsung
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